Sunday, January 13, 2008

january thirteen: Sean's 1st Birthday Party

Today was Sean's First Birthday Bash. I say Bash because 115 people were invited (mainly family) and about 75 people (approx.) showed up. There is no way I wanted that many coats & boots in my house - so it was held at my parents house - which was very nice of them! The party was like a mini-wedding (guest wise...!) (My parents know how to throw a bash!) The day started out with a make-over that my sister, my sister-in-law & myself got. My sister even straightened my hair while my sister-in-law got her make-up done.

The birthday boy was dressed up all handsome. I absolutely love this vest that Angela got him for Christmas this past December. Just freakin' adorable. Gotta love Mexx Kids.

The birthday boy & his mommy. I love the new maternity shirt I got - and yes I wore my sexy mama shoes - but didn't take a picture of me wearing them though. I lasted in them almost the entire party! Very proud of myself!

Myself, Sean & My sister Amy

Jamie & I - I absolutely LOVE this picture. It's been a while since we've taken a picture together, and I think personally we both look good in this picture. It's often pictures of the two of us are taken at "wrong angle". I love this picture! I think I'm going to frame it!

Sean got to play with his cousin Oliver who is 5 months older than him at 17 months. They played so well together. It was just too cute.

Sean & I just before we did the cake, wearing his clean My First Birthday bib. (It got full of chocolate just a few minutes later!)

Nana's famous chocolate cake. I'm not a chocolate fan and I enjoy it! Though, I didn't have any today. Wasn't in the mood. Sorry Nana!

Sean would rather play with the gift bags & bows & tissue paper & any box he got.... kids!

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Sean. It's just too gorgeous. But then again, I'm biased! LOL

Sean's 1st birthday party was a huge success and the kid was SPOILED like you wouldn't believe. I am so happy all the planning is over with, and the clean-up is done. Tomorrow I must go out and find the most cutest ever thank you cards. I will know they're right when I see them. Don't be surprised if they're mailed speedy gonzales... I'm super speedy with thank you cards.... any one who's been invited to a major event (bridal shower, engagement party, wedding, baby shower, bris....) will know that I tend to get my thank you notes in the mail within hours after the party... Thank you to all those who spoiled my kid - I think I need a bigger house now! LOL.

I've been reading a lot this weekend - I'm off to go read another chapter or two before going to bed. I'm about 16 Chapters into The Booster by Jennifer Solow. I'm not wanting to put it down, but now that I have a kid - I have other priorities sometimes... I'm really enjoying wanting to know what happens next to the main character - so I will definitely keep you posted after I'm done - about my opinion of the book! I'm sure Jennifer Solow herself wants to know!

Tomorrow we start a class with other kids Sean's age - I'm very excited to meet some other mommies who have kids in the area close to Sean's age. We haven't really gotten into the play group thing before (tried out one a few months ago - via an invite - and I found it to be rather clickie.... no offence to the person who invited me though... it wasn't her who was the clickie one!) I kinda felt like it was high school all over again, but then again, Sean was also a lot older than a lot of the kids there... but we knew that going into the play date... I'll let you know how his first class goes. I was told to bring a change of clothing for paint and water activities? OY!


Firefly said...

Wow you have been a busy bee and you look great! Jase has decided that we can start looking for houses!!! You are my inspiration lol ;)

Summer said...

HAPPY 1st Birthday!!!

Sounds like the birthday was a big hit!!!

Love the photos of you and Sean!! You guys are just to adorable!!

halloweenlover said...

Guess whose birthday party was the same day??? Too funny! I really wish we lived closed together, we could have so much fun with these two.

Happy Birthday again! I love the pictures!

g-girl said...

love all of the bday shots! his big boy outfit, the pic with you, the one with you and your sis, the one of you and jamie..priceless!

Tara said...

I hear the party was great. Glad you had fun!