Wednesday, December 24, 2008

december twenty-four

Today we all got a late start to the day. Jamie worked at home in the morning, and I putzed around with the boys. Eventually, I got my act together, left Mack at home sleeping in his crib and took Sean for a few hours to daycare. There weren't many kids at daycare today, but I had a few errands to run, so I decided to drop him off, rather than leave him at home to bug Jamie, who was working from home, then running into the office for about 2 hours once I got back.

I had to go to the post office as I had a missed package slip waiting for me. I also had to mail Sean's thank you cards from his birthday party. The cards are actually post cards that match the invites - how cute. Though, the missed package wasn't there yet. Dang it! Dying to know what it was!

So I went back home and played with Mackie, who just got this Fisher Price Baby Star Stage for Chanukah from my parents. He absolutely LOVES it. He has tried it out before, one of his friends at playgroup owns it.

After playing for a bit, I remembered that I had a santa outfit for Mackie - that he would have worn on Christmas day, providing we'd been in Toronto at Jamie's step-brother's house for the whole Christmas thing. I got this outfit last year right after Christmas on sale, by then, I was about 3-4 months pregnant. I figured if we were having a boy or girl, they both could wear the sleeper (there is a girl version out there with a dress, etc, but the sleeper could work for either sex). So, I did a little photoshoot today, since there was great lighting and peace &

He may shoot me one day for taking these pictures, but gosh darn it - aren't they adorable??!

This thumb in the mouth thing while he sleeps - I hope that doesn't mean the start of thumb sucking. I cannot get him to take the pacifier, he just spits it out - though sometimes I just wish he'd take it. But I thought this picture was too cute.

There has been some knitting today. It's all white and pretty outside. I worked on one of the front sides of the Moss Block Cardigan I'm trying to finish before 2009. (I can do it!)

This afternoon one of Sean's friend's mommy stopped by to drop off Sean's birthday gift. She was supposed to come to the party with her daughter on Sunday, but ended up accidently getting burned with tea on her leg, so Sean's friend Shayna (the only girl invited to his party! He goes to daycare with her - and apparently they are partners in crime at daycare). Her leg is okay, thanks to a doctor friend who prescribed her a cream antibiotic for her leg, but Shayna's grandmother ended up bringing her to his party, with no gift, because of what happened. It was really nice of her to bring over the gift, though, totally not necessary. Anyhow, we ended up standing by my front door for over an hour chatting. Had I know that we'd have spent that long chatting, I would have invited her in for tea/coffee. It was really great chatting with her though, we talked about the daycare, and other things. Her daughter is 2 days younger than Sean. We realized that we had no idea what time it was and that we had to be at the daycare to pick up the kids before 4 pm. It was 3:30. So she dashed to daycare, and I as well.

On my way home, after picking up Sean, I stopped by the post office again to pick up the missed package. This time, it was there. YEY! It was my Single Sock Swap from Bertha who blogs here. I will blog about it tomorrow - when there is enough daylight to photograph it. WOW! Bertha - I love the socks. And the rest of the package is just fabulous. I'll have to show you tomorrow - I love everything Bertha - Thank you again!

This evening we kinda did a "little bit of this & and little bit of that" for dinner... nothing special. Kinda missing out on Christmas dinner if we'd been in Toronto (Mississauga) like we were supposed to be. Drats. Oh well, Mack's health is more important.

Sat on the couch this evening, worked on the Moss Block Cardigan, and watched episodes of Season 1 of The Big Bang Theory. I liked Johnny Galecki back when he was on Roseanne. I also liked Sara Gilbert on Roseanne, and she's been in a few of the epsiodes as well. I'm a huge Chuck Lorre fan, he's the Executive Producer on the show, and I like Two and a Half Men, which he also produced.

Going to now and figure out what to do about a Christmas tree, since I have a lot of presents for all my boys and no tree. (I didn't do anything about it, since usually we are either at Jamie's step-brother's house in Mississauga for Christmas, or at Jamie's step-sister's house not far from us where there is a tree. Every year it's rotated Montreal-Toronto-Montreal-Toronto, and this year it's Toronto. I have some ideas, and I'll just have to be creative.

Merry Christmas!


Amelah said...

Use your YARN tree :) LOL

OMG! MAckie is priceless!! He is too cute with the gift from mom and dad. I will find him and Sean a Hanukkah gift in Florida, something different and original!! U and mom leave nothing left for us to buy them!!

Merry Christmas, my Jewish sister :) AHaha lol

Big kisses to the boys from me.

Oh cant wait to see your sock! Mine shipped, so I am waiting for it to arrive!! Can't wait to receive mine either!

Bertha said...


Bea said...

Its Santa!!! I wouldn't worry so much about the thumb thing. I was a thumb sucker forever and I'm the only child in my family without screwed up teeth (Mine are straight, though not like braces makes them straight). The dentist had the thought that my thumb sucking probably had something to do with that as none of my siblings had that habit.

I'm still waiting for my single sock package. I so hope it gets here soon! I think she's from Canada though so I'm telling myself that I need to have patience.

Hope you figured out your tree. Though I suspect as young as they are they won't remember that you didn't have one if you don't get that managed.

Nell said...

What cute pictures of Mackie! What a ham!

Kerry said...

I can't believe how big the boys are getting! I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season and wish you nothing but the best in the new year!

carolynswafford said...

Oh, any girl that sees those Santa pictures later on is just going to melt...she will be putty at Mack's feet! Sooo adorable.

Jenn said...

Ohhh..Love the Santa suit! Very cute. :-)
Hope you have a good time with your family over the holidays.
Thanks for the comments on my photos too.

My open roads said...

love the Santa outfit on Mack :)

g-girl said...

mack looks so cute in his santa outfit!

Tara said...

Those pictures of Mack are ADORABLE!!! Didja do a yarn tree???

Tara said...

That pics of Santa-Mack are ADORABLE! And what are you talking about, you have a YARN tree. Way better than a real tree..