Thursday, January 17, 2008

january seventeen

Today I had my cleaning lady come - and boy was it necessary. Last week she didn't come - and it showed that she wasn't here. It's getting very tiring for me to do chores and care after Sean (it's one or the other and I choose to care for Sean) as I get on in this pregnancy. At some points I feel guilty because I'm sitting on the couch cuddling with Sean or playing with Sean or just lounging around, and she's cleaning my house. Should I feel guilty for this? I guess not. But I still do. It's too hard to explain. But maybe you know what I mean?

I got some great mail - let me shjare it with you! I've received my prize for a contest I was in:

I won a contest over at Left-Handed Knitting in a World of Right-Handers which is my friend Rhoda's Blog. It's 2 skeins of Reynold's Soft Sea Wool - in Colorway 0320. Which is just called "Purple". Thanks Rhoda! It also came with a pattern to match the yarn! I can't wait to knit it up - I love Reynold's Soft Sea Wool! I've used it before to test knit a sock for JCA. I've not yet made myself anything from it.

Next I also received my Booty-Swap! Finally! I received a skein of Vesper Sock Yarn (Oh how that rocks!) in the Love Stinks (Yea Yea!) Colorway.I also received a little project bag (so cute!) and 2 packs of gum! Thank you Cindy for your package!

Today also in the mail, I received my Zellers flyer, and my cousin Jenn's son Jakob is in it!! Not even a year old and he's already a model! Go Jakob! He's the baby in the sleeper lying down on the complete right side of the ad.

This afternoon I had Angela come over and we ran some errands after my cleaning lady left for the day. I needed to pick up a water dispenser (I bought the exact one linked) for my water cooler that we have. We're sick and tired of buying the ones at the grocery store, now that the water where we live IS safe to drink. Where we used to live in our duplex there was issue with lead pipes, etc, and the city issued a letter after I gave birth that it was not safe to drink the water if you are a child or pregnant. Great! I'd been drinking the water while pregnant, and we were using the water for Sean's bottles... (even though boiled)... but now we live where there is safe water, so it's all good! And finally I found what I needed (after searching everywhere for the part!) The base we've had forever, it was a gift from my grandmother for my bridal shower way back when. I also wanted to see if Winners still carried the Potty Book for Boys (the one that comes with the DVD) but they didn't - so I'm just going to get it from Chapters (as I have a gift certificate to the store there and there is some other stuff I want to order). I also received recently Elmo's Potty Time on DVD, and we're going to be watching the videos just in preparation for starting eventually to potty train. Sean is not ready yet, but he eventually will be, and I see no harm in reading to him about it or watching DVDs about it either. I hope to start potty training him sometime before his 2nd birthday - I'm not sure what age is good to start - but I was told that boys take longer than girls to potty train (not that I have any experience with potty training girls or anything - LOL).

Tonight I held the first ever West Island Knits night. We had a good turn out! We were 7 of us, and hopefully next time we'll be stronger! It's just soo much easier for me to go to a knit night near my house (and where there is parking too!). Don't get me wrong, I love the NDG Knit nights, but if Jamie is busy and I don't have a sitter it's really hard to go into town. Also in the middle of winter without a parking lot - parking in NDG when the snow removal hasn't come yet, is next to impossible. Anyhow, we had a really good time at Rokaberry's in Kirkland. It was myself, Angela, Marie-Lynn, Helene, Doris, Eugenia and Madelaine. If you are interested in joining West Island Knits email here. We are planning to meet every other Thursday night, and the place is yet to be determined for good because we're looking into a few places. Lighting, menu and comfort is important for choosing a place to knit! Anyhow, I worked on Sean's Blankie (Yes! I pulled it out again!) and worked on a square. I hope to have it finished before baby number 2 is born - so that I can cast on one for the next baby! I have about 30 something squares I want to knit - plus the black triangles around the edges to make it square. I'm hoping to make the blanket 8x8 squares, if that works out - so that means 64 squares and I now have almost 35 squares. (The 35th is just about done). Progress picture soon! I drove Marie-Lynn home tonight, and cannot believe she lives 4 streets away from me, and it was litterally 4 or 5 stop lights. She cannot wait to host a knit night at her place in the summer - I think that'll be fun!

Sean did NOT sleep through the night last night again. It's been since Sunday night he hasn't been sleeping through the night. I really hope that it's cutting tooth related because I do not know how much longer of this I can take. I'm really not sure what to do anymore. I am going to ask his new doctor on Monday at his "2nd Take 12 month check up". Sean fell asleep in the car on the way home from picking him up at my parents house tonight after knitting. Thankfully he was already in his pj's. I was able to transfer him to bed easily. Let's hope (knock on wood) he sleeps through the night tonight. I'd like ONE night of a full night's sleep. That would be nice. Saturday night he's sleeping at my parents house, (Jamie and I have date night) and I'm hoping to get a good night's sleep then! If not tonight.


Amy said...

That Vesper yarn is fantastic! I love the colors!

Cleaning ladies are a wonderful thing. One of the jobs I had after high school was cleaning big rich houses in the Washington DC area. Even though most of the people were a real rude pain in the ass, the cleaning skills I learned really helped. I hate cleaning myself, but I make sure to set aside one day a week to do it.

Miss Me said...

just popped over from the yarn closet - i loved your comment about the walmart cashier!

cleaning ladies are FABULOUS!!! sean is only going to be little for a very short period of time. cuddle him all you can. dust doesn't grow up, baby boys do! (my first baby boy will be 12 in 10 days and i'm wondering where it went.)

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

oh! that is some great loot!

cindybmw2004 said...

I'm glad you liked the package. The yarn is gorgeous and hope you do something fun with it! You do realize I'm an angel and not your orginal pal I hope. Didn't want the "blogging world" to think I flaked! LOL Take care.

Tara said...

My cleaning lady comes when I'm home too, so I know how you feel. But what can you do? You ARE paying her, after all.

g-girl said...

glad you love the yarn--it's hard to photograph, isn't it! i think the colorway is eggplant. don't feel guilty about having the cleaning lady clean while you hang out with sean! oh my gosh...that's so cool that jakob is already a lil model!

laila in ndg said...

omg. ndg knit nights? are these open, to keen would-be knitters, or is it a closed group of old buddies? in the case of the do i join? :)