Sunday, December 23, 2007

December 23 of 31

This morning I decided to go out (bravely) and pick up some groceries so that we can have pancakes for breakfast. The grocery store around the corner from my house was a complete zoo! I couldn't believe it. 11 am on a Sunday morning and it's a zoo. I guess everyone wanted to finish up their Xmas cooking before tomorrow night.

Sean absolutely loved my pancakes! It was my first time making pancakes myself, usually Jamie is the chef in the kitchen for pancakes. Anyhow, the pancakes were a huge hit! Sean also tried real milk for the first time. I gave him 3.25% milk, and he loved it. I plan on giving him 1 glass of milk per day for now of real milk. I'm still keeping him on formula for a while, he still likes his bottles, so I am not going to take them away from him yet.

This afternoon Sean & I took a very needed nap. Okay, maybe the nap is more needed for me, but we both fell asleep pretty quickly! After the nap, I got some birthday and Xmas gift wrapping done (though not finished) and my sister came over to play with Sean for a bit.

Late afternoon we went to my parents house as my grandmothers were there visiting, and they got to see Sean for a while. Then we all headed out for dinner, which was delicious. The dinner was to celebrate my sister's birthday which was on Wednesday, and my mother's birthday, which was yesterday. Today is actually my mother-in-law's birthday - Happy Birthday Norma! (I don't think she reads my blog either - but Happy Birthday to her!)

At the restaurant they came singing happy birthday to my sister and everyone wanted to see Sean's reaction to the candle. Well, he was excited.

They (my parents/sister) even let him try the birthday cake, his first time trying chocolate. Oh, I think he is going to like the surprise I have for him waiting on Friday - on his actual birthday! I can't wait. I think this kid is a chocoholic already!

Sean is pretty much walking as much as he can. It's really cute. Sometimes he takes a few steps and plops down, but most of the time he reaches his destination before falling - and is successful. It's too cute. The prediction of him walking before his first birthday is true! Here is a video of Sean attempting to walk a few days ago (he's improved since then!):


Bertha said...

Wow, look at Sean go! Awesome!

Jenny said...

What a little walker! I am so impressed with his skills--you will be chasing him everywhere now!

Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Tara said...

I can actually call my daughter over from far away by crying "Chocolate!". She comes running! I guess she takes it from her mother :)

g-girl said...

that is awesome! :) I agree with Jenny-you'll be chasing him everywhere now and he's going to get faster and faster (not to mention sneakier and sneakier!). my mom sneaks my niece chocolate and gets in trouble for it later. lol. she can't sleep if she's had it!