Tuesday, January 08, 2008

january eight

This morning we got up bright & early and went to Sean's swim class. It was our first time there, so I left a bit early to make sure that I got there to re-learn the facilities. I hadn't been there in years (used to go twice a week during summer day camp for years - but that was over 12 years ago or more even). They remodelled a bit - and now have a 2nd pool - which is for mom & tot programs - is has a deep end yes, but it's roped off, and it's got a shallow end to a very shallow end. Also - it's not even half the size of the huge pool they have there. The class was a lot of fun, we were about 8 or 9 babies and mommy pairs. The teacher is a lot of fun, and Sean had a good time back in the water. He likes the concept of blowing bubbles in the water - seeing all the mommies doing it - but is not sure how to do them himself. I give it a few weeks - he'll be blowing bubbles. There are some young babies in the class - only because there wasn't enough registrations in Starfish - so they put them in Duck with the 13-18 month babies.

This afternoon we headed over to Jenn's house (& Jakob!) for our monthly Mommies-Who-Talk-About-Knitting Afternoon. Blogless Kate with newborn Liam and Tara with 7 month old Maxime joined us. I actually finished my thrummed mittens! I cast off the last stitch while there (though, didn't do much other knitting - as Sean was very active while there).

I actually turned my thrummed mittens inside out - so that I could weave in the ends on the thumb as well as the top of the mitten - and also trim some of the thrums, some of them are way too long and it's bunching up way too much inside - I want the thrums to eventually thrum smoothly inside. After I give it a haircut, I'll post a final right side out pictures.

Right now they just look like scary monsters..... Sean finds them amusing! A new source of entertainment! LOL... maybe I should keep them like that for a while!

Today while out - I ran a few errands, and stumbled upon these beauties. I got them, with a gift certificate I got for Xmas. I will be making their debut at Sean's 1st birthday party. Very excited to wear them! I don't usually "do" heels - but they're my sexy mama shoes now! (17 weeks pregnant and I'm wearing high heels - yes, I'm crazy!)

I told you I had stitch holders... yep - found them. Not really sure how they got lost in the first place - but no more having to use safety pins... I've got these babies back! In numerous sizes too - great for any project. Now - if I could only find a ruler.... (not a measuring tape - I've got plenty of those to measure my knitting projects... I'm talking about an actual ruler - to draw straight lines...!) I only have my office lef to unpack since the move - I'm sure it's got to be somewhere, right?

I've been feeling the baby move! Very excited about this. And it's not just those little flutters anymore - which I've been feeling for a while - and since this is not my 1st pregnancy, I know this time what it is... but I've really been feeling the baby move - and it's really awesome (until it becomes kicking of course!)

Tonight I went to the monthly Montreal Knitting Guild Meeting. It was a lot of fun, even if I wasn't feeling too good. (Runny nose) (I blame my son for that one!) It was good to get away from my boys for a few hours tonight though. I do have to say!

The February Sock Club kit is now up for sale in the shop. Very excited about February's kit - up on sale until the end of January - be sure to get your kit!


K. said...

I think you should always wear those mitts inside out!!! LOL! You must post pics of you in those amazing shoes...you absolutely MUST!!!!!!

Tara said...

Wow, those shoes are FIERCE!

Bertha said...

Wow, the thrums look so funky!! I'm probably going to have to buy more roving, judging from your one mitten I'm going to be needing more thrums!

Big Girl Feet said...

wow! love those shoes!!!
and cool mittens- can't wait to see the outside shot!

Anonymous said...

I *LOVE* those shoes!!

g-girl said...

the shoes are cute. are they comfortable?? can't wait to see your mittens from the outside!

jennifer solow said...

Oh...and by the way...I have THE SAME shoes!