Friday, January 11, 2008

january eleven: 54 weeks

Sean is 54 weeks old today. I can't believe it's already been 2 weeks from his 1st birthday. It feels like he was digging into that chocolate cake just yesterday. Sean's starting to not be able to wrap around my belly when on my side.... I'm almost 18 weeks pregnant. I wonder what's going to happen when I really "pop" out... will I still be able to do my weekly shots holding him? Or will we have to start being more creative? I guess I'll take it one week at a time. Right now I'm having severe back pains - no position is comfortable sitting, standing or lying down. I'm going to my OB on Tuesday - I'll be asking him if there is anything to do for it. I'm 150% sure it's pregnancy related.

Jamie told me about a conversation he had with Sean the other day. It went like this:

Jamie: Do you want more cheese?
Sean: No, Down.
Jamie: You want to go down?
Sean: Yes.

Do I believe this happened? Very possibly. Sean says "Down" now... it just seems a little bit much for a 1 year old to be having conversations? I wish I'd been there to hear the conversation, but I'd left the room to go to the bathroom. Maybe I have a genius son? Wouldn't that be great?

Today was a couch potato day. Sean got up in the middle of the night - because he had soiled his diaper. I don't blame the kid - I wouldn't want to sleep in a dirty diaper either. I truly don't blame him. At first I tried to see if he'd go back to sleep, I didn't want to go in there and turn on lights if it was nothing. But, he cried a harder cry, and I went in there after a few minutes and brought him into our bed. No, that's not what he wanted. And then I got a whiff of the diaper (not sure why I didn't check this right away, maybe being half asleep could do it!) and got that changed. Brought him back into my bed, just for him to fall asleep - and then brought him back to his crib. He slept the rest of the night. This morning, we napped until 11:17 am when the phone rang. I love napping in the morning... I'll miss that when baby number 2 arrives - I don't see myself getting much napping done at the beginning. But who knows. I also will not be able to nap with Sean as much when baby number 2 arrives. We got up - had lunch, and then came into the den for the rest of the afternoon. We played a bit - watched some TV and napped on the couch for about 3 hours. Ah, napping. Felt great. Definitely needed. Was woken again by the phone ringing.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I finished the back of Sean's Cabled Pullover (the burnt orange one). I will post a picture of it over the weekend - must find the right place to photograph that color with getting all the details of the cables. Stay tuned! I've got to cast on the front - but I've been working on my nephew's Drive-Thru (Yes, I've not forgotten about that project), and my Column of Leaves Scarf which got frogged, but now it's on it's way back. I however, changed the needle size on my Colum of Leaves Scarf from US5 to US6 because I knit tight. I'm going to try out a few repeats and see how it looks. If not, I'll frog (one last time) and knit it back up again with the US5's....

Tonight Jamie & I ate a bit of this and a bit of that for dinner. Yesterday we had my Hungarian Beef Stew (Rhoda - you definitely have to try the recipe I sent you!) and so leftovers were included in this "bit of this & a bit of that".... as always, delicious.

This evening we watched some TV and cuddled all three of us on the couch. I just tivo'd Las Vegas from tonight, so I'm going to go sit on the couch, and possibly knit. Tomorrow my sister-in-law & nephew & SIL's boyfriend are coming to stay with us for the night, so I have a ton of cleaning up to do in the morning - but I'll do that tomorrow - I'm totally not interested in cleaning now.

Oh - I started reading again. I really want to read more in 2008. It's another goal of mine. I want to make a Uberlist - Mondo Beyondo. I'm going to jot it down on paper, and when it's done, I'll post it here, online. So, back to reading: the book I'm reading now is called The Booster by Jennifer Solow. I had seen this interview on KnitPastis' blog and was interested in checking out the book. Recommended books are always the way to go. I'm about 8 chapters in - how pathetic, I know, especially since I started reading it back in September! Anyhow, I want to read plenty of books this year - in 2008. That's one of my Uberlist items. That's for sure. But I'm really getting into the book now, so I'm hopefully going to read more! But for now, Las Vegas (and Josh Duhamel) are calling my name.

ps- Today is the 1 year anniversary of my due date with Sean! It has no real importance as he wasn't born on his due date - but I wanted to mention it!

pps- 11 days until the UltraSound. Boy I'm getting anxious for the 22nd to be here already!


Telmah said...

When my sister was a baby she had up and down confused, because someone would ask her if she wanted to "get down" from the high chair, and proceed to lift her up into their arms. So if she wanted to be picked up off the floor she would hold her arms up and ask "Down?"

Caroline said...

I was apparently speaking in full sentences when I was 1! My mom told me everyone was amazed to see the talking baby everywhere she went. Unfortunately, I didn't turn out to be a genius! ;)

jennifer solow said...

8 chapters in is pretty-damn respectable with a baby! I remember just trying to make sure I bathed upon occasion.

Thanks for reading THE BOOSTER. I'd love to hear what you think.

Jennifer, author of The Booster (and 2 more books on the way!)

jennifer solow said...

8 chapters in is pretty-damn respectable with a baby. I remember just trying to make sure I bathed upon occasion.

Thanks for reading THE BOOSTER. I'd love to hear what you think.

Jennifer, author of The Booster (and 2 more books on the way!)

ahufford said...

Aw, that's so cute of Sean. I won't be surprise if he is a smarty. Just keep working with him.

I wouldn't say you're pathetic about your book. You have an active little boy and been so busy. I always read a chapter (or two, if they're short) before I go to bed.

g-girl said...

cute! you're gonna have to be ready at all times for these mini-conversations! i want to read more also but it always comes down to knit or read and I can't read when the tv is on! :P Oh, we tried the hungarian stew and it was a hit! ;)

Tara said...

I think I'm going to have to get an ipod, because wever since I've really gotten into knitting, my reading has gone right out the window (except for knitting books).