Friday, January 04, 2008

january four: 53 weeks

Sean is 53 weeks old today. His 1st birthday was a week ago today. (Though, he was born on a Thursday, this year his birthday fell on a Friday). My little baby is no baby anymore. He's a little man.

This evening Jamie & I watched the movie I am Legend. It was alright. Glad it was no more than 1h 40m though - I don't think I would have lasted any longer than that watching it. Good thing I worked on my thrummed mittens - I don't think I would have been able to get through watching it otherwise. Like I said - it was alright. I like Will Smith though. His daughter Willow (real life daughter) was in it as well.

Progress on finishing my thrummed mitten is coming close. I have about 3 more inches or so to go on the mitten and then to do the thumb. Looks like it may be possible (maybe) to finish tomorrow or by Sunday latest. Depends on how much shopping I have to do tomorrow before our guests come for dinner.

Today I headed into the city and ran a few errands. I hate lunch with Angela and then I went to pick up the January Sock Club pattern from the designer's house. Looking good! I can't wait for the kits to go out about mid-January.

Today I'm just beat. No energy. Got a bit of laundry done though. Sean's not really feeling well - cold, cough, and he's just irritable. Just one of those days. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. It's early now, but I think I am going to crash early. Today got off on the wrong foot... Sean must have been playing with my alarm clock (as I found it last night on the other end of the room) and when I woke up today - it was actually an hour later than it actually was. Somehow it turned back an hour. I don't recall letting him play with my alarm clock - but the cats can't exactly move it to the other end of the room - so it must have been him. My night table is exactly the right height for him to grab things off of.... actually he's a lot taller than it right now.


Shelley said...

Willow is actually Will Smith's real life daughter. His son (forget his name) was in that movie where Will played a single father...his son was his son in th emovie as well. Forget the name of the movie though (didn't see it, just read about it).

Hope Sean is feeling better. He's getting to be such a big boy, and I just absolutely love his curls!

Mathgirl said...

The movie Shelley's talking about is Escape From Happiness which I wouldn't recommend watching btw. I have to say that that picture of Sean is so adorable today. I do like those curls :) And I found out that I'll be in Montreal the first week of June. I know you'll be almost due then but hopefully I'll still get to meet you and Sean.

summer said...

Just to let you the movie the girls are talking about is "Pursuit of Happyness" It was alright movie. I enjoyed it!

Anyways the picture of you and Sean are just cute!

Hope Sean gets over his cold!!

Tara said...

It would seem that our tastes in movies differ, my dear. I LOVED I am Legend. It was so powerful, and his performance was absolutely top notch. It stayed with me for a few days! Oh well, guess we won't be having a vid fest any time soon LOL!