Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December 18 of 31

I forgot to post about this! Last week I got from my sister, the new 2008 Stitch n Bitch Calendar. My cousin, Jenn - her pattern is December 5th! (And yes, I flipped through every single page until the last month to find it!) Congrats Jenn for being in the calendar!

This morning I got up early with Sean, and we slowly got ready to leave the house. First stop was to pay my welcome tax. So we went to city hall. Upon being there, we walked over to the Aquatics department and registered Sean for a swim class on Tuesday mornings. We will be taking a class for babies 13-18 months old, and the course description is: "For toddlers or older babies with a parent or caregiver. Toddlers build confidence while enjoying the water through games, songs and active water play." Sounds like fun! I can't wait to start, and meet babies who live in our area who are the same age as Sean. Sean will be 13 months old about 2 and a half weeks after the course starts. Perfect timing. (Plus the class was at a convenient time, as we have his gym and music class on Monday and Wednesday mornings). Come January we'll be busy busy busy bees! I am very excited to get back into the pool with Sean.

We ran a bunch of other errands, including checking out 2 different Walmarts for some Kushies Swim Diapers. I had 2 for Sean in Medium size which he wore all summer, but no longer fits into. The medium size is meant to be for sizes 14-25 lbs, however, it also depends on the baby and the waist and the thighs... Sean is a little "thicker" in the thigh area, so they're getting rather tight. Though, he started wearing them before he was 14 lbs. What's great, is that they have velcro AND ties. So I decided to go back to Walmart, where I got them for 8.97 each, and get him a few more in the larger size (Large 25 - 40 lbs) for his class starting in January. No such luck. The lady at Walmart thinks that they are not carrying them anymore, or it's just not "in Season". So after checking 2 different Walmarts, I thought about Toys R Us, because I remember my registry from Toys R Us having Kushies products.

I got to Toys R Us, and they guy argued with me that all he has in stock are the disposable "Little Swimmer" ones, as it's "out of season".... I wish I had found him after I found them in the store, (a little hidden, but I found them) and bought Sean 3 pairs, in Large, in yellow, blue & red (no design on them, but that's okay).

While at Toys R Us, I picked up a Frog Pod for Sean for the bathroom. The other thing we tried using to hold his toys wouldn't stick to the wall, and was useless, and I still have the receipt, so I will be returning it sometime soon. I keep forgetting to bring it back. I love the Frog Pod. First off, it comes off the wall completely, and also - holds his bath products on the top, and when he's old enough, a hanging sponge (right now we just use wash cloths at bath time). Anyhow, I just love this thing... I wish I'd known about it sooner/earlier!

Oh - since when do men have babies? Since when can men get pregnant? Myself - 14 weeks pregnant and with Sean in the car, looking to see if there is maternity parking today while at Walmart, and I see a guy, walk to his car - in a MATERNITY parking spot. He pops his hood, pours in a bottle of windshield washer fluid and then starts his car and leaves. I wanted to scream out my window "Since when do men get pregnant????!" He didn't even have a kid with him to justify parking in that spot! (The sign says "POUR FEMMES ENCEINTES" (For pregnant women), but has a picture of a pregnant woman pushing a carriage with a baby in it)... Ok, end rant.

I got these ducks for Sean for the bath to help for safety, yet Sean likes to pull them off the bathtub floor. Maybe until he's old enough to not do that anymore I'll get a long tub mat, instead. They are really cute though! He thinks they are toys though....

Even though, he has a million toys in the bath. Boats (which are still on the ledge at the top of the photo), and ducks and fish and other animals as well as the full alphabet and numbers from 0-9. Plenty to keep him busy and he has to pull the safety ducks off the bottom of the tub!

Tonight Jamie and I flipped between the Habs game (which we lost 3-2) and the final episode of Survivor which we recorded from Sunday night. Am I glad Todd won? No... but out of the three left, I think I liked him the most. I also think that it was nice of the Survivor people gave Denise 50,000$, but I was hoping that America would have given the 100,000$ to her. I was a little disappointed in that. She lost her lunch lady job when she got back home from being kicked off 4th to last on Survivor, and was only making 7$/hour.

Tomorrow Angela & Kadi are coming over in the afternoon for some knitting & chill time. I have some errands to run in the morning, and then knitting at night downtown on Monkland. I love knit nights. Even though we've moved - I'm not giving those up - even if I have to sit in traffic to get to them!


Bertha said...

Wow, that Frog Pod is awesome! I was just saying to Matt the other day that we need to get something to keep all her bath crap in because it's everywhere! That looks perfect and is so cute! I also love that rubber ducky faucet thing, I am always worried that June will smash her head into the faucet when she's playing in the tub, this would be the perfect solution!

Telmah said...

I love the bathtime shot! There's more toys than water in that tub...

Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting that! SnB is sending each designer a calendar but I still haven't received mine yet, so I didn't even know what day I was on.

I think it's so funny seeing a photo I took in print, I remember staging that shot. Thanks!

g-girl said...

your tub is huge! I'd probably pick the duckies off myself! lol.

Drea said...

owww u got the pod :-) we love ours 2 but have had issues w/ it lately because our entire bathroom is TILE... so it wont stick even w/ the special adhesive... I even had them re-send some new strips for me to try again. Still didnt. the company told me that some tiles just wont work with it.. so I may end up having to screw it to the wall ... but it wont be in the tub because i dont have the guts to screw into the beautiful tile work. still its a great toy holder! and I love the soap holder 2.