Tuesday, January 29, 2008

january twenty-nine

Today in class we learned that a girl that just joined our swimming class, her birthday is the same day as Sean. Also - she was born at the same hospital as Sean! Sean was born at 4:44 am and this little girl was born at 10:44 pm. Her mother is actually 7 months pregnant right now with another girl. We joked that she conceives girls and me boys. Sean and the little girl were so cute together this morning in the changing room after class, she kept bringing Sean items from her diaper bag. I'm thinking of asking them next week if they want to do a play date. We'll see.

This morning bright & early we had Sean's swim class. So we decided to test out Sean's new elephant towel. He likes it. I love that these towels have the hood in the middle, and that the towel can wrap around him. I've posted the dog, Pooh, and now the elephant. All that's left is the duck, the frog and the Shrek towel and I think we've covered Sean's towel collection. He looks super cute in all of them, so I can't wait to post pictures as he uses them next! Tomorrow we have swimming again, so I think I'll use the frog or the duck... we'll see what I grab in the morning before we head out the door! The trunk on the elephant is a little top heavy.

This morning upon getting home I put Sean in his high chair with some snacks and I finally cleaned up as best as I could under the sink. There was a nasty mess under there from the leak/clog this past Saturday. I did what I could, so I could put the items that belong under the sink back under there, and I will have the cleaning lady this Thursday do a major clean-up. I just did a quick tidy, as there is only so much I can bend down and lean over being pregnant. This afternoon I took care of a few office related items, and Sean only half let me do so. It was really difficult. We took a long (needed) nap this afternoon for a few hours, and my mom picked up Sean & I and we dropped Sean off at my parents house, my dad watched Sean and I went to the hockey game with my mom. Jamie (who had work stuff he had to take care of tonight) had gotten tickets from a supplier, and we gave our season tickets tonight to someone in my dad's office, as the supplier tickets were better than our season tickets and included ALL YOU CAN EAT FOOD.

We sat 2nd row in the 2nd section RIGHT BEHIND the bench. There's my boyfriend number 11, team captain Saku Koivu. Oh yeah! I felt like I could almost reach him! The game was fantastic -we won 4-0 against Washington. What a good game! And unfortunately the all you can eat left me with no free hands to knit tonight during the game. Oops. Next time. However, I think I. eat. too. much.

Not too much going on here, tomorrow is another full busy day. Lots of things planned. Lots of people to see. Classes to attend. Never a dull moment around here.

I have not forgotten about my "Make Your Day" Award, and I have not forgotten about my book review. I will get to it. I just need to find time to sit down and think about who I want to award and what I want to write in my review. Any day now, I'll do it. I promise.

Oh, that Sleepywrap contest I posted about, a winner was drawn, and originally it wasn't me. The girl who did win, it turns out that she is getting a wrap just like it (same company) for a review as well, so they re-drew and I won! I chose a light blue one (since I will soon have 2 boys!) I can't wait to try it out.

Oh - Sean now has 8 teeth.... I'm hoping the teething is over and done with for a while.... that would be nice.


Tara said...

Elephant trunk: a LITTLE top heavy?:) I miss the pool (haven't been in 2 weeks because of the kids being sick).

Drea said...

Sean has more teeth than BURGER!!! Taite only has... 6. 4 on top, 2 on bottom. I think hes getting 2 more on top tho.. the fangs :-)

And congrats!
Love the towel 2.

Maaike said...

If ever you need to get rid of tickets for a game, you can always let me know. We're always up for a good game too! Go habs go!

Caroline said...

You got a great game yesterday! Lucky you! And your boyfriend is sitting very close to mine (#14) ;)

Anonymous said...

He is soooooooooooo cute!

Jenny said...

Those looked like great seats! I love going to games. I will definitely have to get to another one. They are such fun.

I love that elephant towel. Too Cute!

Rach said...

way too incredibly super cute!

g-girl said...

wow, you won the wrap? cool! You just keep getting lucky!

Mojavi said...

cute towel.. where do you take swimming lessons? I have been wanting to take Kya to some before the summer. teach her how to float if possible

AliP said...

That Sean is such a beautiful boy. He really is.
You know, I am really in awe of what a great mom you are. How much you enjoy being a mom and how much you get accomplished. I was lucky if I had a shower and was not all that enamoured of early motherhood. It didn't help that I was a post partum whack job...I would do babies again if I didn't get crazy from it...sigh. It spoiled everything.
My friedn Karen says now that she watched me then and her heart just ached because of how hard I was trying and just was so miserable and thought I was a horrible mother so I would try even HARDER to be Super Mommy. It seems so much easier for you and you can actually enjoy it and feel the pleasure of it.
I am so happy for you.

K. said...

Love the pic of Sean! Good Habs pic too!!!! Sadly my new boyfriend #8 was probably on the ice kicking ass :D