Sunday, December 09, 2007

December 9 of 31

Today I ran a bunch of errands after picking up Sean from my parents house. I got to sleep in, and that felt great. (Though, I could still easily use another three days of sleep!) We went to Costco and boy, what a zoo it was there. First off, people were fighting for parking in the lot. I left the house today, with the frame of mind that "I'm in no rush"... so that got me in the frame of mind that the zoo at Costco, and the crammed parking lot - didn't bother me.

We checked out a few more stores to see if we can find Sean some winter boots - but so far, no luck. Fun. I swear - I'm frustrated. I didn't realize that it would be soooooo difficult to find infant winter boots. I'm looking for something that will match his jacket/snow pants (navy blue prefferably - but I'm not going to be picky if I find something), and that will zip up on the side of the boot. I've checked 4 different Payless' and a few Winners, Walmarts, Zellers. I've checked Pop, Rubino, amongst other stores. Tomorrow, my last resort - will be Junior Booty. (I was also told to check out Yellow & Globo, however, I doubt they're going to have size 3 or 4 boots). I'm not sure if Sean is a size 3 or 4, or I'd order some on the internet or something. I just want to find the kid some boots so that I can take him sledding already! It's been too cold and he needs some boots. Also - especially since he's almost walking on his own - he needs some boots.

Tonight we went to my parents house for dinner, and we celebrated Chanukah as well. Tonight's the 6th night of Chanukah (2 more days left).

Sean got some really nice gifts, from my parents he got a really neat set, and a tool set from my grandmother. He got this really neat bus from my brother & sister, which we took out of the box. I decided to not take everything out of the boxes in one night, that maybe one at a time is a good decision. Especially since this kid has a lot of toys. I just love his "My First Chanukah" bib! I got it for him a while ago, and remembered to take it out!

I started a chunky scarf for my Mother-in-Law for her birthday. I'm not sure if I will be making a matching hat - I am not sure if she wears hats. (But I will find out). I still have my nephew's Drive-Thru sweater to finish, but a Chunky scarf will not interfere, and her birthday is actually 2 days before Xmas, so I've got an even sooner deadline. I will post pictures with progress. Right now I'm just doing 3x3 ribbing on the chunky scarf - so it's just some knitting & purling right now, when there is length, I'll post pictures!

Just a reminder that I've listed January Sock Club Kits. For January, we have Perfect Day Yarns dying to the yarn, and Montreal's very own designer Mona Schmidt designing the sock pattern! Very excited for this new kit. Also - until tomorrow, we have Noro on sale at 15% off, just like the Claudia's Handpainted. As of tomorrow, they go back to their regular prices. Just to let you know, that SOAK is still on sale, until the end of the month. Full size bottles are 20% off, as well as the Starter Kits.

ps- For HungryforLatkes who commented on my blog - the recipe is from Second Helpings Please, Cookbook by Norene Gilletz. This cookbook has all Jewish Holiday recipes, and is great. It's a great cookbook - but I don't think that I can post recipes from a book, that aren't mine. However, there are plenty of Potato Latkes recipes on the internet. Google dot com has a lot of great recipes - which are very similar to the one that I made! Hope that helps.


Kimber said...

Your latkes looked yummy! I hope you get a "good shot" on the 22nd of January (I'll send some open leg vibes your way). We won't be having out next u/s until the second week of February and we want to find out the sex as well. We are also going to book a 3D u/s too so if the medical one doesn't give us the answer the 3D one will for sure.

Tara said...

Nice yarn on the January sock kits!