Sunday, December 14, 2008

december fourteen

Costco on a Sunday is not fun. We decided to head out there late morning, and pick up a few things that we needed and get lunch as well. The parking lot was a zoo, and not fun! We ended up picking up a huge Ceasar salad to add to the chicken strips we had in the fridge at home, and boy was that good.

This afternoon was a chill on the couch afternoon, which was must needed. We decided to not finish watching the rest of Step Brothers, which we had only about 45 minutes left to watch from yesterday. It was horrible. We just couldn't do it. But whatever nonesense we were watching on TV, I got knitting did anyhow. So that was nice. I am okay with that.

I'm debating what to bake for Sean's class' Christmas party on Thursday at his daycare. I have some ideas, but they have to be nut free and all that jazz, which is fine, that I can understand. Cupcakes? Muffins? Cookies? Decisions, decisions, decisions!

We went to my parents house for dinner tonight, it was just simple, which is nice.

This evening we watched the finale of Survivor. So happy Bob won. We were rooting for him!

There are some new exciting things coming into the shop this week - and I'm very excited about them. I will be able to announce them as soon as they are in my hands, so stay tuned. The good thing for my American Customers is that they are saving 20-30% off (depending on the day's exchange rate) and are getting a darn good deal. I'm very excited for the things happening for my shop in 2009, including the Sock Club. There is going to be some really awesome yarns, I'm super excited myself. 2009 is going to be a fantastic year!


Snarsh said...


Just so you know, your apple cake works awesome as muffins. Just cut the apple up into tiny pieces. Hope that helps.


Amelah said...

Aren't lazy days awesome?

Tara said...

I know what's coooooomiiiiiiiing... :)

Unknown said...

Costco on the weekend is CRAZY!!! I can't do it. It would get ugly.

g-girl said...

i'm sure whatever you decide to make for the class christmas party will be great! i agree with nell-costco on the weekends is insane..especially these days!