Monday, December 03, 2007

12 Weeks {Baby Number 2}

So now I actually think that it's because of the dryness in our house that Sean had horrible sleeps and naps this past weekend. We discovered last night that there is a humidifier that is attached to our furnace, so instead of having to buy one to put in our bedroom (since we gave the one we have to Sean, since it was his in the first place for our old duplex), we have one that goes into the entire house with the heat that circulates. Last night you could actually smell the water "particles" in the air. It was actually nice. And since turning on the humidifier last night, all three of us slept like babies. Sean slept through the night, and was okay being in his room. I think it was the dry air that was bothering him, or so we're hoping was the reason. Last night was a beautiful night's sleep. So much that I think I woke up twice, thinking "Oh my goodness, is he okay?" (Like he was a newborn again and I was worried that he was not breathing anymore, you know?)

This morning my mother picked Sean & I up and we left really early to my first OB appointment for baby number 2. We thought because of the amount of snow that fell over Montreal, that there would be bumper to bumper traffic. People tend to forget how to drive when there is the first snow fall of the year. Not a stitch of traffic. No one was on the roads. Traffic in the other direction, that was an entire other story. But East bound, not a stitch. We got into the city and had enough time for me to do a return at a shoe store and still make it to my appointment about 45 minutes early. Now, no one was answering the phones at the doctor's office, I tried calling a number of times. When I got there, the office was open, as the other doctor who shares the office was there. I asked one of the girls in the waiting room, and she said that my doctor was indeed there but was checking in patients himself, one at a time.

So I waited no more than 10 minutes. That was fine by me. My mother waited around the corner in the car, with Sean fast asleep in his car seat. My doctor was finally done with the patient he was with, and then came and took my medicare card, found my chart, and had me come in. He took my blood pressure (which is usually done by Harriet, his nurse) and he weighed me as well. What's funny is that he got frustrated with the scale and just put it to a number and said "That looks good", and wrote down that number. That number was a few pounds less than I actually weigh. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing! I hope that I don't gain too much weight over the next few months!

So he tells me to go sit in his office. Usually Harriet has you sit down on the chairs outside his office until an exam room is free, but this time since he was doing one patient at a time, we met in his office first.

He asked me questions, and told me that I would not need to go take another blood test, since I had one in the past few years (last year when I was pregnant with Sean), so he had all my blood work ready to go and since my blood pressure was great, there was no need.

He asked me when my last period was, and I explained to him about my last real one and the one after it, which I thought was my period. (I won't bore or disgust you with the details). Since I explained to him what I thought, he said he'd do an internal exam to check the size of my uterus.

Upon finishing the exam, he lets me know that my last period was actually implantation bleeding and that I'm not 8 weeks pregnant, that I'm 12 weeks pregnant (by the size of my uterus!) The kicker? My due date: On my 27th birthday - June 16th, 2008!! That is cute! I would not mind sharing my birthday with my baby. However, the likeliness of the baby being born on my actual due date, I think the percentage is actually very low! (Like 2% low according to google). Well, that's shocking news. Seriously! Back in September, I thought there was a chance I was pregnant (symptoms like tender breasts and stuff like that), but no way did I think I was seriously pregnant. Jamie made a comment one night that I was eating for two that night, and then put the idea into my head, but then when I got what I thought was my period, I didn't think twice about it again. So I really was pregnant! And it seems we conceived somewhere around mid-September. (Our Anniversary weekend? LOL) Anyhow, it'll be cute to see if this baby decides to show up on my actual birthday or not! Will we have another Gemini in the house?

My doctor gave me the paperwork to make my appointment for my 19 week Ultrasound - the "standard" one you do here in Quebec. So I won't get to see the baby before 19 weeks. (Which will be the week of January 20th). Hopefully baby number 2 will not be as stubborn as Sean was and the appointment will go smoothly. Though Sean was nice to show us between his legs right away, he wouldn't turn, which caused the U/S technician problems when they had to measure the heart. Eventually he turned but not until after about 3 hours!

Now that I'm in my 12th week of pregnancy (as of today), I'm hoping that I will start getting my energy back... being almost out of the first trimester. As I start my 13th week next Monday, hopefully I'll start to feel more energetic, that would be good.

After my quick doctor's appointment - which I'm happy we left the house in the huge snow storm to go to - we went to my grandmother's for lunch. Then we came back to the west island, I picked up some groceries while Sean slept in the car with my mom, and chilled out at home for the rest of the afternoon. My sister stopped by for a bit and then I made dinner for Jamie & I. I made a recipe tonight that was on my Campbell's Cream of Broccoli soup can. It was delicious! Something quick that I would most DEFINITELY make again. I will share the recipe tomorrow, I don't have the can here with me now, and I wanted to type it up and print it out to put in my recipe keeper book. Fast & easy, I like that! It took me about 15-20 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes in the oven. I like that!

This evening I gave Sean a bath, and then Jamie & I watched Heroes while Sean tired himself out playing. As soon as Heroes was over, I crawled into my bed with Sean, and he drank a bottle and fell asleep (not in my arms, but next to me). I watched TLC while he drank his bottle (a show about Quintuplets - I could never imagine having more than 1 baby!) and then transferred him SUCCESSFULLY into his crib! Phew. I hope this keeps up. I'm sure it's all due to the breathable air in our home now!

Tomorrow I'm not sure what's on tap, but I have some phone calls to make, some laundry to do, and some chores to take care of. I have some errands to run also, but I think that will have to wait, especially if the snow keeps up. I may leave those until Wednesday when I have to leave the house.


Dawn ;) said...

I'm glad to hear you all had a peaceful night finally. I need to get one of those in my house. ;D So due in June and possibly your b-day ~ well that does change things. I'm sure you'll enjoy every single moment of it. I'll be back soon. ;D

Dawn ;) said...

oh yeah its me (asimplifiedlife Dawn ;)

Tara said...

I had implantation bleeding with Maxime. I thought it was my period too, but when it stopped after a day, I got suspicious and took a pregnancy test right away.

craft-chick said...

Will you wait until you find out the sex of the baby to start knitting for him/her? Or will you use what you have already from when Sean was a newborn?

Jofrog said...

That's great! It's like you get one month free! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes as smoothly.

Amanda said...

Well, heeey - congrats! I'll bet that was the fastest month of pregnancy you've been through, eh? :P :P Go in at 8 weeks, leave the office at 12!

Glad baby's looking good and you're feeling better!

Shelley said...

That is fantastic that you are further along in the pregnancy than you thought! How cool would it be to share your birthday with the baby. One of the ladies at church (they moved away now) shares her birthday with one of her daughters too and she love it.

How cool is get to have your ultrasound the week of my birthday (January 20)...hope you'll show us the pics too!

Barb said...

Congrats on making it to 12 weeks that's a nice surprise,and I love that your due date is your birthday!!

Bertha said...

Wow, it must be exciting being further along than you thought you were! I kept praying for something like that to happen with June, I wanted the whole pregnancy thing OVER. You are that much closer!

Robyn (too!) said...

Congratulations - I am delurking to say that we are due month buddies. I am due June 11th with #4. I hope that you regain your energy soon - having a toddler underfoot can be busy but adding in the first trimester tiredness - I remember that well (my first three are spaced 2 years apart and there will be 4 years between #3 and #4). I will be eagerly watching for the items you chose for your little one! Robyn in ON

Bea said...

I am so glad that you guys slept well. Yeah for moisture in the air!!

Its so exciting that the baby cold be born on your birthday.

g-girl said...

12 weeks already? that's awesome. glad to hear that everyone slept much better in the house. how convenient that there's already a humidifier hooked up to your house! awww, baby #2 is due on your bday? cute. :) hmm, i might have to check out that quints show. I like to watch 'jon and kate plus 8 about a family with a set of twins and a set of sextuplets!