Friday, December 19, 2008

december nineteen :: 103 weeks old

Sean is 103 weeks old today. Next Sunday he turns 2.

Today is my sister's birthday.
Happy 24th Birthday Amy!

When I dropped Sean off at daycare today, one of his teachers was wearing one of the pairs of earrings I made her as part of her Christmas present. I'm so happy that she likes them!

Today I had some things to do in the city, so my mom took Mack shopping and I went off to do what I had to do. First stop, to pick up.....

Yep! You read correctly...! Robyn's Nest is now FULLY loaded with Malabrigo Sock, Lace & Worsted. Come on by and check it out. It's so lovely, all of it, that I just want to roll around in it. (But I'm restraining myself!) There is some more stuff coming to the shop, I'll be sure to let you know when it's listed. I'm so happy to finally announce to you about the Malabrigo. It's been in the works behind the scenes here for a while, and it's some gorgeous stuff! Don't forget we've also now got some awesome new SOAK products in stock, like the Labels of Love & the new Scentless line (in different sizes).

Since I was in the city, I went by to visit MollyAnn at Ariadne for a bit. I had ordered a booklet by Reynolds (apparently it's not on Ravelry yet), with patterns by Mona Schmidt. There is a scarf in the booklet I want to make, so since Ariadne carries Reynolds/JCA, I ordered it through them. I spent a while over there, touching yarn and buying some too. (More about that later after I photograph it - it's too dark now to do so). Ariadne is still the only Brick & Martar LYS in Montreal worth going into. Great atmosphere, friendly employees and cozy boutique (oh and some great yarns that I don't carry in stock!) While there my car started acting retarded, sounding off the alarm whenever it felt like it. I really hope that Acura gets that part for my care asap, so it can get fixed. It's now been going off whenever - wherever. Though, thankfully not in the middle of the night in our garage (knock on wood).

This afternoon my mom dropped off Mackie when they were done at the mall, I continued to do some work while Mack slept, and Mack continued to sleep until I went to go pick up Sean. He had a good nice long nap this afternoon.

This evening Jamie & I sat on the couch - I knitted and cast off the back of the Moss Block Cardigan I'm working on (photos to come tomorrow), and we watched 24: Redemption, which was a 2 hour set-up for the new season of 24 starting in January. Jamie and I had no idea it was even on TV a while back, so we got a copy of it from my dad. It was pretty good. I think I may be excited to see what happens in the new season, now that Jack's in custody. The new season starts January 11th.


Caroline said...

The Malabrigo looks yummy!

And I think Effiloché is another good LYS in Montreal. They have good stuff and the owner is friendly! I really love Ariadne though.

Amelah said...


Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

illahee said...

a bit off topic, but...i would like to start knitting socks, but i only have one pattern (and it looks as though it has lots of mistakes, according to reviews on ravelry). so, do you have any recommendations for a beginner like me?? mainly for a pattern, something simple so i can figure out the heel thing. :D

Jude said...

I made a huge store order, I joined the sock club, and now you have Malabrigo! You tempt me so much!! I'll have to order after I get a few projects done!!

Nell said...

I love the picture of you and Sean with your silly faces! Too cute!!!

Bea said...

Yay Malabrigo! When I first glimpsed that picture of Sean I thought his leg was in a plaster cast.

Happy Birthday Amy!

g-girl said...

i don't know how you restrain yourself against rolling in all that malabrigo!! :) yay that one of sean's teachers was wearing one of the sets of earrings you gifted her with. btw, i somehow forgot to comment about how glad I was that sean's teachers loved their gifts from you! :)

Tara said...