Monday, December 17, 2007

14 Weeks Pregnant {Baby Number 2}

This afternoon my sister came over to watch Sean so that I could get some work done. Luckily I got everything that I needed to get done, done! I was able to get all the December Sock Club kits all packaged for mailing! (And they went out the door today too! So look out for those if you purchased one of those delicious kits!) It took me a while to get those together, as always, but I love putting them together. This month I added a few extra goodies for the holidays, just a little something extra for my club members. Enjoy! If you missed out on December's club kit - January's is even better! Don't forget to sign up! Perfect Day Yarns is dying up a special exclusive colorway and Montreal's very own Mona Schmidt is designing our January pattern. Very excited about this! Don't miss out!

I ran out into the city on my way to Aqua tonight. But first, I decided to stop at the city hall to pay my "welcome tax" (the tax you have to pay when you buy a new house, you pay it to the city you move to) because my mom told me that city hall was open until 4:30pm. I got there at like 4:08 pm and nope, they closed at 4pm, so I'll have to try again tomorrow. I am going to also go to the aquatics center there and sign Sean up for swimming lessons. I have to see what they have to offer for his age. I'll look into that then. I was on their website and they seem to have some classes available, so I'm excited to get him back into the water. I haven't been swimming there in years. Probably not since I went to day camp years ago. It's been a while! I used to swim there twice a week every summer when I went to camp there!

It felt so great to go to Pre-Natal Aqua tonight. I thought it was my last aqua, as my membership runs out in 2 weeks (January 2nd) and the next two monday nights are Xmas Eve and New Years Eve so the pool closes early, and our class is usually 6pm to 7pm on Monday nights. However, we were asked if we wanted to come in from 2:15pm to 3:15pm for an early class, and we all said we were free, so we'll have two more weeks of Aqua! Very excited about this! I will for sure miss this class once my membership runs out.

I picked up Sean on my way home from Aqua, as he was at my parents house for a little bit, and he passed out in the car on the way home. I didn't want to wake him, (and wanted to eat dinner) so we left him sleep on the floor in his jacket (which I unzipped) until he decided to wake up. He napped for about 30 minutes, it was sooo cute. I am shocked the cats checking him out didn't bother him.

Today I'm 14 weeks pregnant. I think my belly is expanding a bit, so I tried to get an angle of my belly that would show what I was talking about. So as you can see, the baby is starting to show her or himself! (Hoping herself!) 5 weeks left until my Ultrasound (at 19 weeks!) and we're getting very excited. Ignore my messy bathing cap hair, I'd just gotten home from my aqua class, and didn't fix my hair yet!

This evening Jamie & I caught up on one of the episodes of Survivor that we were behind. We still have the final episode to watch (and the Reunion if we're up to it), but I'm dying to know who won! Maybe we'll finish catching up tomorrow night. We'll see what is going on with plans tomorrow.

Alright, Aqua totally pooped me out. I'm off to bed. Night!


Bertha said...

Wow, you look great! Super cute belly!

Tara said...

Aw, almost makes a girl wish she was pregnant again. Not quite, though. LOL!!!

Jenny said...

You look so cute and preggo! I am jealous. I can't wait until we can try again for another one.

Anonymous said...

A baby bump! I'm so excited for the three of you! And Sean looks a cutie asleep on the floor.

Drea said...

love all the pics :-)
you arent showing yet silly! hahaha