Monday, December 10, 2007

13 Weeks Pregnant {Baby Number 2}

Today I ran a bunch of errands with my sister, and it was a very productive day. A checked a lot of phone calls and returns and items off my to do list. I am feeling a lot better about that.

I even got winter boots for Sean! After checking 2 stores, (Junior Booty and Premiere Pas), we went to Walmart for my sister to check up on something and they got in a new shipment of winter boots! I picked up an infant size 3 and an infant size 4 (they were only 16$ for the boots instead of the crazy 45$ that some stores had size 5's for (and the size 3 and 4 when they actually had them in stock). I am not sure which pair I am going to keep. I think I am going to keep the size 3's - even though they won't last him as long as the size 4's would - BUT the size 4's right now, fly right off his feet. The woman at Walmart was trying to convince me that I had to get a size larger than what he wears in shoes (which is a size 3 still). She was telling me that boots are made differently and that I had to get him the size 4's. However, the 4's slid right off his feet. I will try them on him again, and make him walk around the house before I made my final decision tomorrow.

We stopped by ToysRUs today to pick up this Sling Rider. I had a raincheck from when it was on sale at 50% off. I had an azure wrap with Sean when he was a newborn, but unfortunately it's useless in the middle of summer since it's really warm, and mine's black - and it wraps the entire torso. This Sling Rider will be so much more breathable. (Phew!) It's really soft too - and I really like it.

While at ToysRUs my sister and I filled the cart with gifts for Sean's birthday. Boy this kid is going to be spoiled. I've set the date for his party -which will be in January, after some of our family returns from holidays, so they can attend. Sean's birthday - the 28th of December is just to close to Xmas and New Years, (smack in the middle) so we've decided to throw his party in January when everything calms down a little.

Tonight we went out for dinner with my parents for Jamie's birthday. Happy birthday hunny! Dinner was delicious and I ate only half of it, though, since I've been feeling nauseas again for the last half a week already.

I'm 13 weeks pregnant and slowly starting to show. I think I will start my weekly pregnancy shots next week. Wasn't in the mood to do one today. Sorry!


Shelby said...

Interesting about the boots! I just bought Celia new boots this weekend at Stride Rite, and they told me that boots run huge (which is why we ended up with size 9s, instead of 10s when she's usually in a 9 1/2 extra wide. The 10's were flying off her feet, but the 9s gave her tons of room.

Now if only I could find snowpants! No one has them for toddlers around here! My last attempt will be tomorrow before I just order them online. I hate living in an area where we don't get a lot of snow. It's hard to find any snow clothes or boots for anyone.

Robin said...

The boots a size larger seems odd, like they would be sliding around when trying to walk in them. That lady in the store's encouragement to buy the larger size sounds like something my grandma would have said - she always bought our clothes super-huge so we could grow into them.

Can't wait to see the pregnancy shots!

Tara said...

hmmm... Wish I'd know about that sling rider thingy when Maxime was a wee one! At 19 pounds, I think I'll pass! LOL

g-girl said...

that sling rider looks cute!