Friday, December 28, 2007

Sean's First Birthday

A year ago today my son was born at 4:44 am. You wouldn't believe it if I told you that this morning during the night, Sean woke up at 3:50 am, so I being too tired, I brought him into my bed. (I'm a suck - I know). At 4:44 am - he actually turned over and whacked me in the face, the time he was born a year ago. How ironic! I kissed him on the forehead, wished him happy birthday, and we went back to sleep.

A couple of hours old.

A day old.

Two Days old.

A week old.

A month old.

Two months old.

Three months old.

Four months old.

Five months old.

Six months old.

Seven months old.

Eight months old.

Nine months old.

Ten months old.

Eleven months old.
On his first birthday:

Blowing out the candle.

Enjoying his birthday cake.

Really enjoying his birthday cake.

Sharing his birthday cake with mommy.

The clean up.

Some decorations in our house.

Today was a great day. This afternoon we did some shopping with my mother and we ran some errands. I also signed Sean up for Aqua-Strollers (which I think is more for me) in the water on Wednesdays. So we'll be running (literally) from his music class at the Y to the pool (about 8 streets away or so - not that bad) and we have 45 minutes in between each to get our butts into the pool. I think we can do it. If it's really not possible, we have until before the 3rd class to cancel, and all we'll lose is the money per class we attended, plus a 20$ fee. But I think 45 minutes is do-able - it's not that far, and I totally can be wearing my bathing suit under my clothes before I leave the house, to make things easier. It doesn't take that long to change Sean into his bathing suit, it's the changing AFTER getting out of the water that is a killer.
Today was a nice day, and we had our immediate family over for dinner to celebrate Sean's 1st birthday. I think he had a good time (got some great gifts and is already having fun with them!). He got a play tent (we definitely need a larger house now!), a sports center, an xylophone, a toy car, and a pair of PJ's. Our house is filling up with kid stuff, I'm afraid for his first birthday party!

I got an email today that two of my photos that are on FLICKR, with my permission, will go on to a selection phase for a website - for their newsletter of Montreal attractions, etc. I have two images that were selected, that I took at the Montreal Biodome last summer. (We didn't go this past year, Sean's too young). The two images selected are this one and this one. I will keep you posted if they make it to the final production of this website.


Amelah said...

hah notice in 6-7-8 months u are wearing the same shirt?

Kimber said...

Happy Birthday Sean!!!!

I love cake covered babies! Thanks for posting the retrospective - it was so neat to see how he grew over the last year.

Telmah said...

Happy Birthday Sean! What a great set of photos from each month. You are so lucky to have been so diligent with taking the pictures on a regular schedule, that will be a gift for the whole family for years to come.

Big Girl Feet said...

happy birthday to you Sean!!

Bertha said...

Hooooray!!! Happy Birthday Sean! Wow, you reeeeeally enjoyed that cake! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sean :-)

I have so enjoyed watching you grow this past year. Your pictures always bring a smile to my face.

You'll be a heartbreaker someday.

Drea said...

awe.. i remember those photos! :-) goes by so fast doesnt it... hes so cute :-) you love the 6, 7 and 8 month shirt dont you? :-D hehe.

Barb said...

Happy 1st Birthday Sean!!!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Sean!

I love that picture of the two of you and wearing all of that cake!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Sean!

Jenn said...


The picture of you and him both wearing cake is too cute. Even my DH liked it!

And Congrats Robyn on the pictures!

summer said...

Happy Birthday Sean!!!

Love all the photos!!

Karine said...

Bonne anniversaire Sean!

g-girl said...

I hope Sean had a wonderful birthday on Friday. Was thinking of you both. :) Love the picture recap of his first year of life! And I especially love those birthday cake shots!! ;) here's to many more. :)

Aura said...

Happy Birthday Sean - the cake pictures are my favorites. Great post.

Amanda said...

Is that you KNITTING the DAY you had given birth? Goodness gracious, girl!
I love your retrospective - it's been so fun watching him grow and getting to know you this year.

Happy 1st Birthday, Sean!!

Kim said...

Happy 1st Birthday, darling little Sean!! :)

LOVE the picture of Sean smothered in chocolate cake. Ah, to be young again. Hehehe.

halloweenlover said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! One year old, how did this happen?