Thursday, December 18, 2008

december eighteen

I got some stuff to show you today.

First I love this picture I took today when playing in the mirror. I love the colors/the brightness. Just love it. Wanted to share it. (Love my hair too. Having a good hair day!)

I got some mail from Lillian today. She sent me a nice card (which I actually think I want to frame!!) and some gorgeous stitch markers by Hey Buttons - who is actually a Montrealer! So the stitch markers were made in Montreal, shipped to Lillian in Toronto, and then shipped back to me in Montreal - how funny!

I love mornings. It's fun when both my boys have their milk in my bed and we watch cartoons.

This morning when I dropped Sean off at daycare (on time as Santa was coming to breakfast today!) (with the cupcakes - which were a huge hit with everyone but my own son, but that's another story), and I gave Sean's 2 teachers their gifts. They absolutely loved them. I gave them each a neckwarmer, this one, and this one. They also each got 2 pairs of handmade earrings and a handmade necklace. I also gave them each one of my Warm Kisses on a Cold Day (Coaco bags I made). I hope to see them wearing my creations!

I got a sample (for the shop of course) of Actual Size Creations in Good Karma. Oh, it's delicious.

And I also have to present to you, Massie:

It's my design for the December 2008 Sock Club. Oh I love it. And the Zen Yarn Garden Bling Yarn is just to dye for. Though, as many clients & friends have said, it shouldn't be on the feet, but made into a shawl or worn not hidden by shoes. I agree. The yarn is just heaven!

I ran some errands today, needed to get a birthday present for a soon-to-be 2 year old girl. I got her a doll and a "bouncy chair" for the doll. Oh, I want to have a girl one day, so I can play with dolls too. While out, I ended up finding a good deal on this Avalon® Reflect Twin Stroller with Canopy. I had been watching to see if the Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All-Wheel Stroller from Toys R Us. I kind of like the color of the one I found today better and the price was definitely a lot better. I just wanted a lightweight double umbrella stroller as my Graco Quattro Duo is massive and I'm starting to hate it. Now that Mack sits, I can put him safely into the umbrella stroller.

I've been working on The Moss Block Cardigan. I should be done the front tomorrow and then I'll cast on the back. Hoping to maybe have it finished before Christmas, but that may be pushing my luck. I also need to finish a test knit that I'm doing (a sock) and as well, the Striped Modular Vest which is on the cover of September 2008's issue of Creative Knitting for my mother-in-law. I promised it to her for her birthday, which is December 23rd, but she's aware that it will be a little late. I'm hoping that it doesn't take me longer than January to finish it - because in February, I want to make the February Lady Sweater for myself in Dream in Color Classy. I have some already prepared and ready to go. But that's not a priority on my list of things to knit.

I need to:
- Wrap Sean's Birthday Presents
- Wrap Chanukah Presents
- Wrap Christmas Presents
- Wrap my Mom's Birthday Present
- Wrap Amy's Birthday Present (it's her 24th tomorrow!)
- Write out Birthday/Chanukah(?)/Christmas cards
- Do laundry
- Do a return to Zellers (before the 24th)
- Do a return to Walmart (before 90 days are up, so that can wait)
- Pick up 1 15-20$ Christmas Gift Exchange for the adults (Jamie & I each have to bring one, and I have one already, I just need another).
- Make sure I'm organized for Sean's birthday party Sunday.
- Figure out when my cleaning lady is going to come since she comes Thursdays and I don't have her the next 2 weeks since it's Christmas then New Years.


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the boys all comfy in a big bed :) Very cute :)

Craftlover said...

wow, I love those crocheted ear rings too, gorgeous. :D very creative huh!

And I want to say thanks for Posting the stitch markers and the card here...
It's really my pleasure to send you little things. :D

I love the card too, Robyn. :)

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I came here from Yarncrawl. I love the photo from your previous post. Babies are so precious! I have a 4 yr old and almost-2-year-old twin girls. I'm hoping that now that my girls are almost 2 I'll be able to get more sewing and knitting done. Does that sound terrible? lol!

I love those stitch markers! very cute! And the socks are gorgeous.

Unknown said...

That's a lot of wrapping. Good luck!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

LOVE the earrings and the socks! Holy moley, you gots lots to do on your list! I am thinking about making a list, but I am afraid of how daunting it might look. Eek.

Unknown said...

love the socks for both colour and design. Also really like your duvet cover(the grey sqaure thing on the bed in case you don't call them duvet covers)

Bea said...

Cute design! I love the earrings!

g-girl said...

wow the crocheted earrings are fantastic especially the ones in handmaiden sea silk! the card lillian sent is so cool! oooh, that skein of good karma is gorgeous! it looks yummy. :)

Tara said...

That picture of you IS awesome. You've got quite the eye, my dear.