Sunday, August 10, 2008

august ten

Today I got to sleep in again. Much needed. I'm going to miss sleeping in all week as Jamie's going back to work. My dad came over for brunch today, bringing bagels and stuff, it was delicious.

Last night Mack slept in his swing from about 11:30 pm, until 3 am, when I got up from snoozing on the couch, and transferred him into his bed. Then he slept in his crib from then until 4:40 am. I am certainly impressed. Sean started sleeping through the night at 9 weeks old, so I'm hoping this is the start! Mack will be 8 weeks old on Tuesday, so here's to hoping!

Mack's been on a growth spurt as well. He's been eating like you wouldn't believe. Like a champ! Can't keep up with him either. There are periods where all he's doing during the day is just eat.

This afternoon my mother stopped by for a bit, as did my sister, and she helped me straighten my hair for tonight's party. I love my hair straight.

The girls.
Left to Right: Laura (Jenn's sister), Me, Jenn & Amy (my sister). Our mom and Jenn & Laura's dad are brother & sister. I can't believe Jenn's already 17 weeks pregnant! Time sure flies.

The engagement party tonight was nice, and it was great to get out of the house without any kids. They (by the way) were greatly behaved for Jamie's best friend & his girlfriend. (PHEW!) I wasn't worried though.... not one bit. Knew they were in great hands.

Drank a bit too much Sangria... so I'm going to go drink some water and hit the sack! A demain!

ps - I don't like myself in dresses.... especially not just after having a baby.


Jennifer said...

you look fabulous, girl! the dress is gorgeous, looks great on, and your hair looks stunning! glad you had a nice night out!

Kim said...

I can't WAIT until Jacob starts sleeping through the night. He usually sleeps until 2am - then nurses - up at 5ish - nurses - up at 7am - nurses, so on and so forth throughout the rest of the day. Last night he just had little "snacks", which was nice. How have you gotten Mack to sleep in his crib? I can barely get Jacob to sleep in the bassinet (he wants to sleep with us in bed).

BTW, your garden has looked fantastic! I'm totally jealous.

Karley said...

what are you talking about! you look great in that dress!

Anonymous said...

You look so good in your dress though! I like the color on you.

lauriec said...

You look gorgeous!!! And YAY for sleeping in!!

BTW--check out my blog. I've named you as a brilliant blogger.

Jenny said...

I love that dress on you--you look great in it! Glad to hear you had a good time out with the gals. You need those nights out every once in a while.

Robin said...

I was actually thinking that you looked very nice in the dress! You're right about the hair - looks great!

g-girl said...

everyone looks lovely in the picture! I didn't know Jenn was pregnant again. :) Send her my congratulations! Ooooh, favorite. glad to hear mack is beginning to sleep through the night for you! yay!!

dawn said...

I think you look beautiful in that dress. The color is perfect for you too.

Tara said...

Are you kidding me? You looked great! I love getting to dress up.