Wednesday, August 13, 2008

august thirteen :: single sock swap

Today was just one of those days. I'm not sure how, but I managed to get out of the house by 11:45 am to drop off my computer to be fixed and arrive (late) to lunch with some friends from Mack's playgroup. We met in the middle of the food court, and shortly after arriving Sean was ready to go. I can't wait to get over this hump where he has very short patience, because I can't go anywhere because of this.

Not sure how, but we managed to fit three regular strollers and my double stroller into an elevator in the middle of the mall. I *DID* take a picture of it, I swear, but when I got home it wasn't on my camera anymore. And I swear we viewed it in playback mode when we were in the mall. And it was a SUPER cute photo. I'm so mad it's ... gone!

After the mall I picked up Angela from her work, and then filled up my mom's car with gas. I've been driving my mom's car since Monday afternoon since my car is getting fixed at the shop. Since Sean fell asleep in the car, Angela did some banking at her bank and then I did some at mine. We were trying to find things to do while he slept. Of course the nap didn't last too long, and before we knew it he was up already. (And he wouldn't nap once we got home, though I tried, but he screamed for about 10 minutes, so I took him out of his crib). Upon being home, Angela fed & held Mack while I folded FIVE baskets of laundry. The amount of laundry that I've had to do is insane, I'm telling you. Though, I'm *almost* caught up. But, it's just going to start all over again, and never be ending...

So I picked up these poop-n-scoop bags, on recommendation from a mommy in my playgroup. She had picked them up for dirty diapers. What's great is:

- they're vanilla scented
- they're biodegradable
- you get 48 for 1$
- they're perfect size for 1 diaper.
- I tested it out and sealed in it one stinker of a diaper in one. You couldn't smell it once tied. I'm impressed!

This evening Mack & I went knitting with West Island Knits. We were a small group, but we had fun.

Mack was held & fed by everyone, and I actually got A LOT of knitting done tonight. I'm very happy about that. It's rare these days that I get uninterrupted knitting time.

Jamie called me this evening while I was out to let me know that Sean had pointed to his diaper and Jamie asked him if he wanted to go make on the potty. Sean shook his head yes, and so Jamie put him on our potty and he went! I can't believe it! It's a start. I wonder how long it'll take to get him completely potty trained!? We're in no rush, but wouldn't it be great? I'm so proud! And I'm so sad I missed his first time going pee pee on the potty!

I've decided to host a Single Sock Swap :: Round 1! You will have until September 15th, 2008 to sign up. You will have to knit 1 sock from a pattern that is not a free one. The yarn cannot contain acrylic in it. You can send extra goodies in your package when you mail your swap to your pal if you'd like, but it's not required. Your must spend between 15-20$ on your package, not including postage. You can spend more if you'd like, that is up to you. Your pal will let me know what colors they like and what colors they hate. You will have two months to knit up the one sock (though it shouldn't take you that much time) and then you will mail the sock, the pattern and the remaining yarn so that your pal can knit the second sock. This swap is for those who get Second Sock Syndrome!
  • your name
  • mailing address
  • email address
  • your blog address
  • your ravelry id
  • your fave colors
  • your most hated colors
  • list any sock patterns you've been meaning to knit for yourself
  • a little something about yourself
  • please let me know if you are willing to ship internationally
  • sock size you wear (as well as the length of the bottom of your foot, the circumference around your foot at the widest part as well as the measurement of your calf
Email your information to: sockswap at robynsnest dot ca before September 15th, 2008.

Hope you sign up! If you cannot commit yourself, please DON'T sign up then.

I'm off to bed. *Trying* to implement an earlier bedtime for myself.


Karley said...

maybe i missed it but where did you buy those poop bags?? i would love those for my dog. the brand they sell at the pet stores is WAY too expensive.

ahufford said...

Aw. Mack is so alert in that picture!

Tara said...

Mack is really starting to fill out! He looks like Jamie, I think.

g-girl said...

what a great idea to use poop bags! awww, you missed sean's first time going potty?? well, there will be plenty other times coming your way. :) that's so exciting! still thinking about the swap..but i don't really suffer from second sock syndrome!

Bea said...

Poop bags were a good idea.

Mach is starting to look chubbier. I'm so glad he's gaining weight!

Bea said...

OH sorry about the air conditioner bad luck. Hopefully it is an easy quick fix?

Jenn said...

LOL I use those exact same bags for Rowan's dirty diapers, I love dollarama. :-)
Cograts Sean!!

Jennifer said...

those poop bags are a great idea!! i'll have to keep that one in mind. adorable new mack pics and yay for big brother going on the potty!!