Monday, January 28, 2008

january twenty-eight: 20 weeks pregnant & 13 months

Sean is 13 months old today. The only explanation for this rosey cheeks in this photo is that we're both wearing red shirts and it's reflecting? His cheeks are NOT anywhere near close to being that rosey in real life.... Yep, we're both wearing hockey shirts! (Speaking of which, I've got Habs tickets with my mom tomorrow night, I'm very excited!)

This belly is definitely 20 weeks pregnant. Just look at it's size!! I'm huge! I think I'm half-baked. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm not convince I'm 3 weeks behind like the U/S technician said. The baby is moving way too much and I'm feeling it way to intensified for it to be 17 weeks instead of 20. So I'm sticking to what my doctor said, that I'm 20 weeks. And you know what? It's better to be ready for this baby 3 weeks earlier, than to still have a hospital bag unpacked and a room not ready and then have baby boy show up. I'm still not sure what to call him on my blog - but I'm sure it'll come to me. No progress on the name for him yet, as Jamie just got home this evening from a business trip. It was the furthest thing from my mind this past weekend to be honest. Here is a photo of me, 21 weeks pregnant with Sean. Total comparison!! I definitely feel that huge, and I think I look just about that! Anyhow... that's what I'm going with. I think he knows I'm "talking" about him, I just got whacked....

In class today, Sean made a new best friend. His name is Jack, and his mommy used to baby-sit me when I was a kid! Anyhow, we have them in classes together through out the next year (and more!) so I am sure they'll be best friends forever. Jack is almost 2 months older than Sean. They are signed up for the daycare program together in the fall, and I think they'll be taking a class in the spring together as well.

Sean's collage today. I helped him though. He still doesn't have the knack for what to do with this one. And it was his first time playing with "glue". (Natural product though, not real glue).

And he painted today again. He really loves it. And for some reason, needs no help. Today, instead of holding him up, he stood on a chair (with me behind him for support) so he could reach the easel. Looks like a little picasso in the making!

Though, paint did end up on his face. No preventing that. Looks like a bit of lipstick? Don't you think?

I couldn't resist a photoshoot in the bathroom of the school. Always with a camera in my hand.

I taught my sister how to knit today. Here is her progress photos on her blog. She came to me recently and asked me if I could show her how to make a scarf to start. I totally thought she had no interest in knitting.

So, the highlighted pink are the squares that I've already accomplished. It's coming along. From 83 square, I have 40 left. Stay tuned tomorrow for progress photos. I meant to photograph it today, but it's in the bedroom and Jamie's already fast asleep, so I don't want to go in there until I go to bed shortly. (Tomorrow!)

Stay tuned tomorrow also for: my "Make Your Day" award recipients and as well, hopefully a book review on the book I just finished. I have chosen the book I want to start tomorrow, it's called The Surrogate by Judith Henry Wall. I'm not sure if it's the type of book I should be reading while pregnant (a.k.a emotional) but we'll see how it goes.

Lastly, just wanted to remind you that Thursday is the last day to purchase your February Sock Club kit from my shop.


Tara said...

Quite the little artiste! I'm glad Sean made a friend.

Telmah said...

I love the lipstick photo! Definitely keep that one to embarrass him when he's a teen ;-)

Kimber said...

I love the picture of Sean with the paint on him! Looks like he has so much fun at those classes.

I don't think you look huge! I know you pop faster and "more" in subsequent pregnancies (I know I didn't pop unitl almost 25-30 weeks with Rhiannon but have definately started now at almost 18 weeks - I've been in my maternity pants since December!).

Good luck on the name process, I am sure you will come up with the perfect name for your son.

Anonymous said...

Sean's bubbly face always makes me smile :-)

Caroline said...

Your sister looks a little bit like Angelina Jolie I think!

Robin said...

I am sure you are right about how far along you are - and you do look really similar in those two pictures. Your hair is really cute short (like in the other picture!)

Cute pics of the two boys "playing nice"!

Jennifer said...

I forgot you chopped your hair of when you were carrying Sean. Any thoughts again? :)

Woo hoo Amy! I'll pop over to her blog to check out the progress.

Is Jack LZ's son?

Andrea said...

I finally bought one of your sock kits (February) for my birthday and I'm sooo excited to get it!!

Charity said...

Wow, a 13 month old, and a new guy on the way? You must be tired! I know I'm definitely missing my usual energy level, and I'm only a little bit farther along than you. Funny about the change in belly size - I remember with my first, I wore my jeans until I was almost 6 moths along! This time, I was in mat. clothes around 3 months! Crazy. :0)

I'll get that pattern copied, and hopefully in the mail this week, okay?

Andrea said...

Love that lipstick photo...and just so you know, my email address is andraya3[at]yahoo[dot]com You were just missing the 3 in there! Once you add that in, it should work fine. :) I'll be looking forward to your email! ;)

Mojavi said...

oh I love doing art projects with Kya too.. fav so far is finger painting, btw I LOVE your glasses!!!!!!!!

g-girl said...

awww, how sweet that he made a friend! i love seeing all the art projects he gets to do. every little one should get to attend classes like sean does! awesome that you taught your sister to knit! :) i tried to pass along the addiction but mine is too busy studying her brains off! :P