Sunday, December 07, 2008

december seven

Today was errand day. We put it off from yesterday, which had been the plan, but we decided to start re-organizing/re-arranging the house. Plus we took some measurements yesterday and we were all ready set to go today.

We found a few items that we needed today, but I'm in the market to replace Sean & Mack's blinds in their rooms with dark curtains (so it's dark during naptime) and can't find what I like. I think it'll just end up being that I'll end up sewing their curtains, just like the ones I made for the duplex (which we ended up bringing with us here, but are not the right size for their bedrooms (or the right color), and they're being used instead of a closet door in my yarn room, over the closet that is in there (storing my wedding dress and a bunch of other dresses in there). I'd like to do something maybe Disney Cars in Sean's room - but we'll see what I can find.

Why is it that always when he (as in the hubby) suggests we go out and run errands and it's totally HIS idea, that when we are out it's all huff and puff and he doesn't want to be there? What's up with men? Are they all like this? I don't get it. I could have easily have gone out to run a few errands by myself, without the kids. That would have been fine by me. And I could have even of gone yesterday. But no, yesterday it was his idea to all go out to do it today. So why the sighing and the huffing at each stop? Bah, I don't get it! Or men in general!

I did end up picking up Cheese cutters (or Bob Dominion Skates as Canadian Tire calls them) for Sean for this winter. The ones we got for Sean are a lot nicer looking than the ones in the photograph above, but you get the point. Jamie cannot wait to take him skating. These skates are for 2-5 years old - because your boot size has to be a certain size to wear them. Sean just finally fits into the smallest size - so we're happy. Gotta get the kid on skates! He's our future Habs player! I think I'm keeping the skates to wrap to put under the Xmas tree - or his birthday - one or the other (they're 3 days apart).

This evening we had my brother & sister over for dinner, which was nice. My brother picked up a few missing ingredients from the grocery store, and I made spaghetti with my homemade meat sauce. Always delicious.

These two photos of the boys are from this evening - from my sister's camera. I was too lazy to pull out my camera today.


Amelah said...

WOOHOO! U gave me credit for the pics i took LOL

2 good looking boys!!!

Jenn said...

love mack's tongue. Rowan's sitting with me and she's going crazy over pictures of the boys...reaching out for the laptop. Almost everytime i go out with my hubby he gets like that. I hate it!!! I love going out with him, but regret not going and doing it myself afterwards just not having to deal with his moods. lol just can't win. love him to bits thou.

Bea said...

YOu could find some sheets you like and use those to make curtains. Then you wouldn't be limited to whats at the fabric store.

Chris loves shopping. I'm probably the one whose more like your husband. I HATE shopping. Get it over as quick as possible. Lists and all with no "browsing" ever. In and out is best.

Nell said...

I had those double blade skates when I was a kid! I didn't think they made them anymore.

Tara said...

Mack sticking out his tongue is adorable! Good thinking on the skates. I didn't even realize those existed before I had signed Émilie up for skating lessons!

dawn said...

I don't get it either. I just make hubby stay home with the kiddos usually, cause all he does is grump.