Wednesday, January 16, 2008

january sixteen

This morning we started off our day with an hour class. The first half hour was play time in the gym, and then half an hour of music with the Tweedle Dees. Sean absolutely ADORED the music and of course the play in the gym time too. He's really enjoying these classes! I'm very happy about that. I borrowed a book from my friend Debra who is in this class this morning with us. The book is called Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems by Richard Ferber. I will get more into the sleeping thing later on in this post. I'm at my wits end!

A funny thing happened this morning. During music - I'm sitting next to a girl & her son. She asked me how old Sean was - and I told her. She mentioned that he looked tall for his age, and I mentioned that his doctor who went on maternity leave last mentioned he was in the 75 percentile for his height - but that was a few months back - and that I have no idea now - because .... and I explained to her the whole doctor fiasco. Then she kindly mentioned to me that her husband owns the clinic where I took Sean last week and is the head pediatrician there - and that they do not like the doctor I took him to. They have no control over him and his practice, and she told me to call another doctor that just opened up a practice there, and if I needed to - to name drop her name. Oh my - what a coincidence that she was in my class, and I sat down next to her this morning during music. I we never sat down next to them, I would have never known. Her husband is not taking on new patients at this time - but if I get no where, I may see what I can do - what strings I can pull by the time this class is over in March! Anyhow, I am able to sign in online to book appointments and the name she gave me, apparently there is no appointments available for the next 60 days. I'm debating what to do. I already have an appointment on Monday with the doctor in his old doc's office who is willing to take on his file. I may just go and meet her and see if I like her first before trying the new place again (but with a different doctor). I don't see them again until class next Wednesday, so I may just see what happens on Monday.

Next up - we had my Aqua-Strollers class, and Sean was super flirty with everyone - as usual! I got a great workout - even if the water was a little cooler than yesterday's pool temperature.

Then we went to see a 1 pm movie, P.S. I Love You. Next week it's 27 Dresses, and I'm dying to see that one. I'm also hoping they play the movie Juno - I really want to see that one, as well. However, I will never go see a Mom & Baby movie again without help. Sean was a HANDFUL today, and napped until the movie started (from in the car from swimming - so about 45 minutes) and wanted to explore the movie theater today. Next week, I believe I will be going with both my mother & sister, so it'll 100% easier. We'll all take turns watching him climb the stairs in the theater! (If he doesn't nap during the movie that is!) P.S. I Love You was really cute but very long. I really enjoyed it - though, I thought the 2 hours definitely went by VERY slowly. I was told I was going to cry during the entire movie, but I didn't really shed a tear - which is funny considering my hormones are all out of whack due to being pregnant!

Then we ran errands. I had a return to do - and at the same store I found a bunch of maternity shirts & even a pair of pants for over 50% off. I am very happy with my new loot - and I will try it all on tomorrow to make sure it all fits. I wasn't able to try it on in the store - 1) due to time and 2) because I had Sean with me.

This evening we had my father's company's belated Xmas dinner and I won a pair of ear phones. Every year my dad collects prizes so that he can raffle them off raising money for the Montreal Children's Hospital. Whatever we collect - he matches it and donates it. This year including his matching we raised 2500$. So very proud!

Today we got new fish in our fish tank. There has been one lonely fish in there for a VERY long time, and Sean has finally gotten interested in what's in there - and so Jamie called his fish guy and got some new fish. Including the old guy, there is now 9 fish in the tank. We have a very large aquarium, and now there are some beautiful fish in there! Sean saw it and was in awe.... no more trying to find the 1 fish that hides!

So... last night was brutal again. Sean didn't sleep through the night. He slept until about 4:17 am. I am sure it's because he's teething. Tooth number 7 (on top) has cut through already, and it seems that tooth number 8 is just about to cut as well (on top on other side of the front two). He screamed for about 20 minutes, and Jamie just couldn't take it - so I was asked to kindly go get him and bring him into our bed.

Did I miss the parenting class on How to Put Your Child to Sleep in Their Own Crib? I really have no idea what the frigg I'm doing wrong. He just doesn't want anything to have to do with his own crib, and doesn't want to be there. He falls back asleep NO PROBLEM in my arms in our bed. Once he realizes he's in his crib, the screaming comes, along with crying. I don't get it. He never used to do this in our old house. Is there something that says there is too little or too much light (night light) in my child's room? How am I supposed to know if there is too much or too little? Am I supposed to keep a night light? Should I maybe turn it off, and this way in the middle of the night, he wouldn't know that he's in his own crib and think that he's in with us if he can't see? I do not know anymore what to do - or how to solve this. That is why I have borrowed my friends' book: Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems by Richard Ferber. I just can't take it anymore. Jamie's not getting good night sleep and has to go to work. We even tried closing our bedroom door (his was closed as well) and we could still hear him loud and clear.... even hiding under the covers...! He's loud when he screams! I feel like I'm failing as a mother because I can't figure out how to get my son to sleep in his own crib. We get false hopes when there are nights when he does sleep through the night, and he does go to sleep without falling asleep in my arms. I always thought you're supposed to let your child fall asleep in your arms, etc, and then transfer them to their crib when they are asleep. That is what I used to do when he was a newborn, etc, and I don't know any different. He still falls asleep with that last bottle of the night... but in my arms. Cuddled. Tonight, I read to him his 2 books (Goodnight Moon & The Going to bed Book) while he was drinking his bottle, he turned over after he was done drinking (just as I was finished reading the 2nd book) and I cuddled him for about 2 minutes, and then transferred him to his crib. He lifted his head, realized he wasn't in my bed in my arms, and sat up to cry. I said goodnight, I love you, kissed him on the forehead, told him there is nothing to be afraid of, that it's bedtime, and put on his lullaby classic cd and closed the door. He cried for about 8 minutes and then passed out. He's now been asleep for about an hour and 45 minutes. I gave him some Orajel before bed tonight, on his tooth that is about to cut the gums, and I hope that helps. I don't know how long that stuff lasts for - but if he wakes up in the middle of the night, I'm going to give him some more and maybe some tylenol to ease the pain in his gums. But, hopefully, knock on wood, he won't wake up tonight. I feel like I deserve one night's sleep, a full night please!

I forgot to mention that yesterday, I bought last year's "color" Double Stroller by Safety First. It's a Two Way Tandem Stroller. It has a reversible front seat so children can ride face to face or forward facing. The Two Way Tandem features stadium style seating to allow both children a clear view of what's ahead. I think my Graco Carrier will fit into the stroller with an adaptor, but if not, I'm going to look around to see if I can either borrow or get second hand a Safety First bucket carrier.

I also forgot to mention that I asked my OB how much I weighed at approx the same point in my pregnancy with Sean, and I do indeed weigh less now, by a few pounds at 18 weeks in my current pregnancy. I am hoping to 100% keep it that way, for the remainder 20-22 weeks (or more if baby number 2 is late - crossing fingers not!)

I leave you tonight with an image of the sun setting at a park near my house. I love sun setting through tree pictures! Speaking of pictures, my images were chosen for the website - for their newsletter of Montreal attractions, etc. They decided to use the two images they stumbled upon of sight seeing I did in my own town with out of town guests! The two images selected are this one and this one.


halloweenlover said...

Glad to hear the good news on the doctor!

And I really like the stroller!

Firefly said...

Sorry to hear about the sleep problems but hopefully it is mostly due to teething and he gets over it quickly, do they still have ibuprofen/tylenol for babies(I can't keep up with all of the rule changes, not until I have one of my own anyway). I would make an appointment with the alternate doctor at the clinic and then cancel it later if you change your mind, maybe if you call and say you are somewhat flexible they can put you on a cancellation list and you can get in sooner, that way you have an appointment if you need it and you aren't trying to get one in a month and have to wait another 60 days. I am all about double booking and then cancelling.

Shelley said...

I recall a friend of mine who went through similar problems with her child (probably around Sean's age or a little older maybe) when they moved. Even when her daughter was about 3 and they moved she had problems. It might be because it's still a new place to Sean even though you've been there for a little bit now. He still might not be used to the newness of his room. Unfortunately I don't have any solutions for you. Just wanted to reassure you you aren't a failure as a mother. I think a lot of kids go through things like that.

I saw P.S. I love you here in Korea. It was in English with Korean subtitles. I enjoyed it but found it a little long too. I was also told to bring lots of kleenex because I'd be crying through out the movie...didn't cry once.

The pictures they chose (the ones you took at the biodome) are gorgeous! You are awesome at taking pictures!

Tara said...

First off: you aren't a failure. Everyone has issues of one kind or another, and as long as you don't give in to the homicidal impulse and smother your child in the night, you're doing just fine.

The only advice I can give you is NOT TO CAVE. I realize it may be easier to get him and bring him to your bed to sleep, but you're only making it harder in the long run. I'd say go in (no bottle, he doesn't need a bottle during the night at his age), quick pat and shush, kiss, and leave. It may take a while, and you'll have a rough week, but eventually, he'll get it. Hang in there! :)

Drea said...

So you go to those movies w/ sean? its like a program for you and babies? tell me how that works! I wish I could go more often to movies but Burgers a big time runner and doesnt enjoy sitting for long.. Caleb on the other hand can sit easily for 3 hours haha

AliP said...

Listen to Tara...Tara is wise in the ways of baby sleep.
I was a total cave in with Ben and PAID for it big time. Listen to Tara.

Robin said...

That is really funny on the doctor, but it could end up working out well! What a small world, right? Sorry to hear that you've been having a difficult time lately with getting Sean to sleep in his own bed. I'm sure you will figure out what to do.

g-girl said...

wow, talk about a small world! hope you're all able to get some sleep again. glad you found a stroller and some maternity clothes!