Sunday, December 30, 2007

December 30 of 31

Today Jamie's mom and her wife came over for a visit. They hadn't seen our new house yet, and hadn't seen Sean in a while. They stayed for about an hour and a half, and then Sean finally took a nap (overdue). His sleeping habits have been off over the last week due to Xmas and all that jazz. They asked me what Sean wanted/needed for his birthday, and there is only 1 item that I was able to think of that I definitely want for him (the kid is spoiled - LOL). I would like a flip open sofa bed/chair for him. I don't care if it's Spiderman, Caillou (I know I've seen, can't find the link now), Cars, Diego, Thomas the Train, or Winnie the Pooh:

I think by far - my fave one is the Thomas the Train (or Tank) one. I don't know why - but I like that one. Hopefully Sean will get one for his birthday - at his party - or some money so I can buy one for him for his birthday. I think it'll be great for naps when we're at someone else's house, or even when he doesn't feel like napping in his crib, I can have him nap in my office for example while I do work. I think it would be a great item to have.

I really really really want a Dish Chair for my bedroom. It would be a great reading or knitting chair - as well as something I can use on my patio off my bedroom in the summer. I used to have a cheaper version of this, that was probably like this one, and LOVED it. However it got left out one winter on our balcony in our apartment and got ruined. I'd love to have one like this above. Definitely need to go to Target to get one! I want to road trip to the USA one of these days. My mom is trying to convince me to road trip to Ottawa (she wants a few stores there, and I definitely want to go to Michaels, but I also want Target, and there is no Target in Ottawa... only in the USA). I also have US cash still that I had saved for Rhinebeck - and then didn't end up going to Rhinebeck due to our move/buying a new house.

I'll be adding these two (sofa chair and dish chair) onto my wishlist for Sean & I.

I have been working LIKE MAD on Jamie's Cabled Socks. I definitely will have them done before 2007 ends. You will see a FINISHED OBJECT before 2008. (Maybe even 2 FO's!) I'm hoping to finish the socks in enough time to also then finish my thrummed mittens....! (There is actually more progress than what the link of the picture I just linked).

So... you've all be waiting for the list of books I picked up the other day when I went to the Sale at Chapters on the Saturday before Christmas. They had a buy 3 books and get 1 free sale. I bought 8 books, which are:

- The Going to bed Book by Sandra Boynton
- Harmony Guide: Cables & Arans: 250 Stitches to Knit by Erika Knight
- Harmony Guide: Lace & Eyelets: 250 Stitches to Knit by Erika Knight
- Harmony Guide: Knit & Purl: 250 Stitches to Knit by Erika Knight
- Cables Untangled: An Exploration of Cable Knitting by Melissa Leapman
- Junior Knits by Debbie Bliss
- Knitting Circles Around Socks: Knit Two at a Time on Circular Needles by Antje Gillingham
- Yarnplay by Lisa Shobhana Mason (I entered a contest to win a copy of this book, should I win I will exchange it for another book)

So there you have it. My 8 new books. Well, 7 of them are mine. 1 is Sean's. I can't wait to crack them open!

Tonight Sean & I went to my parents house for dinner and we stayed to watch the Habs game. We unfortunately lost 4-3 in overtime against the Rangers, after a 2 game winning streak. It was a good game though. (I worked on Jamie's Cabled Socks during the game).

I cannot believe tomorrow is the last day of the year. I'm sitting on the couch now watching Law & Order Criminal Intent. Not my fave spin off but something to watch nonetheless. More knitting to go do! Must finish in 2007!!


Barb said...

Meg and Les got one of those sofa/flip out beds for christmas and they LOVE it, you should definatly try and get Sean one :)i've been looking at those dish chairs too!! Happy New Year!!

g-girl said...

these sofa/flip out beds must be the thing to get for lil ones this year! My mom got my niece one for Christmas and she absolutely adores the thing! She got a Backyardigans one because they're her absolute favorite thing in the world right now. I hope Sean gets one soon! Oh, and you'll have to tell me about the knitting socks on two circs book. I was considering getting that one but I keep holding off!