Saturday, January 26, 2008

january twenty-six

This morning we headed out early and went to Costco. There was a bunch of items I needed and ended up getting other things as well - isn't that always the case? They had these awesome HUGE beach towels and I ended up getting them as shower towels. The two that I've been using are about 15 years old or so, and starting to frey. Time for new ones. I also picked up 3 new 6 month onesies for baby boy number 2. I need to come up with a nickname to call baby boy on my blog!

I took Sherrie to a great smoke meat restaurant near my house for lunch - it was so delicious. Hit the spot. It's Sherrie's new fave place to go to when visiting Montreal now!

After lunch we headed home, and I took care of a few things around the house - I needed to cut up in portions the fish I got this morning and put it in the freezer. I always put it like that - so it's easier to defrost enough for us for 1 meal at a time.

This afternoon, we had an incident with leaking water which ended up as a clog as well in the kitchen and we had to call a plumber. Turns out there may have been back up in the sink way down the drain from the previous owners of the house, which was just build up. We've been here almost 2 and a half months and I guess it finally caught up. Never fails. Whenever Jamie goes out of town.... a plumber is needed. Not the first time! I can't remember what it was last time - but I am sure we had to call a plumber.

We watched The Nanny Diaries this afternoon - it was just alright. I'd found the book to be better than the movie - 150% better! But nonetheless it was a cute chick flick. Very stereotypical.

We ended up ordering Sushi for pick-up because Sean didn't nap this afternoon at all - and had been up since shortly after 8 am. (Another night slept completely through! I'm loving this!) Seems like the first few nights of ignoring his cries in the middle of the night paid off. That - and removing the night light... that I also think had effect. Sean fell asleep in the car on the way to picking up the sushi (apparently no sushi place in our area delivers?) and I transferred him right to his crib for the evening. He went to sleep tonight just before 7 pm and we're hoping he sleeps through the night. So far he just woke up for about 10 minutes around 10 pm, wanting a diaper change and I changed him out of his sweat pants and shirt into pj's.

The sushi was absolutely fabulous. I had forgotten how expensive Sushi was. For the two of us it was over 65$. Because I had a hook up at the place we ordered it from they removed the price of the Miso Soup (Mmm!) and Green Salad as well as 1 roll off the bill. It came to about 20$ less. That was nice of them, however upon getting home, there was one roll missing, but I wasn't going to call and complain, seeing as though they did remove some items off our receipt. It's great having connections. I am sooo happy there is still some sushi I can eat while pregnant! We dug in! And after seeing the price - no wonder I don't eat sushi often.

After sushi - while Sean slept (yeah!) we watched (and made fun of) the Miss America 2008 pageant. I can't believe that network tv doesn't pick it up anymore. It was only on TLC.

I just spoke to Jamie on the phone, and I'm about to go to bed to read. I'm beat. Sherrie is leaving early tomorrow morning to head back to Boston, as she has someone she needs to go visit. I am happy she came down for the weekend - it was really nice to just have a chill relaxed girls weekend. Off to go read my book and fall asleep! I'm saving the HUGE mess in the kitchen from the plumber for tomorrow. I hate that they make HUGE messes and NEVER clean up after themselves! Grr!

Just a reminder that there is ONLY a few more days left to purchase a February Sock Club kit. They are going to be awesome, with a few extra little surprises. Tammy of Faerie Fibers on Etsy is dying up the yarn & designing the pattern. Get it while you still can. For the next two kits - they are themed for some up coming holidays - it's going to be great! I can't wait for them to arrive in stock - so order them now while you can!


Tsuki said...

I know you already had it, but I've nominated you for a "You make my day" award! Check out my blog for details!

Jenny said...

I forgot about the Miss America pageant. Those things are so pathetic, especially the 'talent' section. I always laugh at the chicks that twirl batons and stuff!

Jennifer said...

Mmm sushi!

Tokyo on Sources delivers, as does H2O Sushi in Dorval, a sushi place in or near the Marche, and a few other restos that serve other food but sushi too (like Kam Shing).

I watched the pageant too! I was rooting for Miss Washington- she was like a little Reese Witherspoon.

Tara said...

Way to go Sean for sleeping through the night! :) Your Mommy needs the rest, I think.

g-girl said...

wow, i had no idea the miss america pageant was no longer shown on the regular networks! I noticed they were doing a reality show about it but didn't put two and two together. you sure had a sushi frenzy this weekend! you know, it isn't too expensive out here--maybe because there are tons upon tons of japanese places and it's a matter of figuring out which ones are actually decent!