Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Day of the Year

Today I'm reflecting on my finished objects of 2007. What's great, is that I got ONE LAST project finished just in the knick of time! Jamie's cabled socks, they made the 2007 finished object pile! Whoot!


Pattern: Cabled Socks from Steppin' Out (Pattern by Mona Schmidt)
Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Color 4-ply / 4-f├Ądig - 2 Skeins - Color 524 (Brown)
Needles: US 2 / 2.75 mm Rosewood DPNs
Made for: Jamie for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary (finished a little belated)
Timeline: August 31st, 2007 - December 31st, 2007


The first sentence (or two in my case!) of each first post of the month for 2007:

January: My milk finally came in today and I realized this when my shirt was leaked on! February: I received in the mail today, my Sassy Photo Books called Who Loves Baby.
March: Today has been a long day.
April: Jamie went with his uncle to a cousin's house today to pick up a love seat that they were throwing out since they got new couches.
May: I got an awesome package of leftover sock yarn from Suzie today in the mail - thank you Suzie!
June: Today started off as a good day.
July: Happy Canada Day to everyone who is Canadian!
August: This morning I got my Notions bag swap in the mail from Lisa.
September: Last night Sean got up at about 1 am (well that's this morning really) and was screaming his head off.
October: There has been progress tonight on my father-in-law's Irish Hiking Scarf
November: Sean is 44 weeks old today.
December: Last night was horrible again.

In 2007 I:
Got pregnant.
Learned how to be a mother.
Met challenges of motherhood.
Watched my son turn 1.
Met the Yarn Harlot.
Bought and sold a house in a span of 2 weeks each.
Moved to my childhood neighborhood.
Became an ex-landlord.
Opened my own business.

In 2008 I will:
Be the best mother any son could ever ask for. And that's all that matters.
Give birth to a beautiful baby.
Ameliorate my business.

The other day, I can't remember which anymore, I mounted my new yarn storage to the wall (there are 4 cubbies, I'll take a full length shot later). Also - I hung two nails on the wall for my sock blockers! What a great way to "store" them while I'm not using them - might as well display socks that have SSS (second sock syndrome! LOL). Those two socks on the wall are 1) (left) My Married Sock and B) (right) My Jaywalker. Eventually I'll finish them! That's the plan. One day soon! The artwork on the wall is an original Sabrina Ward Harrison (autographed) painting. I bought it and had her sign it when I went to her workshop back in 2004 in Portland, Maine. (What an interesting experience that was).

My sister came to watch Sean today while I went to my last Aqua class at the Y near my old house. My membership expires on January 2nd, 2008, so today was my last time going. I told (my fave) instructor that I plan on trying to come to 1 class per month (which will cost me 10$ to enter). Unless a friend of mine can get me in on a guest pass, I definitely want to try to make it to a class here and there - only because I love the instructor!

Today I'm 16 weeks pregnant. 4 months! That's crazy. Where does time go? I will post my 16 week shot tomorrow (since today I've got a lot of photos to share with you - I'll save the photo for tomorrow). (Plus I have pool hair right now, from my aqua class!) (I hate pool hair!) I've been getting good feedback about my weekly Sean shots - I think I'll keep them for as long as he'll let me photograph him! Thanks for the feedback!

This evening we went to Jamie's step-sister's house for dinner. I started not feeling well this morning, with a bad abdominal pain. (Hopefully it's nothing). If it's still there tomorrow, I'm going to call the doctor. But I'm sure it's nothing. A pain I don't recognize from my pregnancy with Sean - but nevertheless, I'm not going to worry. We left at about 9:30 pm and headed home, I couldn't last out anymore. I just wanted my pjs and the couch. We've been sitting on the couch since getting home, Sean has fallen asleep (later than usual probably due to the sugar in Nana's banana cake - which he loves) and we're about to go watch the ball drop with Dick Clark.

I'm leaving up the January Sock Club kits for a few more days, so that you all have a chance to get one if you've been away for the holidays, etc. Don't forget that taxes (GST) have gone down from 6% to 5% and will be changed at midnight in the shop. HST (maritimes) has also gone down from 14% to 13%. Our boxing day sale is on until Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008. Everything (excluding sock club kits) is 15% off. Last chance to get a January Sock Club kit. Mona Schmidt (Who designed my Cabled Socks above) will be designing the pattern and Perfect Day Yarns will be dying up the yarn.

Hope you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and see you in 2008!!!!


g-girl said...

congrats on getting jamie's socks finished! I really like those. :) i like the artwork you have up! oh, sss--don't we all have a case of that every now and again?? hope the pain ends up being nothing.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new baby! :) You will certainly have your hands full!

Tara said...

Congrats on squeezing in one last FO for 2007! Considering all the other stuff you had going on in 2007, you did great! :)

hakucho said...

Love those socks :)

lots of happy knitting in 2008 :)