Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December 26 of 31

I was right, my father-in-law did get some great shots of Sean in the Santa outfit from yesterday. He's just the cutest in this outfit - I have to say, he looks great in red.

The hat didn't stay on him too long, that's why I wasn't able to get a photo of him in it... by the time I got my camera out after taking his jacket off and putting him down on the floor when we got to my hubby's step-sister's house yesterday, the kid just wasn't interested in keeping the hat on his head! Gotta act fast if you want a photograph sometimes!

Today I took care of a couple of things around the house, and even baked some ginger cookies. They didn't 100% turn out the way I'd like them to of, but two of the trays from three came out pretty good. It was my first time making this recipe, but there are a few other ginger recipes that I'd like to try first before making this one again.

This evening we all went to my hubby's step-aunt & step-uncle's house and my hubby's step-brother, his wife and their son drove in from Toronto for about a week. We ordered Chinese and it was great to see our extended family. We were a LOT of people there tonight, and Sean had a great time. Sean got some more Xmas presents from his step-aunt & step-uncle (whom we consider to be more than just his "step" family) and he truly got spoiled. He got a Diego Laptop from his cousin. He likes it. It's a very neat toy.

I'm now watching some Law & Order SVU (Season 8). I've been addicted to it in the last few days. I've gotten through Season 7 pretty quickly (realizing I'd seen some of the episodes) and now I'm catching up on Season 8. (Season 9 is on TV now, and I'm all caught up on that as well). I'm trying to think if there is anything else I'd like to catch up on while the writer's strike is still on.

A year ago today, I went to Walmart, stood in line for a very long time, not even buying anything on sale for boxing day, came home, and my water broke. We rushed to the hospital. I totally thought Sean would be born tomorrow, but it took until the 28th for him to make his presence in this beautiful world. Ahhh, a year ago today, the journey of motherhood was about to begin! I can't believe my little man turns 1 on Friday.... It's been such a great year.

Just a reminder that everything at Robyn's Nest is 15% off until January 2nd, 2008 for Boxing Day. Also - you have a few days left to pick up a Sock Club kit for January. A kit you'll not want to miss! It's on sale until the end of the month. (Sock club kits are not included in Boxing Day Sale).


Drea said...

awe he looks sooo cute in his santa outfit.
Caleb got a Diego Bike :-D Diegos pretty cool hehe the laptops looked fun.

firefly said...

Very cute!

As to my post in a moment of stupidity I gave my aunt the blog address, months ago and apparently at xmas they were discussing my posts about the wedding, and my sister, while my mom and sister were there. I think it was mostly my cousin but I didn't even realise my aunt was reading it since she can't manage to hold on to my email address. I knew it was a bad idea to tell a family member, otherwise I would be in the clear.

O. said...

he's sooo cute!!!

Barb said...

Sean's so cute in his Santa outfit!!

Tara said...

Great picture of Sean in the Santa outfit! :)

g-girl said...

such a cute lil santa!