Monday, January 14, 2008

january fourteen: 18 weeks pregnant & my little picasso

Today, I'm 18 weeks pregnant. Tomorrow marks one week left until the big Ultra Sound. Can you read my excitement? Probably not, but I AM!!! Very!!! Bring on some girl power! But, as long as the baby is healthy, if it's another boy, I'm cool with that too! It just means Sean will have a baby brother to play hockey with, etc... (Actually who is to say that a girl can't play hockey with her older brother?) I love how round my belly is getting. I think it's super cute - makes me giggle. I missed being pregnant. I love it! I don't want it to end. Am I crazy or what??

This morning we got up early and went to our first class called "Walkie Talkies". It's for children 12 months +. There is one baby turning 12 months in a few weeks, and the rest are all older than Sean. The oldest is 18 months or so. Sean is finally getting to play with kids who are walking just like him and are his own height. First we played in the gym for half an hour and also sang some songs in a circle. Sean loves music - he's too funny the way he bobs his head and dances. (Oh, he absolutely LOVES the ball pit - I think it's his all time fave!)

Next we played in the sand. Sean was really good about sharing his sand toys. He had a blast. Some of the kids ate the sand - I am kind of happy Sean did not put any sand in his mouth.

Then we played in the water. Here he did try to put the soapy water in his mouth - he thought he could drink it - but I stopped him. He wasn't the only one who tried.

And then I gave him the chance to paint. Yeah, what a mess. But I knew what I was getting myself and him into... He was changed and ready for it - I wasn't.... I was sporting a new maternity shirt, and was hoping the paint that got on me, would wash out. (It did by the way).

I don't know if you can see - but it got all over his mouth and nose.... It was gross! Non-toxic, don't worry. All the toys, paints, markers, etc, are all non-toxic in the school.

My son getting me dirty! He grabbed my arm and his hands were FULL of paint. Yummy!

Sean's first painting. I am soooo impressed. I love it. It was hanging to dry when we left - I hope to get it to take home next week - if not, by the end of the class in March. It's just too cute. His first painting ever. Maybe I have a little Picasso on my hands??

The class ended with some bubble time - Sean was in shock of these bubble things he'd never seen before. Just look at the expression on his face above! Priceless!

Even I'm looking forward to class next week (and our music class at the same place on Wednesday!) The teacher is super fun! I like her. I gotta remember to bring Sean a sippy cup next week. Today he was given apple juice at snack time in his extra bottle I had on me because I didn't know I was supposed to bring a sippy cup for him!

I did know one person coming into this class - and that would be Leah - my old babysitter! I kid you not! She used to baby-sit me when I was younger. She used to live across the street from where my parents still live - and now is married with a son 2 months older than Sean. Leah is a few months older than Jamie - so she's 6 years older than me (Jamie is 5 and a half years older than me). Her son is totally cute - just adorable. I am so excited to know someone in our Monday class - even though all the mommies seem nice and friendly!

So I'm DOOMED in the pediatrician department. No one is taking new patients. His old doctor, is taking the full year maternity leave, maybe even extra time, (I called today to inquire when she was coming back). Oh - the kicker - I checked - but knew it - no one is replacing her. Other doctors in the clinic are covering results - so if you've had tests done before she left, you will be seen for the follow up - but not for routine check-ups. WTF! She told me to come to a walk-in. And I said "for my son's 12 months check-up?" (I want his 12 month check-up re-done and the rest of the shots given to him). Ugh! I've called the pediatrician I went to as a child, and he won't see my son because I didn't bring him when he was newborn (up to 2 weeks old he takes new patients), and he doesn't take older patients. (Like Sean is old..?? And I even went there for the first 16 years old my life!!) And so I have NO WHERE else to go... I don't want my child to be doctorless. I'm really screaming for something.... I refuse to go back to the Tiny Tots (clinic where the nightmare happened last week with his "new" doc) and wherever I call - they're telling me to take him to the Tiny Tots because they're not taking on new patients and they don't know who is... what to do. What to do? I'm going to ask my OB tomorrow if he know anyone pediatrician's taking on new patients, but I don't think he does. Plus I could have sworn I asked him just before Sean was born, when I hadn't found anyone at all.

My sister came over this afternoon for a bit to see Sean and she took this most adorable picture of Sean. LOOK AT THE HEAD OF HAIR ON THIS KID... I cannot believe it! He looks so much older than 12 months in this picture - doesn't he??

And what a long day Sean had - with barely napping (the little bugger - that's 2 days in a row his napping is messed up!) He fell asleep at dinner..... Poor little guy! It's hard to paint and play with sand & water!

I'm off to go read a chapter in my book before bed. Tomorrow we've got an early morning swim class & then in the afternoon I have an OB check-up, which I haven't been in 6 weeks (since the first week of December) and I have a few things I want to take to my OB about (including my back pains...!)


AliP said...

Sean is doing stuff my kids did in Nursery School (age 3 plus)!!! We were fairly isolated so for water play I put Ben on a chair at the sink, for sand play we had a sandbox on our deck (in warm weather), and I made my own fingerpaints when he was as small as Sean so I knew exactly what was in the paint he ingested and rubbed all over himself! I have some adorable pictures...sigh...

K. said...

OMG how freaking precious!!!!!! That picture of the two of you covered in paint is so adorable!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see you guys ASAP!!!!

Shelley said...

Well it sure looks and sounds like Sean (and you) had a wonderful time playing! He's so that look on his face with the bubbles!

In NB, the only time you get in to see a pediatrician is by referral from your family doctor. They are considered specialists and will only treat the kids if there is something "serious". If it's just for baby's shots, a cold, etc. you have to go to the family doctor. I used to work part time as a receptionist in a pediatricians office and we had people calling for appointments all the time...had to tell them we only took referrals from family doctors (or if the child was seen in out patients or emergency at the hospital). Hope you have some luck in finding there one in a town/city that isn't too far away where travelling to get there would be ok?

Wow...what an awesome package you got from your secret friend! I think you are loved!

Bertha said...

Wow, that playgroup looks like it was so fun! I need to find something like that around here for June! I love that he did a painting! I think June would probably just try to eat the paintbrush! Everytime I try to give her crayons or anything she just tries to eat them, oh well!

Drea said...

you look so adorable pregnant. glowing lady!

Im scared to let Taite finger paint because he'll eat the paint forsure. But it looks like such fun!

Jennifer said...

The painting Sean made is so cute! It looks so deliberate too. And OMG the look on his face with the bubbles is priceless!

Does Leah's maiden name start with a Z? If yes, then I know her too!

halloweenlover said...

That class sounds amazing. We are also starting a class this week, I hope we do the same fun things!

On the pediatrician front, we had to HARASS the pediatrician and literally BEG them over the phone to take us. And then, Josh called and begged them also and then they said yes. I speculate that it is because it was a man calling and they are used to dealing with mothers but not fathers, so they gave in. It's worth a shot!

Bea said...

All the pictures of Sean are so cute! Sorry to hear about the doctor fiasco continued.

g-girl said...

wow, that walkie talkies class looks awesome!! I wonder if they have those classes around here. Love his expression when he first sees the bubbles. ohh, and he bobs his head to music?? So does my niece-it's too cute. Sean totally looks like Jamie in that one shot where he looks older than a one year old! fingers crossed that something happens regarding finding a better ped! and fingers crossed that it's a girl. ;)

Jenny said...

Hey, of course girls can play hockey! Or, at least that is what Craig tells me since he can't wait for Chloe to lace 'em up!

Tara said...

Looks like a great time was had by all. Be sure to frame that picture Sean painted! It's his first masterpiece (could be worth something some day).

Melzy Knits said...

My hubby and I were just griping about healthcare the other day. It sucks. You pay too much for the insurance and can't find a doctor that will take it. They always give you the "we aren't taking new patients" meaning they aren't taking your insurance anymore cause they wont pay the doctors enough money. I have tried to get my youngest to see a therapist for 2 years now. He is autistic and before I got married I had to use Medicaid. They weren't much better but at least he got a little bit of therapy. When I got married to my hubby I thought ok now we have insurance so he can get a "real" doctor. LOL I was sooooo naive... it's was before I found out that there are major healthcare issues in this country. Pretty soon noone will be able to see a doctor anymore because no doctor will "take new patients" anymore. I hope you find one... if not write to your congressman. I have many times.