Wednesday, January 23, 2008

january twenty-three

This morning Sean got up at 8:45 am so I could change him and get him into the car for our music class. I had woke up shortly after 8 am, and started getting my stuff organized to leave the house for the day (pretty much). I was SHOCKED that Sean was still sleeping when I got up, I was expecting the usual, 6 am ish wake-up. Nope. Sean slept ALMOST 12 hours last night! Yes, you read correctly. Maybe the teething/growth spurt is over. 12 hours!!! Yeah!

Sean has friends in his classes. He likes other babies. On Monday there are other walking babies, but in Wednesday morning's class, he's the only one walking (He's the oldest as well) and he is just known now as "the walker" LOL. This kid in the picture above (not that you can see his face or anything), is a family that works in my father's business. I've known them for 10+ years, before they even got married! It's pretty neat to know some people before going into the class.

We were joined by the doctor who owns the clinic that I had the bad experience at - his wife was ill - so he brought their 8 month old son - and I didn't really talk to him - I didn't really want to say anything since we got a new doctor on Monday. Speaking of doctors....

I'm calling the new doctor tomorrow morning. Sean got 2 shots on Monday and on one of his legs, the muscle it went into - is all hard... and red, and looks like he got bitten by something.... I'm not sure if that is normal or not? He has no fever, but the leg looks weird. And the area is hard. I want to ask if that's normal. If it's not, I may have to go to the doctor. We'll see what they say in the morning.

After music we went to our swimming class, and for the first time ever in the water, I noticed Sean making a "face".... yeah.... my suspicions were right. He had gone to the bathroom, number 2 in the pool. Thank goodness his Kushies Swimmers contained it, because had it gone into the water, leaked, the pool would have had to of been evacuated for 1 hour while they drained and re-filled the water. I would have been horrified. Anyhow the mess in his diaper was very cleanable, and we rinsed it out and went back into the pool and finished off the class.... oy! Next week I'm bringing an extra bathing suit, and here's to hoping it never happens again! There's a first for everything right?

After swimming we pick up my mom and headed to the theater to meet my sister to see the movie 27 dresses. This was the LAST time I'm taking Sean to the movies. He just can't hold interest anymore, or sit still. He's just too mobile. It's not good. I thought the movie was really cute though. I am glad we went. And it was good that I had help at the theater! Otherwise, it would have been a disaster like last week. Next week the movies are Juno & Mad Money, but I have gotten a Screener copy of Juno, so I think Jenn & Jakob will be coming over next week to watch it - where he can play with his toys, and we can watch the movie in peace! Much easier. I am dying to see that movie!

I ran an errand after the movie to Zellers, and picked up 3 more hooded towels for Sean. The "baby" hooded towels do not fit around him anymore. You know, the ones that are a square and there is a pocket in one of the corners. Like this one. Anyhow, I still wanted hooded towels, but I wanted one that have the hood in the middle and then wrap around him. Like this one in this post. Between his baths and two swimming classes per week, he needed more towels. And the bath towels I use are HUGE, they are rediculous on him.... way too large. So now we have 7 cute towels for him, 2 Winnie the Pooh ear ones, 1 Shrek, 1 dog, 1 elephant, 1 duck and 1 frog. The Elephant, Duck & Frog were purchased today. 1 Pooh was bought a while ago, but the 2nd Pooh and the Shrek were purchased at Walmart just two days ago, and the dog one was purchased when I venture out to that "swanky" Quebec store.... a few weeks back.

We came home, had dinner with Jamie and then sat on the couch and watched "whatever" on TV, because there wasn't much on Tv today. Sean fell asleep shortly after 9 pm and we're hoping for a FULL night's sleep again. 12 hours would be fabulous!

I'm almost done the book I'm reading, and I'm looking forward to starting something new, even though I am enjoying the book I'm currently reading! More about the book once I finish it. I'll review it. I also did get some knitting done today at the movies, and while Sean was in his bath tonight, while he was playing I knit some rows and finished a square on his blankie. It's really coming along great, I'm sure it'll be finished in no time. Progress photos are coming tomorrow.

Oh, Sean is officially out of 12 month size clothing. The pants are too short, and the shirts also on the tight/short side. He's in 12-18 month size for some things and the rest, 18 month size. Gosh, he's a big boy! (75 percentile for his height! Go figure!) And all his clothes are being saved for baby number 2. It's a good thing I didn't give away all his outgrown baby boy stuff. We need it again! I would have been upset had I given things away! What would I have done for baby number 2? I did feel rude not giving his outgrown stuff away, but then what would I have done? Anyhow, tomorrow I'll be cleaning out his closet and pulling out all his 18 month sstuff, which is currently in the closet of his big boy room.

I am still trying to get use to the idea that we are having another boy. Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited that we're having another boy - I love little boys, as I just am in love with Sean. I just guess I had my heart set on some pink. I guess next time - eh? And, I'll just have to have an entire hockey team if it comes to that - until I get my one girl that I want! Just one. Is that too much to ask for?

Alright, I'm going to go crash again. I went to bed last night really early because I wasn't feeling well. My back has been ACHING/KILLING lately, (pregnancy related, I'm sure).


morkirlan said...


De-lurking here!
Just to reassure you that each of my three boys had a red, hard, swollen area after a vaccination nearly every time. The health visitor said it was common and nothing to worry about. They went away within 2 days to a week after the vaccination. That said, obviously if you are worried you should check with your doctor just to put your mind at rest.


~Jo~ said...

Sean's leg is totally normal, it happens at the spot of the vaccine each time for my kids. You can put ice if it bothers Sean though.

About towels, you might want to get a towel poncho for swimming classes. They are really cute on kids at the kiddie pool in the summer too. ;-)

Shelley said...

Yay at Sean sleeping through the night!!!

I had to get my 2nd series of Hep. a & b shots last week (didn't get them to come to Korea because my doctor said I didn't need them..but now that we are going to Egypt it's a good idea to have them), and the area the needle was poked in (this time there was only 1 shot) was red and a little swollen and a welt. I asked one of the girls here about that too because I was a little worried it might be a reaction (especially since before I had the needle the doctor asked me if I had any reactions to the first set last month). She said that it is perfectly normal, so I would think that Sean's red, hard bump from his needle is normal too. It wouldn't hurt to have it checked thought, just in case...

Tara said...

I seem to recall redness at the site of the injection when Emilie had her 12 month vaccinations. And I can't believe you're still taking Sean to the movies! I stopped taking Maxime at 6 months! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you that Sean slept the whole night. You have to show some shots of Sean and his towels.

Don't feel guilty about the clothes, don't people usually wait until they are done with babies or such.

g-girl said...

12 hours sleep?? it's nice when you can sleep like that! i think the thing with the latest vaccination is a typical thing. this was years ago but i remember that happening to my little brother when he got that same vaccination. wow, thank goodness sean's poop didn't leak through his swimmer!!

Jennifer said...

Hmm...I don't recall Jakob having a spot like that after any of his vaccinations so far. It might be nothing like for the other commenters, but I'd still call the doctor to be sure. Better safe than sorry!

Yay for sleep! I'm so happy you both got to have a good rest for a change!