Thursday, December 04, 2008

december four

I'm sitting here, it's 9:14 pm. Sean's fast asleep and Mack's trying to attack one of the fish on his mobile on his swing, though, he should be asleep. I tried lying down with him on the couch, but he just cooed in my face really loudly for about 10 minutes, I decided to try the swing.

I'm craving poutine. Though, I can't order poutine. The doorbell would wake Sean and possible Mack, if he gets to sleep soon. I've just eaten an entire bag of popcorn (whoops) and I've opened a bottle of wine (Nuit de la Saint-Jean. Beaujolais). Jamie's out tonight, at a friend's house. I let him go out two nights this week (he also went out Tuesday night) since next week I'm leaving him with the kids both Tuesday and Thursday night to go out (though Thursday night I have to bring Mack or I'll be shot dead by Madeleine).

I shouldn't be eating poutine anyhow, because well, I need to get rid of the baby weight from not one, but two pregnancies. There wasn't enough time after having Sean and before getting pregnant with Mack to lose all the weight from Sean's pregnancy. (I got pregnant with Mack when Sean was 8 & a half months old or so, considering they're 17.5 months apart).

So, maybe I'll have soup. Chicken noodle soup. That sounds good. Mmmm. Chicken soup.

Sean has a runny nose. Thank you daycare. And a cough. Thank you again daycare. I've been giving him Buckley's and he apparently likes it way too much that he asks me always for more. He doesn't understand what medicine is.

Today, he told me two new words. Eat and olive. He was calling some olives "apples" so I corrected him and he now says "olive" in his own way. Kinda sounds like it. It's funny/cute.

I've been advancing in the book I'm reading, though, I'm not sure I like the book (yet). Maybe it'll grow on me. I'm reading Watermelon by Marian Keyes. Have you read it? Does it get better? I find the main character very redundant in what she says. Constantly repeating what she is talking about. Maybe it's supposed to be like that, but I find that very annoying.

I ended up getting off Craigslist a Strollee. Holy crap - best invention ever. I don't know why I didn't get this instead of my huge Graco Quattro. (Though the color I just linked is not the color I have - I have a 2006 model that I got just before Sean was born). I am so happy that I have the Strollee now for Florida (in the new year). It's lightweight, portable and compact. I love it. Best 20$ I've spent last week. I've been using it daily! I like practical. Practical it is.

Mack's stirring in the swing. I cannot get the little one to get to sleep tonight and he's just polished off an entire bottle. I'm going to go give him some more cuddle time, see if that works. And then, if I'm not too tipsy (from the wine, see above) I hope to keep working on the sock I'm working on (details to follow soon on that - for now, it's hush hush!) Maybe Mackie doesn't like Grey's Anatomy - it's on the tv right now.

So I just made Chicken Noodle soup. I suppose it'll satisfy my craving for now.

And I can't seem to get the zipper to open on Sean's Thomas the Train couch. I need to wash the lining, and can't get it open. Fun. Even with pliers. I can't get the zipper to open. Grr!

I'm supposed to meet some mommies from Mack's playgroup for lunch tomorrow at a local restaurant, though, I told them maybe, but we'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow around lunch - it's a restaurant I haven't been to a long while, I probably should go - get out of the house. Though, I've been pretty good with my TO-DO list, so maybe I should get out of the house!

ps - my Dream in Color Classy Christmas tree was featured on the CraftGossip blog. How neat is that? Thank you Terrye! Love your blog!


Sharon said...

I've only had poutine once and OMG it was delicious. Too bad you can't find it here in the states. =(
Your yarn tree is awesome. If I did that, I'd be chasing balls of yarn under the sofas. ha.

Amelah said...

Interesting blog post, different! SO did Mackie ever fall asleep>? Did you satisfy your food caving?

pahkcah02 said...

I have no idea how it happened, but poutine is apparently the new trendy food here in Boston. It's on just about every bar menu downtown and even outranks former yuppie favorites like seared tuna and burger sliders. I personally don't like poutine but I assume like all bad habits that it's an acquired taste :).

Bertha said...

Poutine is absolutely my favorite thing about Canada. If we can get up there skiing this winter I will be devouring it daily.

Anonymous said...

Psst...the Strollee link actually links to the Christmas Smooshy tree writeup.

michelle w said...

I read Watermelon, and I think it was slow to start but I enjoyed it overall. There was also another one I read which was about Claire's sister which was pretty good- called Rachael's Holiday.

Nell said...

I hope you all got a little sleep. Hugs!

Jen said...

They deliver poutine? Wow

Bea said...

I hope you got Mack to sleep and got to knit some!

g-girl said...

i hope mack was able to fall asleep soon after! how cute that sean can say olive!

Tara said...

I tend not to order poutine, because I find that the fries sort of congeal or something... But I hear ya on the craving! I usually get them in the summer.