Wednesday, January 30, 2008

january thirty

Just to let you know, before you proceed reading this post, there is a spoiler for the January 2008 Rockin' Sock Club kit. Proceed at your own risk.

Wednesday mornings we have Sean's gym & music class. It's half an hour in the gym and then half our of music. Sean just LOVES this place, and I don't blame him. It's heaven for little boys and girls!

Angela and her fiance got him this outfit for his birthday. I think it's too cute with the two tone shirt. He looks like a handsome little man in it. He's completely out of 12 month size, and I'm loving his 18 month wardrobe. The pants are a tad too long (nothing rolling up won't harm), but the 12 month pants are too short. (Not really any in between). I find the 12-18 month pants either non-existant, or on the shorter side.

Sean loves the music portion of this class. Wendesday mornings, Sean is still the only one walking so far, as most of the babies are younger than him. He is actually the oldest in this class. There is a baby 2 days younger than him, but she's not walking yet.

Sean loves instruments. So much that I made sure he has a drum, maracca's (spelling? Shakers?), a tamberine, and a few other instruments in our home.

And since I'm keeping on with the towel pictures, here's the duck towel. Just a few more to go and I've shown you all the collection of towels that Sean has!

I received some angel stitch markers from a lovely Dr. Ruth in the USA. Thank you so much Ruth for being an angel for the Fall 2007 Stitch Marker Exchange. What was unfortunate about the Fall Exchange is that I had to kick out a handful of non-swappers. What I had done was give myself some newbies, so incase they flaked, I would know about it. Maybe next time I'll assign myself with people I know and that swap - so that I myself don't get flaked on. But at least angels worked it self out! There were even a few people that I was shocked didn't mail me any stitch markers, knowing that they are not usually flakers. But hey, what can I do?

I also received an angel set of stitch markers from Risa, along with some yarn! That was really sweet of you Risa! Thank you so much!

I did a swap with Andrea of Always Knitting for some yarn. I fell in love with the Green Apple colorway (I heart green!) and I sent her 2 skeins of Claudia's Handpainted, in a colorway that she will be surprised with. She liked 2, so I told her I would surprise her! (She should be getting it any day now... so I guess you'll have to wait to see what she gets when she blogs it!). The yarn above is from Shelridge Farms.

Andrea also sent me some left over sock yarn that she'd been keeping for me. Thank you Andrea. Some of it will be put away in a stash with some yarn for a future girl blankie, but a lot of it is perfect for Sean's blankie project! Thanks again! I really appreciate the leftovers!

Upon getting home from Sean's swim class, I literally had to chase the postman down the street. I had seen him pull away from our house, just as I was a the house before ours. Grr! I saw upon pulling into my driveway, and parking, that there was a post office slip in my mailbox. The only reason he didn't leave it - is because I have to sign for my Rockin' Sock Club.... so I ran back to my car (Sean was fast asleep in his car seat) and I checked the side streets in my area and found the postal truck... and traded in my slip for my package. Phew! I did not want to have to leave the house tomorrow to go get the kit - After my cleaning lady leaves, it's Sean's nap time. Plus, I wanted to fondle the yarn. Oh, I heart this kit - the colors are super gorgeous, and I'm glad I stayed on for another year of the club! I do have to say, that this was my first time chasing after the postman!

This afternoon Jenn, Jakob & Angela came over and we watched Juno. It's the Starz & Strollers program today, but since I cannot take Sean to the movies anymore, so I got a Screener copy and we knitted, (well I knitted) and I am just absolutely LOVING this movie. It's sooo good. Ellen Page rocks. I love the role she played. She did a fabulous job. She's Canadian!! Michael Cera was great too! I want to watch the movie again. It was great.

My list of people I know pregnant. Drea had posted a list of people she knows who are pregnant - and I want to also:

- Jamie pregnant with baby number 1, due September: Real life friend
- Jodi pregnant with baby number 1, due August: Real life friend
- Adina pregnant with baby number 1, due July: Real life friend
- Melanie pregnant with baby number 2, due March: Real life friend
- Elana pregnant with baby number 1, due February: Real life friend
- Dora pregnant with baby number 2 (child number 3 though), due Feburary: Real life family friend
- Maggie pregnant with baby number 2, due August: Blog friend
- Summer pregnant with baby number 4, due July: Blog friend
- Kim pregnant with baby number 1, due July: Blog Friend
- Shelby pregnant with baby number 2, due March: Blog Friend

I think there is something in the water! And I'm sure there are more people that I know that are pregnant, I just can't think of them right now...! Pregnancy brain! It's funny though, it really just just just hit me, that I'm pregnant. Holy crap, I'm pregnant. I know I've seen the baby on the Ultrasound and we know the sex, and all that jazz, but it just finally is starting to register that I'm going to have another baby.

I was tagged this past week by 5 bloggers who gave me this award! I was awarded by: Michelle, Emily, Bertha, Hayley & Bea. Thank you ladies. And my Make My Day Awards go to:

- Bertha of Karma Kitties: Bertha has an adorable little girl name June (who turns 1 tomorrow!) I love her fiber fridays and her pics of Junebug!
- Cynthia of Big Girl Feet: Is my graphic designer friend. Also a knitter & a crafter, I'm inspired by the projects she does!
- Jenn of Piddleloop: Always has great projects shown on her site (very inspiring) especially since I can't sew half as good as she can, and I love her photography!
- Rhoda of Left-Handed Knitting in a World of Right-Handers: Rhoda is a good knitting friend of mine (who lives on the opposite coast in another country). Her projects are also inspiring, and I love to hear about what's going on with her.
- Leslie of A Friend to Knit With: Leslie's projects inspire me as well. They're just gorgeous!
- Bea of Baa Baa Blacksheep: Bea's blog I just started reading, and I love waiting for bloglines to tell me what she's posted a new one!
- Michelle of Not An Artist: Michelle is a very talented artist in many ways. Designer, knitter, photographer. I'm jealous of her camera and her skills (and I'm the one who went to photography school!)
- Tara of Dear Knits: Tara is a mommy who lives near me who also knits. I love reading about the projects she's working on and the tales of her day-to-day life.
- Elin of By Elin: Also has stunning projects (knitting) and beautiful photographs. Elin was in my SP11 group and I loved her blog ever since I started reading it.
- Emilee of Emilee Knits: Emilee has very inspiring patterns that she's published, and I admire her knitting & work.
- Emily of Skyline Chilly: Also in my SP11 group that I hosted, has fun tales and great inspiring knitting. I am also glad that SP11 got us to get to know each other!
- Sarah of Mumblings: Sarah was my SP11 partner who I got to spoil from September until November. She was fun to spoil. It was great getting to know her, and I love the way she writes. Her posts usually give me a good chuckle and great amusement (in a good way!) Her knitting projects are very inspiring, she's got talent!
There are a lot more people who inspire me as well, but right now, these 12 are the top of my list! Everyone in my bloglines inspire me, otherwise I wouldn't read their blogs!

Call the Search & Rescue Team, I'm missing a Rosewood DPN... I'm so mad. They were (all 5 of them) on my desk... one.... is no where to be seen, and I've cleaned up my desk. Grr. I've searched the floor below my desk... I don't know what happened to it. I hope I find it, those Rosewoods aren't cheap...!

And catching up with outstanding things, I drew a winner in my "GUESS THE SEX OF THE BABY" contest. There were 6 of you (from 30+) who guessed BOY! Woohoo! And with the random number generator, Kim won! She's also pregnant due this summer with baby number 1. Kim, email me here with your full mailing address & I'll mail out your prize ASAP!

Sock blocker keychain kits now all include enough yarn for 1 mini sock. I've got them stocked in 3 different gorgeous woods, that are all handcrafted. They make great gifts or a great addition toy our keychain. The yarn that comes with it will be a surprise, but it'll be quality yarn (like Socks that Rock, Opal, Lorna's Laces, etc...!)

There are a few last spots in the February Sock Club. They are on sale until tomorrow night, Thursday, January 31st, 2008. February's kits are themed for a certain holiday coming up in February so be sure to reserve your spot now!

This evening I went into town to go knitting with the NDG knit group. I like the new location that we were at (Java U). It was really cozy (warm) and inviting. The lighting was great in there too! We lost power for about 10 minutes or so, and one staff at the cafe in particular brought us candles to knit by, and was very accomodating. I really hope future meetings are held there - I really liked it there. Tomorrrow evening there is our 2nd ever West Island knit night, and I'm really looking forward to getting out of the house again! It's been really busy with knitting this week - but better keep busy - than be bored! Right?

I am off to bed. I'm beyond exhausted. I stupidly only got 4 hours of sleep last night. Yeah, slap my wrist, I'm a bad girl. I decided to stay up until all hours to do my PST/GST taxes, as they're due quarterly, and this past quarter is due tomorrow, and I didn't even have to do them rush rush because they owe me money, so being late, doesn't matter. If I would have owed them (the government) money, then I would have gotten a penalty for being late. But I don't. So it was dumb what I did. Don't even ask me why I waited until last minute... beats me. I think I need to work on my time-management for things (like taxes) which I hate doing. It reminds me of school work. I used to procrastinate. Bad! Bad! Bad.... this bad habit of procrastination better not start up again! Especially not with another baby on the way! I won't let it. Next quarter... I promise to do my returns on time! PROMISE! Oh, and when I was ready to go to sleep somewhere between 3:30 and 4 am... Sean woke up with a dirty diaper and was hungry. Just my luck. That was the first time in a week and a half that he woke up in the middle of the night. Let's hope he sleeps through the night tonight, because should he wake up, I'm so tired, I don't know I'll be able to bring myself to wake up.


Big Girl Feet said...

thank you so much!! you make my day too... :)))

Bea said...

So much in one post! Your son is so so cute in that new outfit. And the towels make me giggle. I love the elephant one.

I'm going to need to find myself some green apple yarn. Yummy.

Thank you for putting me on your make my day list. Usually I try to read your posts in the early mornings and always look forward to whatever cute thing your son is doing!

Hope you got more sleep last night!


Bertha said...

Aw! Thanks!

g-girl said...

thanks for the beat me to it! You're on my list as well. ;) Sean has his own musical instruments @ home? Awesome--so does my niece! I gifted her with a whole set for Christmas. lol. I hadn't noticed the two-toneness of Sean's shirt. Cute!

Marlee said...

DARLING pics! We have the same duck towel. My son just LOVES it. I think he'll take it to college with him someday... ;)

Huckdoll said...

What a total the shirt, too!! Looks like you might just have a future heart breaker on your hands!

jane said...

Thanks for the award! I look forward to reading all about your days too, especially when at Boring Job Inc.

Tara said...

Thanks for the award, Robyn! Right back atcha! :)

summer said...

Love the photos of Sean in his towels!! SO adoable!!!

a friend to knit with said...

robyn! thank you so much.
when i see that smiling little boy, it always makes my day!
and you totally inspire me with your posts, and the ability to post with a baby and one on the way!
have a wonderful weekend!

Laura said...

Oh how funny, I know Risa, whom you linked in this blog! She comes in to the shop where I used to work all the time. It's such a small world, even though you're over 1.000 miles away!