Thursday, January 10, 2008

january ten

Finally - my final images of my thrummed mittens. They came out really neat - I'm really happy with them. Information has been updated in Ravelry, but of course.

: Thrummed Mittens from Fleece Artist (pattern on label that came with yarn)
Yarn: Fleece Artist Aran Alpaca
Needles: US4/3.5mm
Timeline: February 2007 - January 2008 (A huge break was taken from knitting these during the warm spring/summer/fall months). They were honestly a really quick knit - had I just stuck with it!

This morning Sean had his 12 month check-up. I am NOT impressed with his new doctor or the facility in which he works. I will be looking around for a new doctor or may just continue seeing him until his previous doctor returns from maternity leave. He didn't give me the time of day today. First off, Sean's 10:20 am appointment - we were seen at 12:15pm. WTF. Yes, you read correctly. It was insane. I couldn't believe it. And then the nurse takes our info - weighs Sean - he now weighs 22 lbs (He lost 7 oz since his last check up) which he doctor is not concerned about as he says he's healthy looking and all the doctor did do was give him 1 of the 4 shots he's supposed to get at 12 months old. Well, he doesn't believe that the children should have all 4 of those shots at once, all together, so he spreads them out during the year. So I have to go back 3 more times to receive the other shots, about every 6 weeks or so or something. Can you tell I am really not impressed? And this is not the first thing he doesn't believe in. He also doesn't believe in the flu shot. Sean got the flu shot from his previous doctor and we went to see his new doctor for the booster that goes with it - and he refused to give it to him. Oh and today - they couldn't find his file that they started in November when we went to see him last. And when I asked the doctor to measure Sean's height - he said "Ask me at his 15 month check up"... WTF!!! I'm not impressed. I don't know how else to describe it... I don't even know how tall Sean is right now (I'd have to measure him tomorrow) to even know what percentile he falls into - something his other doctor used to tell us - and show me how the growth progress is doing - etc.... I won't be going back there. I've also never been "given a number" to see the doctor. Appointment times are appointment times. I was seriously given a claim check number.... WTF again!!!

So my laptop... Uhm... yeah..... the screen is fried.... which sucks... Jamie's going to bring it into work tomorrow and see if he can get it fixed.... or something. I'm going to miss the thing while it's away at the hospital... I hope it gets better soon, I don't know what I'm going to do without it (besides use my desktop, lol)....

This afternoon we had Noah come over with his mommy. Noah won't be able to make it to Sean's birthday party this Sunday as they have a lot of stuff going on, so they brought over Sean's birthday gift. He got: . Noah Turns 1 at the end of the month, so we have his first birthday party in February - which we will be going to. Noah got Sean for his birthday, 3 board books and a double CD of Toddler Tunes from Kidzup. The three books are: Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb by Al Perkins and Eric Gurney, Waiting For Baby by Annie Kubler and Little Engine That Could Colors by Watty Piper.

I am taking part in a research with Pampers. I received 2 different kinds of Pampers in the mail - Baby Dry as well as Cruisers, with the coordinating wipes. After this weekend I'm going to open it up and try them out. The last time I used Pampers diapers was when Sean was a wee little one and he was in the swaddler's newborn size - it was the only thing that fit him after he grew out of the preemie diapers! I'll be letting you know my opinion! Stay tuned!

Sean enjoys walking around our house with their a mop or broom. He is obsessed with them, and when you take them away he cries for them back. It's funny actually. And very cute. I bought him a little broom and dust pan, but he's not intesterested in them, as they are not the "big" ones... He can walk with these huge things and not fall over. That is impressive.

Oh, and he doesn't like to be "trapped" into any room anymore... He has figured out how to almost climb over the rail we have to block off the den.... Back View (above).

Side View - Glad he hasn't yet tried this with his crib - Phew! (That would not be good).

Front View... this kid is definitely a monkey - It's only a matter of time before he is all the way over.

And sadly, lastly tonight... my Column of Leaves Scarf, is now frogged (but re-started).... I had done almost 13 repeats. I found an error 2 repeats back that was driving me nuts. Jenn tried to help me fix the error on Tuesday night at the Knitting Guild Meeting - but with the lace pattern - it was just too hard. I tried figuring out where I was in the pattern, and trying to fix the row with the error - but it was just too difficult. So... frogging was the only option, and it was sad to do - but had to be done. I've re-started the pattern - and will continue again... (This was my 2nd time frogging this pattern). Third time is a charm, right?

My nose is still running like mad and I'm not really feeling well today, hopefully by tomorrow when I'll have been on the antibiotics for more than 48 hours.


Bertha said...

1. The mittens look fantastic!

2. The doctor didn't see you until TWO HOURS after your appt time?! OMG. I thought the place we went is slow, but the most we've ever waited is like 45 minutes once when he got super backed up. That is nuts, I would find a new Dr I think!

3. We've been using Pampers for June since she was born (we briefly experimented with cloth diapers but I didn't like them). I use the Cruisers during the day and the Baby Dry for overnight and we really like them. She's only ever had one "blowout" (over the summer, while we were at the beach, gross) but never had a leak or anything.

Robin said...

The thrummed mittens look great! That does sound annoying about the new doctor's office - I'd be finding another one too.

Anonymous said...

I love your mittens!!!!! One of the gals at the restaurant I used to work at has a little boy that would carry a broom around when he came to the restaurant. It was cute.

Bea said...

Lets see...I think the thrummed mitts look good.

I say DON'T go back to that Doctor and find one that will finish off his shots and do his booster. It can't be good to get half a flu shot?? He didn't listen to your concerns about the weight loss (which seems to me to NOT be a good thing - why would a growing baby loose weight?) or check his height. It seems incredibly insensitive. Plus the two hour wait is just not right. I don't have kids and have only waited that long once (the OBGYN had to do an emergency delivery an hour or two before my appt and I drove 40 miles to be there and didn't want to go back a different day - so really no ones fault) and I can imagine its 40 times worse when you have a baby waiting with you. Seems I am as incensed about his treatment of you both as you are. How long until the regular Dr is back from maternity leave? If it isn't in the next few weeks then I say get a new Doctor. What if Sean were actually sick??

Drea said...

Love the mittens, so cute!
How are you testing pampers? is this a survery type thing. sounds fun :-) we used pampers babydry with Caleb.

Worked well at night better than any other diaper.

I cant believe how big sean looks. he is a lil monkey climbing like that. So funny. Neither one of my boys climb... Caleb never once tried to climb out of anything. Funny how different each child is :-)

g-girl said...

first of all, the mittens look fabulous. I can't believe you had to take a number and you had to wait 2 freakin' hours to be seen. I also can't believe your doctor only wanted to give you 1 of 4 shots and wouldn't give you the booster to the flu shot. Ugh..good luck finding another doctor. love the pictures of your lil escape artist! thank goodness he hasn't made it all the way over yet! sucks about your column of leaves scarf. :(

Nea said...

First, I love the thrummed mittens.

Second, I'd be looking for another Pediatrician if I were you. There is a reason Immunologists spend years working out the proper timing for all shots and the rates at which they should be given. Why that doctor thinks he knows more when he didn't seem to specailize in Immunology isn't a good doctor.
Also, two hours in a waiting room is so not worth being seen by a doctor who won't listen to your concerns.

kathy said...

I absolutely love your thrummed mittens! Didn't really have a true interest in knitting myself a pair until I saw yours. Funny, the Column of Leaves scarf gave me fits last year when I tried to knit it (twice) for a friend for the holidays. I eventually gave up!

Jenny said...

Those mittens are awesome! It is getting pretty cold here and I would love to have those! ;)

I can't believe you had to wait for a number when you already had an appointment. I would find another doctor!

Tara said...

Wow, I definitely wouldn't go to that doctor again. Shots spread out over a six-week period? Two words: NO. WAY.