Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December 11 of 31

This morning I took care of a few things at home, before Jenn & Jakob came over. Then we headed over to Tara's house for some knitting time. Blogless Kate-the-Enabler came over with 13 day old Liam. Kate luckily lives across the street from Tara, literally. I got a few rows done on my Mother-in-Law's birthday scarf. Sean also had a good time this afternoon and got to play with all of Tara's kids toys. I had a little accident today there though. I was sitting on a little chair (you know the kiddie set of table & chairs), and Sean was doing something I didn't want him to do, and so I got up to get him and put him back in a safer area of the room, and then I backed up not facing the chair, thinking I knew where to sit down and I sat down the chair went flying, I landed on the floor, but before I landed on the floor my right butt cheek hit the corner of the leg of the chair, and now I have the biggest bruise ever. It kills like a biatch, let me tell you. To make my day worse, while leaving Tara's house, Jenn & I were engaged in deep conversation, and I didn't realize we were in a school zone. I wasn't done school zone speed - but rather regular road speed, so of course, I got pulled over by the Laval Police for speeding. The fine wasn't too bad, but still. At first I thought I was pulled over for a stop sign, but I was certain that I did a full complete stop, those I make sure to do! I don't roll through stop signs anymore. Especially not with Sean in the car. To be honest, I was going "with" traffic, and wasn't the only one to get pulled over. He pulled over another car with mine. I think I jinxed myself at dinner last night when we were talking about drivers licences, etc, and cars, and tickets, and I mentioned that I hadn't gotten a ticket (besides parking) in forever.

We still had time to go to Walmart, and I picked up some cute shirts for my nephew for Xmas (I don't know if his Drive-Thru Sweater will be done on time), and picked up a few cute shirts for our step-niece & step-nephew for Xmas. I wasn't sure what kids about the age of 8 & 10 like, so I decided that easiest thing to do was clothing. Can't go wrong with shirts, right? I also got about 10 George shirts and 1 cute vest for Sean in 18 month and 24 month size that were on liquidation. He's in 12 month size now, but before I know it, he will be in 18 month size!

Tonight I went to the Montreal Knitting Guild meeting and worked on more of my Mother-in-Law's Scarf. I haven't given progress pictures in a while, so here is some progress:

Today in the mail, I got a lovely package from Patty! That was a surprise! She sent me some note cards, a note pad, some Burt's Bee's Cuticle cream as well as some Louet Gems yarn! Thanks girl! I think I'm going to use the sock yarn for my Red Herring socks, I just need to figure out what color I want to put with it! Maybe a Navy blue with the white. Maybe another DARK color.

According to Canadapost tracking number, I was supposed to have my December Sock Club Kit yarn in my hands today. Did they stop at my house with my parcel? NO! I don't understand. So now they're LATE delivering my package. I don't understand why they are lacking with delivery. You pay for a service, and it should be on time - if I would have wanted it delivered on a later date, I wouldn't have paid for a slower service, you know?

Tonight I won a prize at the Montreal Knitting Guild meeting I attended for the Xmas Exchange. I got these gorgeous black & white note cards, and a cute sheep note pad - very cute.

Tomorrow I've got a few things that I want to take care of. I also have to write out all of Sean's birthday invitations.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Hey, there! Just catching up on your blog... hope you're well!

AliP said...

I wanna hear all about the guild meeting..LOL I'm so nosey. Its too far away for me to attend so I haven't joined, plus technically I am not in Montreal.
My sister got a ticket for speeding on Friday...over a hundred bucks and she was also going with the speedy traffic. The pain of it? She was only 2 blocks from my other sister's house when they dinged her.

Tara said...

I'm sorry your butt hurts so much!!! When I move into a bigger house, I should have enough space to have people sit on less dangerous, grownup chairs.

knitgirl63 said...

So glad you liked the goodies - no one should get stiffed in a secret pal swap, esp not a hostess, so being a 'mini' angel was fun! Can't wait to see the socks all knit up.

Take care,

g-girl said...

sucks about the ticket--hope your bruise has been healing quickly too!