Saturday, January 12, 2008

january twelve

This morning upon waking up - I saw in my e-mail, I'd received comments on my blog from none other than Jennifer Solow herself! I'm in the middle of reading her book - which I'm actually a little further than 8 chapters in - I lied. I'm a few chapters past that - but I still think it's pathetic considering I started reading the book in September 2007. I used to read a book in a week - or less. I guess those days are long gone - after having a baby. And they'll disappear even further once baby number 2 arrives this June. Anyhow, I'm very excited to let her know how I am enjoying her book - so I better get cracking and read more. My goal - to read at least a chapter a night before going to bed.

This morning Jamie & I got A LOT of cleaning done around the house. His sister, her boyfriend and our nephew are here staying with us tonight, so I wanted to make sure my house was as spotless as I can make it with a 1 year old (who takes out toys from the bin after you put them in) and as spotless as I could make it with not having our cleaning lady here this week. I even managed to unpack 1 of the 5 boxes that remain unpacked in my office. Those are the last boxes (now down to 4) and we're 100% unpacked in the new house. I still call this my new house. I love my new house. Every day I'm finding more and more reasons to love my new house.

This afternoon I helped my mother cut up some veggies and prepare some things she needed help with and then went out for dinner with my in-laws, sister-in-law, nephew, and the whole gang. Sean didn't nap all day - possibly because I wasn't home - Jamie couldn't get him down for a nap and he was too excited and wanted to hang out with his cousin.

This evening we just chilled at home, and everyone but me in currently in bed. I'm about to go hop into a shower (my sister promised she'd straighten my hair for me in the morning) and I want my hair to air dry before I wake up tomorrow. I'm not into the blow drying thing - it dries out my hair - and straightening it with a ceramic straightener doesn't help either!

My sister-in-law, sister & I are going tomorrow morning for a free make-over near my house - should be cool. I don't usually wear make-up - partly because I haven't the faintest idea on how to apply it! Maybe if I knew how to apply it properly - I'd wear more often. Eh, as a mother - I don't understand how some mothers have time to do themselves up each morning. I barely find time to eat breakfast! (Which I know, I know, is the most important meal of the day....)

Alright, my sister-in-law and her boyfriend are sleeping in the next room, and nothing else really exciting happened today, and I hope my typing on my PC isn't waking them up. Too bad my laptop is under the weather.... I'll find out next week what is wrong with it. We think that a pixel ran in the screen - and that's what is causing all the lines on the screen.... ugh!


g-girl said...

how'd the makeovers go? must've been fun! that's so cool that jennifer solow posted a comment on your blog! :) congrats on being 100% unpacked in the new house. yahoo!!!!!! i'm not a fan of blow drying either.

Tara said...

Re makeup: I find that even just a few minutes spent on myself (hair, makeup, even perfume) makes me remember that I'm not just a mom, also a woman, you know? :) I hope the party went well today (sorry I missed it, Maxime's Christening went great).