Wednesday, December 05, 2007

December 5 of 31

Christmas Display at the Gap. KNITTED yarn ball ornaments! I couldn't believe it! Yep!

This morning we got up bright and early and headed out the door. First I wanted to go to Zellers to see if they had something that I saw at another location yesterday, but they didn't have the right one in stock, so I wanted to see if they had another one at a different location. No such luck, but I did find a few other things that I needed while there. After spending quite some time there, we headed off to the mall to see if we could find snow pants, and eat lunch before going to the movies.

So at the mall, first I find a pair of snow pants at Old Navy in black. Ok, fine. I didn't care for the color (his Tommy Hilfiger jacket is red & navy blue). Whatever. For the few times we go to play in the snow, it didn't matter. 12-18 month size, 42$. FOURTY TWO DOLLARS! I couldn't believe it. But, I bought them, because I didn't know if I was going to find anything else, and they are returnable, 90 days. Next we check the kiosk in the middle of the mall, and nothing. They had snow outfits, but not snow pants, not even as a set. Next stop, Gap Kids. I found navy snow pants 12-18 month size. On sale from 68$ to 48$. WHAAAAT??? I also had a 10% off coupon for the Gap that Old Navy just gave me. (Cross promotion). So I bought them. They came out to 1$ more and change than the Old Navy pants. Whatever. They matched.

So then we went to the food court, and Sean had his bottle, and I ate lunch (Chinese food, Mmmm! Hit the spot!) Sean was being all cute after his bottle blowing on his trumpet that I had to take a photo (above) and take some video:

So then we went to go check out Winners and they had absolutely nada. Next stop, The Children's Place. Ohh! Lucky! Navy blue - 12 month size, 44.50$ on SALE for 40% off. YEY! The 18 month size was too huge on him, that the non-adjustable but stretch elastic straps were too big on him, so I had to go with the 12 month size. It cameto 26.50$ plus taxes. Great! That's more what I was thinking they'd cost! Not 52-53$ with tax!! His pants with taxes at The Children's Place came to 30.20$ with taxes. Much better! Though, I was hoping they still wouldn't be that much. So off to Old Navy & Gap we went to return the other pants we bought. Tomorrow - we go sledding on Sean's new sled in his new snow pants.

Then we met my mother, and went to go see Bee Movie. The movie was cute, but not 100% the greatest movie ever. Cute though. Definitely. Next week they're playing Enchanted again (which I saw) and The Golden Compass (which I don't want to see) so we won't be going next week. After next week they're on break from Starz & Strollers until the new year. It starts back up again on January 16th. So we'll see what's playing then. I guess they need the theaters empty for Xmas break.

After the movie I went with my mom and Sean to Walmart. Again, Sean slept in the carrier (as he did with my sister & I last week) the entire time we were there. I picked up a few items that I needed, and then we headed back to the car. My mom loaded the car with our parcels, I had dropped my house key which fell off my keychain near my trunk, just before I was going to put Sean into his car seat, so I put it in my coat pocket, and said I'd put it back on my keychain when I got back into the car. I loaded Sean into his car seat, and my mom put the carriage back and we left. I dropped my mom back off at her car at the mall where she met me, and then headed to the dry cleaners. When I got to the dry cleaners, while waiting for my stuff, I reached into my pocket to put my house key back on the keychain. GONE. I realized at that moment, the pocket I put it into, had a hole in it. GRR! So I paid for my dry cleaning, and headed home. At home, I dumped my purse to make sure I didn't put it in there, (nope) and searched my car. Since I could get into the garage, but not the house (same key for the front door and the garage door into the house) I decided to re-trace my steps. I went to the dry cleaners and double checked in the parking spot I was in, and even on the floor in the dry cleaners. Not there. I then drove back to Walmart. I tried looking in the spot I had been parked in, but there was an SUV in the spot now and it's much bigger than my car. Some lady was nice and went inside Walmart and asked them for me (since I had Sean sleeping in the car) if someone had brought in a key. No such luck. Anyhow, I waited for 45 minutes until the lady who owned the SUV came and moved her car. I had three people who passed by help me look for the key. Nada. Grrr! There was a bit of slush on the ground, but we would have seen it, for sure. It's a huge key and thick. Not so tiny. Yes it was alone and NOT on a keychain, but still!

Tomorrow when it's light outside, I will have to search my car again. It had to be somewhere. I have a spare key, so it's not the end of the world. I am also not worried about getting a new lock on the door, because if someone does find it there is no ID on the key to let them know it's from my house, and also - the Walmart is not even in my suburb, so they would never know that it would be to my house. (Plus we just spend about 250$ to change the lock from our duplex over to our new house, and had the lock changed so that the front door and garage would be the same key, so that would be less on our keychain). Not paying that again! Plus - we have an alarm system, I'm not worried if that key is 100% lost. Maybe it'll turn up in my car tomorrow when I can actually see. I am going to take a magnet and run in under my car seat, so see if it is maybe in a spot I can't see. I think the magnet idea will work. The key should stick to it.

This evening I went to Knit Night on Monkland. I had fun, but didn't have fun getting there. It took me an hour and a half to get into the city tonight, which even in the worst of traffic, has never ever taken me that long to get there. Usually takes me 20 - 25 minutes. With traffic - maybe 45 minutes. Tonight was double that!! I was listening to the radio, apparently the entire city was in gridlock on every highway! It was nasty. I have never sat PARKED on the Decarie Expressway before. I've been stuck in traffic on there before, but in rolling traffic. NEVER parked!!

I'm beat. More tomorrow!


AliP said...

Yes that danged traffic super cut into my knitting time. it took husbandman 2 hours to get home and me a 1 1/2 hours to get to knitting. ARGH.
Thats major knitting loss. LOL
Thanks for my order, chicka.

Bea said...

I love those black and white pictures! Bummer about the key, but at least it isn't a huge deal if it was lost for good.

Tara said...

I still can't believe you went to that much trouble to find a key when you already had a spare! I would have been, like, Asta baby.

Andrea said...

I love those Gap tree ornaments! What a great idea!

g-girl said...

you know, not every gap store had those big giant knitted balls on the xmas trees. I was in several different ones and maybe one or two of them had them. i love, love, love the video of sean playing his trumpet! so freakin' cute!! glad you were able to find some pants for sean at a lower price. sucks about your key. :P