Thursday, December 27, 2007


Today, Sean is 52 weeks old. Tomorrow - he turns 1. ONE! ONE! ONE! I can't believe it. Tomorrow. (Actually in a couple of hours - he was born at 4:44 am). Tomorrow night we're having immediate family over for Sean's first birthday - I'm cooking dinner - it will be good!

I got the link for the knitting pin that I got for Xmas from my in-laws. If you are interested and must have a pin like mine - you can get one here. I am really not too sure how they even came across it (but now I'm curious)... but isn't it just GORGEOUS!??? I'm loving it. It's the best present ever. Especially for a knitter. If you get one - let me know! I'm curious to whom will buy themselves a nice knitting gift!

This morning my cleaning lady showed up punctual, as usual, and while she cleaned my house - I tidied up. I had a lot of things to organize. I got rid of every single box that was still in my dinning room. I had wine glasses/martini glasses, knick knacks, etc, that had not been unpacked yet. The dinning room is in much better condition now. Not everything was 100% put away, but it's getting there! I have a bit more work to do in there tomorrow before our dinner guests come for Sean's first birthday dinner, but it shouldn't take me long at all.

The next step will be tackling my office. I am currently still operating out of boxes. I haven't unpacked everything. I also bought the storage thing for my personal yarn stash - but haven't had time yet to mount it to the wall - and I want to unpack my personal stash already.

This afternoon after re-organizing Sean's play room (his soon-to-be "Big Boy" room), I ran out with Sean to do some errands. I had some stuff to pick up - groceries as well as some items for Sean's first birthday party (napkins, plates, streamers, loot bag items for the kids, party stuff!) and ended up with Sean at Walmart. I wanted to see if there was anything on sale for Boxing Day (which has turned into "boxing day week"). A couple of items that I've picked up in the last 2-3 weeks, has gone on sale - so I've picked them up - and I'll be able to get the difference back. I hate when that happens! You buy something and then a week or two (or three) later, it goes on sale! Always my luck. But then again, I'm the master of finding good deals - so I won't complain!

I've finally completely emptied out the trunk of my car - so I've brought into the house the books that I got from Chapters last week. I will give you a full list of the knitting books I bought over the weekend. I do have to tell you - that they are great books! I'm so excited to dig into them!

What I don't understand is that I'm waiting on mail from the USA that has been mailed now over 2 weeks ago - yet, a DVD that I ordered on Friday night from the UK arrived here this morning in my mail box, and there has been no mail for the past 2 days. (No mail mail on the weekends here either). So it had Monday and this morning to travel to my door. There was no mail on Xmas nor on Boxing Day. I just can't believe my copy of Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris got here this morning before 11 am! I plan on sitting down this weekend and watching my fave childhood Christmas break movie. I'll let you know if it was everything I remember it to be!

There are still a few spots left in my January Sock Club. Better snatch yours up before they're all gone! Still going on - my 15% off on everything in stock sale (excluding the sock kits), until January 2nd, 2008.


Amelah said...

Aww he looks soooo cute in the pj'si bought him :)

Ammerins said...

A big kiss from Samuel and us for your B'day, Sean!

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Jenny said...

Happy 1st birthday Sean!! I am sure you will have an awesome party and the new place will look great.

Maggie said...

Happy Birthday, Sean! What a big boy you are, and so adorable!

Caroline said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN!!! I can't believe you're one already!

obsessmuch? said...

Happy Birthday to baby number one!

I am responding to the comment you made on my blog! I wish blogspot would allow us to email directly the people who post comments, don't you?

Anyway, Congratulations also on baby number 2! Apparently you find time to knit with a baby. That gives me hope. :) Mine is due at the end of APril/beginning of May.

Tara said...

I'm slowly getting caught up on your blog! The Holidays have been crazy! All I have to say is: you are indeed the bargain master. :)