Tuesday, January 01, 2008

january one

Happy New Year. Today I woke up to crazy snow. It's only piled up more since this! (Above - the view from my front door).

Resolutions & Wishes for 2008. Am I making any? Resolutions - Not really. I never follow through with them. But should I have any - they'd be something like this: (Also - my wish list for 2008):

1. Get another camera, I'm eyeing the Nikon D40 - possible a better one than that one. Yeah, Mrs. Canon girl is thinking about switching to Nikon....!
2. Work on managing time better
3. De-clutter and keep it de-cluttered. Stop being a junk collector/hoarder
4. Do not get into any unnecessary debt
5. Expland my business
6. Learn to go to bed at a resonable hour, days I don't get enough sleep leave me grouchy
7. Eat healthier
8. Don't waste bread (we throw out too much bread in this house & a lot of freezer burn food too) 9. Be more active with Sean (rather than being couch potatos)
10. Meet more crafty people
11. Start organizing West Island Knits (it's already in progress via a yahoo group! If you want to join - email me)
12. Finish a sweater for me & one for Jamie
13. Learn to knit 2 socks on 1 circular (first learn to knit 1 sock on a circular!)
14. Improve my sewing skills. I'd like to learn how to sew zippers for pouches.
15. Travel more (even if it's just road trips).
16. Adventure more in Montreal. Visit new places.

Some cool craft ideas/links I want to share:

- Crochet Dreidel Pattern. (I don't crochet - not a fan - but totally awesome for next Chanukah!)
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Amigurumis (now I really wished I enjoyed crochet - I want to make the 4 for Sean!!!)
- Knitting Ball with Needle Christmas ornments (now I want my own Xmas tree!)
- No pattern that I could find but these felt swiffer cozies are awesome!
- Uno Dress (another reason to crochet! LOL)
- Knitted Toilet Paper Roll (I need one as a joke for my house!)
- Knitted Leg warmers - (I want to make some! Keep me warm in winter!)
- Lego Cake (for the Lego lover in your family!)
- Very cute mini sweater tree ornaments from Berroco.
- Knitted Swiffer Cozy.

16 Weeks pregnant. (No my belly button is not sticking out - that's a button on my pants - LOL) I'm still losing weight - with my belly expanding. I cannot believe it. I got on the scale today - another pound down.... yet my belly is growing larger by the week - 4 more weeks and I'm half-baked! 3 more weeks until we find out the sex!! I'm thinking about running a contest for the sex of the baby - and then those who choose the right sex will be entered into a draw for a prize...! I'll get back to you on the exact details of that though.

Sean has a beautiful head of hair. A lot of it actually. Jamie's trying to convince me to get him a haircut - but I am NOT ready yet. Oh no. I am not ready to lose the curls until they grow back. At what age did you get your child's first hair cut??

Sean decided to stick his hands into a pile of knitting needles (and one big fat crochet hook) that had not been put away. Do I see a future knitter in my house?

Sean's new thing today is pulling off his pants. I'm not too sure how this started. He tried twice to remove his shirt but can't get it over his head... I'm sure it'll be a matter of time before he's fully naked!

I am a little behind on reviewing a few items that I've received in the mail over the last few weeks (and one a few months behind - oops!)

My Three Month Yarn Pirate Booty Club. From Left to Right: Killer Bees, Solstice & Icicle. Killer Bees is NOT for me - so I'm destashing it. I'm offering it here on my blog first - to my readers - and if not I'll try to destash it on Ravelry or something. If you're interested in it - email me here. We can then discuss/negotiate price.

Stitch Markers I Bought From Whistle Pea Knits. I got these back when Amy visited Montreal but I completely forgot to blog them. They are awesome!

Mitered Square Stitch Markers from Good To Be Girl. One set I ordered before I moved, the other, after. They are too cute. And they're great, because I'm actually knitting a Mitered Square blankie for Sean...!

I've also been thinking about listing these awesome balls at Robyn's Nest - aren't they cute?? The set of 6 would sell for $4 CAD. If anyone is interested in a set before they actually get listed - please let me know - I can send you a set!

Today was just a chill day. Pretty much spent the entire day on the couch, watching TV and doing nothing. Tried to clean up my office a little, but I think that just made matters worse.

If the weather doesn't let up - I don't think I'm going to go knitting tomorrow night - but we'll see. There was a lot of snow that fell today.


LizzieK8 said...

Put the haircut off as long as you can. They age so much once they get a hair cut!

Tia said...

must be strong and not buy cute stitch markers... must resist...

I do want to make a baby sex predictor. Can you tell me about Sean's hairline though. At the name of his neck, is it flat or does it come to a point?

Bertha said...

I have a D40 and I love it!

Also love the belly shot! I totally thought it was your belly button and I was like "whoa!" until I read that it was your pants button, haha.

Matt wants to cut June's hair too but I am like NO WAY about that. It looks kind of like...mullety because it's longer in the back than on the top, but it's getting really curly in the back so there is no way I am cutting it! She's a girl anyway, she's supposed to have long hair. I don't think he wants it to be shorter, just more even, but it will even out eventually!

Tara said...

How could you possibly me MORE crafty??? Great link to the yarn ball ornaments. I think I'll do that with my leftover sock yarn next year!

Firefly said...

I am still trying to decide between the D40 and the Rebelxt,my friend has the d80 and while really nice way out of my price range right now. Why would you switch from your canon? I am having a heck of a time deciding between the two!

Caroline said...

Whether or not there's a contest, I'm guessing: I'm guessing a girl for you! There are currently five women pregnant in my family and I guessed right for 4 of them (the 5th one, we don't know what she's having yet).

Barb said...

Email me about the Killer Bees, I might take it off your hands for ya :) Love the little preggo belly!!

Drea said...

haha I did think that was ur belly button!! :-) you look so cute pregnant.

A contest would be so fun.

Loves Seans curls.

Summer said...

I love Sean's curls!!! He looks so adorable! I wouldnt cut his hair for awhile!

Cute picture of you pregnant!! You look really good!!

g-girl said...

snow! I couldn't even imagine to wake up to that--it'd be a nice surprise though. teehee--totally thought that was your belly button poking through! ;) look @ all those curls! I'd probably wait to cut it also.

cecily said...

YEah, Killer Bees isn't my favorite either. If you happen to find more than one person that wants to take it off your hands, send them my way! :)

Bobbi said...

I'm with you, no resolutions! But those sound like some good goals! :)

Jenny said...

Quite the snow storm! Hopefully you can see the pavement some time before spring.

Great belly pic--you look fantastic!

Dawn ;) said...

wow ~ there was much for me to catchup on wasn't there. I love the pics of the snow, I really miss snow ~ one of the advantages of living on the east coast. ;D You are become a little round mama aren't you?! Glad you are doing well and you look great. Thx for stoppin' by my blog, it was a nice surprise. I'll email you soon. Have a great week! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like the stitch markers! I had also forgotten about giving them to you!