Thursday, January 03, 2008

january three

This afternoon I ran out to do a few errands (needed milk, etc) and I ended up finding Sean a Thomas The Train Flip Open Sofa Bed. If he gets one for his birthday (which I highly doubt) I will deal with it then - but he absolutely LOVES his new sofa chair. And I think he looks absolutely adorable in it drinking his bottle.

As I mentioned the other day- Sean's new thing is pulling off his pants. Here is the little guy in action. I've given up putting them back on him when he just takes them off again!

I saw on someone's blog about this singer - Ingrid Michaelson and her voice is just awesome. She's the one who does the song in the Old Navy commercial as well as the one Chevy Equinox commercial called "The Way I Am". I just love that song - as well as the rest of her album. It's my new fave CD! It's called Boys & Girls.

Tomorrow I'm going for lunch with Angela and picking up the sock pattern for the January Sock Club kit (which is no longer for sale), as the February sock club is now listed! Be sure to check it out. The pattern & yarn is being designed/dyed by none other than Tammy of Faery Fibers on Etsy.

Sean's new fave thing is Goldfish. You know - those cheesy snack cracker thingies you ate as a kid and got sick of? He got sick of the cheerio thing... so we're onto Goldfish now.

I'm far behind on laundry.... blah.


Laura said...

Hey Robyn-
Hit Price chopper and get some Cheddar Bunnies-yummmy! Isaac loves them more than goldfish! They're by a company called Annie's-not sure if you can get them where you are, but I get mine at Price Chopper!

Mathgirl said...

I second the goldfish love! There used to be a time when we always had those like 4L boxes of them in the house. Mmm... goldfish. And I was going to mention, I know Lovesticks restocked the Hula Punch in her etsy shop the other day, not sure if it's still there but she did dye up more

g-girl said...

awww. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so glad he got his own flip open couch! He looks so cute laying in it having his bottle. oh my sister's friend got her hooked on that ingrid girl! one night i was getting into my sister's car and I heard the song on the old navy commercial (which I love!) and was like, "Look, it's my favorite!" and that's when I learned she had an entire cd. :)

kathy said...

I LOVE Ingrid Michaelson! I've been thinking about getting her CD - it's good to hear you like it so much. On the wish list it goes!

Robin said...

Ingrid's my favorite - I discovered her awhile back on Grey's Anatomy as her music seems to be featured on there pretty regularly. Her other CD is good too.

Tara said...

Boy, your sock clubs are just too tempting to someone on a yarn fast!