Thursday, January 31, 2008

january thirty-one

Sean loves his morning bottle. There is nothing else that can replace it. He is not interested in breakfast. Only the bottle satisfies him. And he knows the difference between his formula and 3.25% milk (which his new doctor wants us to wean him onto from the formula). We are slowly adding in milk, but I am not throwing out formula (which will not be good for the new baby - if I can't breastfeed again, I will be trying again), because Sean's on 6-18 month transition formula, which expires before baby boy number 2 even reaches 6 months old. He also loves his Thomas the Train flip open sofa, which he loves chilling in.

I played around with some photography today, which I hadn't done in a while. I had bought on sale this taffy thing, only because it was near the cash, otherwise I'd never had purchased it. (I've never seen it before, but I loved the texture), I think it's food? Not something I'd eat though. But definitely something I'd photograph!

This afternoon right after my cleaning lady left, Sean gave me about 2 and a half hours that he napped. I got a lot of files worked on, and accomplished. Sometimes he takes really short naps, but today he was exhausted. He was in such a good mood upon waking up, it was nice.

This evening I went out with the new West Island Knits group. It was our 2nd meeting ever. We were 8 people strong tonight, it was nice. There are a few others in our little group who couldn't make it tonight, but who are hoping to make it out to the next meeting. Our next meeting falls on Valentines Day, so we're moving it to that Sunday instead, just for that week. Our 8 strong were Marie-Lynn, Corinne, Helene, Madeleine, Maaike, Jennifer, Sylvie & myself. We had a lot of time. I think next time I'll just eat dinner before heading out the door, so I get to have cake instead of dinner...! I finished 1 mitered blankie square, and cast on another, which I finished just just now. I will do a count tomorrow of all the new ones and post pictures! I have had quite some progress on it this week.

Corinne was working on No purl Monkeys for her husband, and I'm thinking about frogging my Monkeys and turning them into No purl Monkeys. I'm going to see. I put them down because I got a little frustrated with them. I'm thinking that maybe I need to try one row maybe with different needles. (Maybe my bamboos are no good for the yarn I'm working with and maybe that is frustrating me?) and then take it from there! We'll see. For now, though, I want to get cracking on Sean's blankie project.

Wow, last day of the month. How'd that happen? I can't believe tomorrow is February. I really have no idea where January went. They're calling for a huge storm tomorrow. I don't have much planned yet for the weekend besides a 1 year old's birthday party on Saturday (he turned 1 today!) and the Super Bowl on Sunday. (Along with a ton of knitting!) It is also June's 1st birthday today too - go over and wish her a happy 1st birthday, she's a cutie pie!


Bertha said...

Aw, thanks for the birthday love! We're in the process of switching June to milk from formula, I've been cutting her bottles half and half the last few days and will keep doing it until the formula is gone, so far she seems to like the ones mixed with milk so hopefully the switchover will be easy.

Betty said...

That loks a lot like "Sponge Toffee" one of my faves when we were kids - Just looking at makes me want to go out and get some. It is melt in your mouth good but sugar, sugar, sugar so obviously not good for you. But we have to give in once in a while for those special treats. The only thing that scares me is that it might be better to 'remember' the taste rather than actually try it and find that memories are better then the real thing.

Mojavi said...

what kind of camera do you have???

g-girl said... purl monkeys? I just googled that. Interesting..might have to check that out! I knew Sean would love his lil sofa! ;)

Maggie said...

I LOVE sponge toffee! I don't see it very often anymore, but it was one of my favourite treats as a kid :)
(and it's what's inside a Crunchie bar - one of my favourite chocolate bars!)

now I'm craving a Crunchie.... wonder how fast I can run to the vending machine and back... ;)

Tara said...

Gotta try that sponge toffee, Robyn! It's 'lish. :)