Saturday, January 19, 2008

january nineteen

After sleeping in today, for lunch we headed out to a hot dog joint - I was craving steamies with ketchup and onions. (Not really a pregnancy craving - I like hot dogs with onions & ketchup when not pregnant too!) Sean was so cute sitting on the booth in the restaurant I had to take his picture! I had to sleep in this morning (Jamie got up with Sean) because he got up again in the middle of the night last night, and I let him cry. For two hours he cried. It broke my heart, but I tuned it out as best as I could. I didn't have any other choice. I am hoping things will just get easier from here. 2 hours is the longest he's cried in his crib. He has to realize that he will not get to play in the middle of the night when he wakes up, it's night time - sleep time.

As promised, here is some photo updates. The turquoise square is square number 35. It's leftovers from Andrea. That I remember. Not sure what the yarn is. Square number 36 is the top top top square, the blue, green white & black square. I've cast on square number 37 and since finished it - photos on that tomorrow. (With square number 38, which got started upon getting home this evening - more later on that).

I also need to block - but here is the back of Sean's Cabled Pullover. I haven't yet cast on the front - but I will get to it soon, because the sweater is 18 month size, so I better get cracking! (Before Sean outgrows is - but then again - there is always baby number 2 - who can fit into it eventually!) And baby number 2 will be 18 months in the winter, so a sweater will be great then - and orange is unisex!)

We dropped Sean off at my parents house and headed out to the Habs game tonight. Totally expecting Sidney Crosby to be playing tonight, but he was injured last night, and wasn't there tonight. We unfortunately lost tonight, 1-0 against the Pittsburgh Penguins, but it was still a good game, and I did get some knitting done:

My knitting made an appearance during the game, and I got to work on the 37th square on Sean's blankie. I finished this square while watching Good Luck Chuck with Jamie tonight after the game. I also cast on square number 38 while watching the movie. The movie was really funny and we both really enjoyed it. Very cute. I like Dane Cook and Jessica Alba was really cute in the movie as well.

Speaking of Sean's blankie, I am still looking for leftover sock yarn for this project as well as the (possible girl) blankie that I will make baby number 2. I don't repeat any sock yarn in the blankie - and if you have any leftovers from projects that you do not know what to do with - please let me know! If you want to send them my way - that would be great - please either leave me a comment or email me here.

I cannot wait for a full night's sleep - Sean's at my parents house for the night. I am curious as to how Sean sleeps there for the night.


Andrea said...

I'm pretty sure the turqoise is Shelridge Farms soft touch, left over from pomotomus socks.

I have a bunch of sock leftovers. I was going to ask if you're still using them. I will send some your way. I think a lot of them are purple and/or pink though.

Tara said...

I've got some leftovers I could give (not much, though). How much do you usually need to make one square?

g-girl said...

sean's cabled pullover is going to be gorgeous! ugh..i just realized I totally forgot to send the leftover sock yarn I had been keeping for you! :P Do you want some of the monsoon I'm using for my techguy socks too? lmk. they're not quite done yet but i remember you weren't so fond of that colorway! ugh..i keep hoping sean will just sleep through the night already. :(