Friday, January 25, 2008

january twenty-five: 56 weeks old

Sean is 56 Weeks old today. Almost 13 months old. Approximately 5 more months until he's a big brother. (I don't buy the Ultra Sound technician saying I was only 16 weeks at the Ultra Sound, my belly is getting too big to only be 16 weeks. (It's hard to see my belly in this photo, bad angle!) But Monday I'll take another belly shot - I'm sticking to what my doctor said until he says otherwise - Monday I'll be 20 weeks pregnant. I just think I have small babies. Sean was born at 38 weeks (not premature) and he was only 5 lbs 5 oz and he was TINY (preemie clothing size). I am pretty sure Sean's U/S also showed that he was small. If I can remember correctly.

This morning we got up early - I had to wake Sean up - another night of him sleeping through the night - I won't complain. We went for breakfast with Jamie and then took him to the airport. He's on business this weekend.

We came home and took a long nap. Needed! I felt good after waking up.

We did some errands, I needed to pick up cat food - Jamie decided to tell me late last night that we were 99% out of cat food, and there was enough for 1 more bowl this morning. Needless to say, he wanted me to go pick up the 22 lb bag from the pet shop. I also needed some more "baby" hangers, so I picked up some more on our way home.

Came home, and shortly after, my friend Sherrie arrived from Boston. She brought for dinner, Clam Chowder, Steamers (like muscles or oysters or something), baked potato, and fresh Lobsters. Mmmmm! Lobster. It was f-ing delicious. So was all the sea food tonight. A real treat! Fresh from the harbor! Tomorrow night, I'm treating her to Sushi. (Jamie doesn't eat sushi so I don't get to eat it often at all - and there is some sushi I can still eat while pregnant, so we're off to enjoy another delicious meal!) Ahh, seafood. I love seafood!

This evening we chilled out, got Sean to sleep, watched horrible cable TV and caught up. It was nice. While chatting I sorted out some bills/invoices into categories, something that I'd been meaning to do for about 3 weeks now. I finally got it done - woohoo!

Tomorrow I need to pick up a few things from Cosco, so we'll head out there in the morning, and we're thinking about doing something manicure/or make-over or really girly related! Also something I don't do often enough!

Ahh, girls weekend (plus Sean!) I'm loving it. Not often the hubby goes away on business. Ahh..... I'm just thinking about having the ENTIRE bed to myself. I leave sharing it with the hubby, but I also love being pregnant and enjoying the entire space to myself! All sprawled out.... which is how I'd sleep every night, if I could!

Alright, going to go hop into a quick shower, blow dry my hair (takes no more than 8 minutes and I love the way slept on blow dryed hair looks in the morning) and I plan to read a little bit before bed. Hoping to finish my book any day now! Other books I want to read!

Sherrie - when you get home and read this - thanks for coming down to Montreal. It's hard for me to travel with Sean, and I'm sure it'll be harder for me to come down with another baby - but it's definitely good to see you. Even if Sean likes your blackberry and wants to eat it. He thanks you for the birthday gift by the way - I am sure it'll drive me nuts with all the noises it makes. Wait til you have kids.... they will get a drum set for their first birthday. (LOL!) Kidding!


Kim said...

ooooohhh! I looove sushi! Although I can't have my favorites, I can still have the Philly rolls, avocado rolls, shrimp tempura rolls, avocado rolls, etc. We almost went out for it tonight, but we have a snotty nosed/coughing six year old kid with us! Maybe next week :)

Andrea said...

Oh...I totally know what you mean about wanting the bed to yourself sometimes when you're pregnant! I keep bugging my hubby to roll over etc. now because I'd like more room! hehe. ;)

Firefly said...

So "possibly" the first week of June I may be up in your neck of the woods....Jase is going away for the week and I am in the mood for a road trip. Do you know if you are around?

Marlee said...

A girls' weekend sounds so *dreamy*!!! :)

Tara said...

Have a great girls' weekend! Re toy: isn't it funny how the people who don't have kids always buy the noisiest toys? :)

g-girl said...

i love this pic of sean! (obviously one of many!). i love sleeping in bed alone too--so much more room! ;) wow, that's awesome that sherrie came with all that stuff--particularly the fresh lobster! sounds like you two had a great weekend together. oh it true what tara said--that people without kids typically give gifts that are noisy?? I think I'm guilty of that! :( But I do it more along the lines of knowing that it's developmentally appropriate!