Thursday, December 13, 2007

50 Weeks

Sean is 50 weeks old today. FIFTY WEEKS! Two weeks left until his first birthday...!

I didn't realize Sean needed his hair done before this photo... or I would have fixed it! LOL

This morning, I registered Sean for a daycare program that starts in September. The first 5 weeks are once a week, and I go with him, and then after that, it becomes twice a week, and hopefully the seperation period begins. It's a program designed for the children to learn to seperate from their parents, which is great. However, Sean has no problems leaving me to stay at my parents house or my in-law's house, that it could go completely different in 9 months from now when he starts daycare, etc... His personality will definitely be different then from what it is now. We'll see how that goes. While I was there, I also registered Sean for 2 classes starting in January. (Something for me to get out of the house!) We're taking one class on Monday mornings and one on Wednesday mornings. The one on Wednesday mornings is a class with a musical group called the Tweedle Dees. I know two other mommies with their babies in that class (so I'm glad I will know people). One baby is a month younger than Sean and the other is almost 2 months younger than Sean. I can't remember what the Monday class is - but the Wednesday class is half an hour of music and half an hour of gym play. Sounds like fun!

This afternoon I went out and did some errands with Angela. One of the stops, we went to Walmart. We both needed to look at a few things. Guess What? Walmart found my key! The solo house key that I knew I lost last week and went back to look for it? SOMEONE FOUND IT!!! And instead of throwing it out, or away, they gave it to Walmart in case the person who lost it came back and asked about it. Well... I was SHOCKED more than anything. I could not believe it.
Tonight I went with Angela to Ariadne's Very First Stitch N Bitch. I forgot to take pictures there, but I did take pictures of the loot I bought! (Jamie gave me Chanukah/Christmas money today. Good timing. Their shop is super cute, and it was nice sitting by their faux fireplace to knit for about 2 hours before I had to go pick up Sean's from my parents house.

So here is my loot! I've been eyeing Lamb's Pride for a while now. I've seen it online, and even tried to bring it into my shop - but with Lamb's Pride you need a store front to be able to carry their product, so I'm glad that Ariadne can now be my Lamb's Pride Source. I was looking for 100% Wool, but settled on 85% Wool and 15% Mohair for a project I have in mind, because I fell in LOVE with the color! The funny thing - is that the color of this yarn - is my new street name. I think it was meant to be.

This beautiful yarn will become a Hoodie Scarf. I haven't figured out what stitch pattern I will do yet, but Karine walked me through what to do when I decide what pattern I want to do - so I know exactly what to do. Maybe I'll even write my own pattern!

And these two little cuties, I got for a buck each! They're little balls of sock yarn, 10g each. I plan to use them for Sean's sock yarn blankie - and for Sean's siblings' sock yarn blankie. I guess my plans for Sean's blankie to be done by his 1st birthday is not happening, not even by his first birthday party in January, but I am sure it'll happen soon! I hope! Some other WIPs to finish first!

And here is progress on my mother-in-law's "Big Needles, Chunky Yarn, Quick Knit" scarf. That's what I'm calling it. I love chunky yarn. So much fun. By the looks of how much is left in the skein, it looks like this scarf will either take me 3 skeins or 3 and a bit skeins to complete. My mother-in-law's birthday is 2 days before Xmas, so I better get cracking. I also need to finish my nephew's Drive Thru (which I don't think will be done for Xmas, but I'll be seeing him 2 weeks into January, so I'm not worried if it's a little late, plus I spoiled the kid with other things I bought him for Xmas - I can't wait to give him his presents!) I MUST KEEP KNITTING! I declare next week - Knitting Week!


Karine said...

I don't think that I told you that I bound off the hood halfway through the repeat of the last cable twist (ie they're worked every 12 rows and I bound off at the 6th). That way, it looks like the cable goes from one side to the other uninterupted. Something to keep in mind if you do a cable hoodie. If you're a bit anal about symmetry.

Shelley said...

Those pictures of Sean are so adorable!

Love the colour of your Lamb's Pride yarn. I've not used that before but have heard good things about it. What is the name of the colour? I don't think I saw it...

The little balls of sock yarn are cute. I've never seen them that small.

Caroline said...

I was also very happy to see that Ariadne carries Lamb's pride. And I love the colour you chose!

I also can't believe your son is almost a year old! It feels like you were pregnant with him not that long ago!

Andrea said...


I like the opal yarn. Very pretty.

Tara said...

Girl, you are just too prolific for me to keep up with you! I love the colour you chose for your Lamb's Pride. Totally awesome.

g-girl said...

wow, i can't believe they found your key! :) that was nice of the person to give it to walmart.