Sunday, December 16, 2007

December 16 of 31

When they said that there was snow coming - they really meant it. The snow came. And we decided to brave it and we left this morning to go out for breakfast with Jamie's dad & Step-mom. Breakfast was really good. I had a waffle topped with baked apples & caramel. Sean enjoyed some pancakes.

This evening, Sean & I decided to go drive the 5 streets to my parents house. Yeah, it didn't work out that way. First off, we got stuck coming out of the drive way. Yeah, the snow removal company didn't come back to clean yet and I couldn't get out. So my dad came to try to get my car out, and between the two of them, eventually we got it out. After that, I went to go get gas on the way to dinner at my parent's and the first place I wanted to go to, I couldn't get into the station as it was snowed in. So I tried the next place, which I got into. Sean was in the car, and it was freezing, so I left my car on (but not the engine) (there is three modes for the key, one is just for the radio, one if for the heat/radio (or A/C in the summer) and the third is for turning on the car completely. So I turned it on mode 2 (so that the car would stay warm for Sean). Got out of the car to pump gas, and my gas door wouldn't open. The guy at the Esso tried to help me, no luck. I called my father. He told me a few things to try. No such luck. So my father came down there in my mom's truck and tried with a screw driver. No such luck.

So I went to my parents house (followed by my dad just in case - my car gas light was on - I was on empty. I'm supposed to get 80 km on empty, but who knows what we wasted while my car was stuck in the driveway). We decided to see if the car would thaw out, if maybe the gas door was frozen. Nope! It was busted. We eventually got it open, but it's busted. My dad was nice enough to go get my car filled with gas, and let me tell you, I will never let me car get that low on gas in the middle of winter ever again. But why did my gas door get stuck? I'm going to have to call the car dealership and see what the deal with that is.... grr!

On my way home I mailed out Sean's birthday invitations, I can't wait for that next month. I can't believe what a big hooplah this party turned out to be. (Jamie & I just wanted a small family event in our home, but apparently the 1st birthday is a big deal - my first birthday apparently had over 70 people there! (Or so my baby book says!))

Tomorrow, I'm hoping is less snowy - I have a bunch of errands I need to run. I am hoping that I can get those taken care of. That would be good.

Not really sure how - but I'm down 4 lbs. My uterus has expanded (tomorrow I'm 14 weeks pregnant, and I think that's just about when I started "showing" during my last pregnancy with Sean), and I'm not sure how I've "expanded" but lost weight? (Maybe it's due to the nausea??!) Anyhow, tomorrow I'll take my first belly shot for my new pregnancy! Stay tuned.


Jenny said...

You guys sure did get some snow! We got a good bit of snow down here, but mostly ice, which in my opinion is worse!

I wouldn't worry about the weight loss, they say it is very common in the first trimester. As for showing early, all those muscles are remembering the last time and they are more relaxed now, hence the early show. We can't wait to see those first belly shots with this new baby!

AliP said...

Girl, you are crazy going out in a storm. LOL
We stayed home and just watched the driveway get fuller, and fuller, and fuller. Richard tried to buy a snow blower Saturday but everywhere he went was sold out.
At least its sunny for his shovelling this morning!
I always try to keep my tank at least at half in winter to keep crud out of the line from the bottom of the tank. Its no fun running out of gas Which I have done several times so now I try to make sure tank is always gassed. ;oP

Summer said...

How much snow did you get?

I read that is common to lose weight in the first trimester. SO dont worry!!

sharon said...

It's the one time you should gain weight that you lose it. Don't worry, it will get bigger ;)
We have a little over a foot of snow - that fell in about 8 hours. Thank goodness it stopped.

Dawn ;) said...

Sorry to hear your car woes and the snow ~ I wish we had it but we didn't even get a proper dusting. I guess after the ice storm it was a good thing ~ still cleaning that up. Anywho ~ I sent some pattern love your way, hopefully you've received the email by now. Let me know when you get a chance. Oh yeah, there some lovely koigu waiting to meet you too. Have a great week.

Btw ~ love the pics especially of you and him side by side, precious. Talk to ya later.

Big Girl Feet said...

golly we got to experience the montreal snow at the airport and wow! our connecting flight home got cancelled so i had hoped to call you to say hi for real, but our room didn't have a white pages to look you up and the hotel front desk was insanely busy so i couldn't get my mitts on one...
poor norm wore his shorts on the plane thinking we'd not have to leave the building to catch our flight home. brrrr!!! :))

Tara said...

It's definitely the nausea. And you'll start to show even quicker with your second than you did with your first.

g-girl said...

weird about your gas tank door being busted. glad your dad was there to help out with getting your car out of the driveway as well as getting you gas.