Wednesday, December 03, 2008

december three

The Things I do for love. Sean loves Elmo. So I wore Elmo last night so Sean could see it this morning. He loved it. I love that he loved it. (PJ's courtesy from my mother!)

Today I had my 6 month dentist check-up/cleaning. No cavities. Never have, never hope to have. That's the way I like it.

I brought my car right to Acura on my way home since it was making funny sounds. My mother was able to pick me up from there and we ran some errands while waiting to hear about my car. I picked up some stuff for the kids for Sean's birthday and for Chanukah/Christmas. Almost done my list. Getting there. Just a few more gifts to buy people - working on it.

They couldn't find anything wrong with my car. It's going in on Monday, I booked an appointment for regular servicing, and they'll look more into the issue my car is having. They think it's associated with my car starter. I guess anything is possible. Basically while driving (it happened to me 2 times yesterday and then three times on the way to the dealership (but of course didn't happen when they took it out for a test)), my car was doing 3 things at the same time. It would a) the dashboard lights would flicker off/on b) I would hear a weird honk/beep sound coming from the engine and c) my doors would lock, or attempt to lock if they were already locked.

STRANGE. But apparently my car is still safe to drive. Phew.

This evening I went knitting with the West Island Knits Group and I picked up Eugenie on my way. Eugenie made me this really cute pin cushion as a thank you for the lift. How sweet is that of her! (Eugenie, you really have to join Ravelry if you haven't already!) I love it - thank you!

Tonight, we tried out Broadway Cheesecake. The waiter was horrible, he wasn't so polite, he goofed on orders, and though he tried to fix it by giving us each a free cheesecake muffin, I am not sure we'll go back. We were a rather large group tonight (11 of us including Mackie!). I got some knitting done, and still had a good time.

For those of you who missed out on the August kit, my pattern, Mathematical Equation is now for sale on Ravelry. I finally got my account set up and I'm very excited about that. There will be some neat things that will be available on there within the next few months!


Bhean said...

That cupcake is so cute!!! I got your message on my Scary Baby knitting blog (you commented that our kids are almost the same age & we are both in canada) and I didn't know how to reply so that you would receive it. Your guys are so adorable!

Theresa said...

I love the cupcake too. Tell her I would buy a pattern from her. If it's not her's, could you ask her to share the pattern name and where she got it. Thanks for sharing!!

Nell said...

What a nice pin cushion! It's adorable!!!

Bea said...

I love this little pincushion. So cute!

g-girl said...

the cupcake is so cute! awww, you wore your elmo jammies just for sean? too sweet. :)

Tara said...

Adorable pincushion. Seems like a perfect gift for someone who sews! And congrats on becoming an "official" designer on Ravelry! I haven't knit up my Mathematical Equation socks yet, but I'm looking forward to it!