Sunday, December 16, 2007

December 15 of 31

While doing some laundry this morning Sean decided to check out the dryer. It's normal that I bring him into the laundry room with me, but he's never tried to do this before:

He actually tried to climb in - and he was actually very successful this time, I couldn't believe it:

This afternoon the three of us went to the mall to pick up a few things. Hubby got a gift certificate to the Baie and wanted to get some new Calvin Klein jeans (the only kind he wears). Then we went to visit my cousin who works at sports store to pick up a Habs Practice Jersey for Jamie for his birthday. Now he finally has a jersey to wear to games. The mall was a zoo, but we managed to get parking pretty quickly (upon following someone who was leaving the mall to their car) and since our errands didn't take so long, we decided to get some ice cream before leaving the mall. I was craving some ice cream.

We decided upon leaving the mall that we were going to go to our fave restaurant for dinner. We came home, I prepared the December sock club kits for mailing (they'll be shipping Monday) and then we dropped Sean off at my parents house, and headed out for dinner. It took us forever to get there, with a little bit of traffic, and then more time to find parking. But the meal was SO worth the long time it took to get there. Dinner totally hit the spot. Exactly what I was craving. Plus, it was nice to take Jamie out for his birthday, and it was definitely nice to spend some time alone just the two of us.

It's supposed to storm tomorrow, and we're supposed to go out for breakfast with Jamie's dad & step-mom, we'll see how the weather is in the morning. Apparently schools are already cancelled for Monday due to the weather we're supposed to be having.


Summer said...

That picture of Sean is so cute!! What is with dryers? Kids seem to love hiding in the dryer!!

Bertha said...

Hahaha! Oh man, those dryer pictures are the best, especially the second one! Hilarious!

Wendy said...

He is adorable:) I love the one of him looking so proud of himself in the dryer!! I am glad to hear that you had such a nice night out with the hubby!

Amelah said...

OMG can this kid get any cuter??? I have the most adorable nephew in the whole wide world!!!!

Anonymous said...

How cute!

Tara said...

Emilie used to love to "help" me put stuff in the dryer. Didn't matter if it was clean or not! LOL.