Friday, August 08, 2008

august eight :: 84 weeks old

Sean is 84 weeks old today.

I asked him to give me a kiss. So he grabbed my face.

And pulled me in.

His new thing? When you tell him "NO" for something he's not supposed to be doing, and he knows he's wrong... what does he do? He marches right over to you and gives you a kiss (even if you didn't ask for it). He's a little suck! How can you get mad at that???

Even though Jamie's been on vacation this week, he still had to run to his store a couple of times to check in, etc. So today, he took Sean with him, and I went out to run errands with Mack. First stop, to fill up the car with gas (I find that I'm only filling up the car every other week, if that, which is good due to the high prices of gas) then to the post office, then to drop off something to my sister at work (and pick up more photo paper, I'm sending out wallet size pictures of Mack with my Thank You cards and ran out of 8x10 photo paper), and then to the grocery store. At the grocery store I returned some soda cans/bottles & beer bottles, and couldn't believe that I got 15$. Jamie was at the point where if I didn't get rid of them by recycling them he was throwing them out next trash day.

I'm trying to be more organized in the house, but it's hard when you have two kids. (It was hard before Mack was born with just 1 kid!) I really don't understand how some people have really tidy/clean houses. I have a cleaning lady and this place is still always a mess. They joys of having a toddler I guess? It's like 5 minutes after she's cleaned our kitchen, Sean's made a mess by throwing his lunch on the floor. Clean doesn't last long. We're constantly cleaning/tidying in this house. And the laundry... the laundry just never ends.

After Sean went to bed this evening, Jamie & I watched the movie Wanted with Angelina Jolie & Morgan Freeman. It was pretty neat. I worked on some knitting (can't show you anything yet) but things are getting accomplished.

Speaking of Knitting... the blankie project. Seems like it'll end up being a throw for our couch rather than a security blanket for Sean. By the time I may be able to finish it, Sean won't want a security blanket anymore. Maybe I'll surprise myself and get finished it a lot earlier than that, but I think I'm going to make it a full size throw for the couch. This way everyone in the house can enjoy it, since it's a very lengthy project. Takes me about 2 hours to knit 1 square. US 0 needles, fingering weight yarn, casting on 51 sts per square. I think there is about 58 squares on the blanket now, that's already 116 hours put into it!

Wow today was 08/08/08... pretty crazy!


Amelah said...

Sean is so cute! I cant resist the giving me a kiss when I am mad @ him! Specially when he threw the keys at my head!! I am telling you Robyn, you are going to have problems when he is older, this kid is going to break girls hearts left, right and center!!!!! LOL

I dont have any kids and the laundry is never ending!!

Nell said...

I'm the same as amelah. No kids. TONS of laundry. What's the deal with that???

That picture of Sean squeezing your face is so cute. How can you ever be mad at him????? ;)

Nell said...

I'm with amelah. No kids. TONS of laundry. Where does it all come from???

Sean is too cute when he's squeezing your face. It would be so hard to get mad at him when he's being so cute.

If this is a duplicate comment, just delete it. My computer is acting up!

g-girl said...

how cute is he pulling you in for a kiss! ohh, he's a sneaky one isn't he! he gives you a kiss when you tell him, "NO"? You might have your hands full with that one! ;) There's laundry everywhere on my end too--and no kids!

dawn said...

Isn't it so hard to be mad at them when they are sooo cute. I now know what my mom meant when she punished me and said this is hurting me more that it's hurting you.

Jennifer said...

what a sweet lil boy, givin' lots of kisses...he's adorable!!

boo on the laundry and housework...mine's in shambles right now and i just keep waiting for that 'nesting' phase to kick in haha

Tara said...

I really liked Wanted. It wasn't what I was expecting, so I was surprised!