Sunday, January 20, 2008

january twenty

So my son will sleep through the night at his grandparents house but not ours?? I don't get it? I hope it's not just Saturday nights that he will sleep through the night... I'm crossing my fingers for a full night tonight. I did make one change tonight, I turned off the night light. I'm hoping that helps. And tonight, if he wakes, I will go in, change his diaper, and then place him back in his crib, without talking to him. I'm going to try that. Hopefully he'll see that I mean business. I am hoping that we tired him out enough tonight and that he'll sleep through the night.

It was a nice 24 hours without Sean. I dropped him off shortly after 5pm yesterday, and we were ruinited only at about 6pm tonight. My parents decided to go into the city today to visit my grandmother, so they took Sean with them. I slept in this morning - which felt great, with no reason to get up. I did get up though around 10:30 am and started getting things accomplished. I had a LOT of little things on my list to do. Favors for friends, and chores around the house, and some business stuff. It's amazing how much I get done without Sean here. I love the little guy, but he doesn't let me do anything.

I did sit on the couch for a bit and "helped" Sean write out his thank you card (even though he wasn't home - hee hee), while catching up on some shows that I missed this week. I'm all caught up on my shows from this week - and all his thank you cards are written. I have a few last touches to add to the cards, and then I can mail them out. The addresses need to be written out as well, but the names are all on the outside of the envelopes. I'll hopefully get to that tomorrow.

This evening we went to my parents house for dinner, and I worked on Sean's blankie. I finished square number 38, which I cast on last night, a bright Lorna's Laces Rainbow square. Upon getting home tonight, I cast on square number 39 while Sean drank his bottle before bed. I got a few rows done, but that square will only get completed tomorrow sometime after Sean's morning class, and maybe if there is enough time before his "re-do" of his 12 month check-up. I'm hoping he gets the rest of his shots tomorrow. I believe he was supposed to get 4 shots for his 12 month check up, and he only got 1.

Last night Jamie & I talked about boys names, should the Ultra Sound on Tuesday show that we're having another boy. If that's the case - we have a HUGE problem - Jamie rejected every boy name I came up with... Great! I guess we better be having a girl - because her name was picked out while I was pregnant with Sean... so I am really hoping it's a girl - or we're doomed. If it's a boy - this boy may be born with NO name because we will never be able to agree on a boys name! He doesn't like anything I bring up! But I guess we'll deal with that on Tuesday - should that be the case.

I was playing around on the internet and here are the stats:

I am 18 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Only 21 weeks and 1 day left until my due date. I am in my 2nd trimester. 118 days have passed since my LMP and 148 days left until my due date. 44% of my pregnancy is complete. Then I clicked to find out their prediction of the sex of the baby, and they wanted $69.95 US so I quickly closed the window! I can wait until Tuesday, thank you.

Alright, I'm going to go take a shower and attempt to blow dry my hair straight (yeah, I'm in the mood to blow dry my hair for once), and then I'm going to go read in bed for a bit. We have to get up early tomorrow for our class, so I shouldn't stay up too much longer.


Kimber said...

Sean slept at Grandmas? Hmmmm sounds like a developed habit with Mom and Dad. You must be so frustrated! Have you learned anything new from your Ferber book? We used the Baby Whisperer to sleep train our daughter but it takes a LOT of commitment (it took us about a week or two - longer if they are older and we'd have to redo it everytime there would be a set back like teething, illness, life change, etc.).

You must be SO excited about tomorrow (sorry you guys are having such a challenge with a boys name, but none of that may be an issue!). I'll be lurking to see the minute you post if it's pink or blue!

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so hopefully I'll be booked in for my u/s (probaby 4 weeks from now if past history's experience is any indicator) and about 21 weeks then. I am also booking the 3D u/s too but that is private so I will probably end up with that u/s before my medical one. LOTS of luck tomorrow!

p.s. thanks for the Nip/Tuck explanation now I know what to look for!

Kate-the-enabler said...

just a thought on Cry It Out. It's an option. It's a perfectly good option. It's not for everyone. It's not the answer for every baby. If you're having a really hard time with it - or if Sean seems to be not responding - consider the pick up put down, or others (of course, this is coming from someone whose firstborn still occasionally doesn't sleep through the night - I promise you though, I'm not alone - there are more of us than want to admit it..)
Good luck. :)

Tara said...

24 hours without your child. I wonder how I'm going to cope with 18 days!!!

g-girl said... he was able to sleep @ your parents' house?? what do they do differently? oh guys can't agree on a boy name?? well, you've got time still!