Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 19 of 31

This morning I ran some errands trying to pick up some groceries to bake and cook a few things. While out, I was able to pick up Angela & Kadi who came over this afternoon to hang out, knit and see Sean. I gave both girls their Christmas presents, as I won't be seeing them again until after Christmas. Angela had a gift for Sean and a gift for me!

Sean got this adorable vest from Angela - in 12-18 month size. I hope to find a pair of pants that will go nicely with it - and he can wear it at his first birthday party. It's just too cute. Thank you Angela!

Angela also had a gift for me. She stuffed a stocking full of stuff for me (and even baked me ginger bread cookies - which are soooo good!) I got some bubble bath (green tea & cucumber) and face mask (cucumber), and some stretch mark cream. (Hopefully this pregnancy the stretch marks will not be as my last pregnancy!) (I love cucumber by the way!)

She also got me these 2 pairs of earrings. They are soooo awesome. I'm an earring girl - if you didn't know that already about me. I heart dangly earrings. I collect dangly earrings! I am obsessed with dangly earrings! (Just thought I'd let you all know!) I have 2 full cases of earrings. I have quite the collection. I just love them. I love having the option of choices of pairs to pick from! Thank you Angela. I love my Christmas present. You rock!

This evening I went to the Montreal Knits Knit Night. It was nice to get out of the house. I had trouble finding parking - but eventually got into a spot that I wasn't sure if I would get myself out of (but did!) and had a good time working on Jamie's Cabled Sock. Yep - putting off other knitting I should be doing. But... these cabled socks are way overdue! (I was supposed to finish them back in September for our anniversary)... they'll get done soon, I promise.

Tomorrow I have a lunch date, and I plan on getting some cooking and or baking done. That's all that's on tap for tomorrow, so far. But things always are changing!

Today is my baby sister's 23rd birthday. Happy Birthday girl!


Amelah said...

Spanks big sister :) Loves you :) and yes u got loads of cooking done tonight thanks to ur fabolous sister!!!

Tara said...

Dangly earrings, eh? I'll have to remember that...

Kim said...

On our honeymoon, we stopped by Motherhood Maternity (only because Jeremy made me go in - I was embarassed!). He was so sweet, though. He picked out preggie pops for my nausea and tummy butter that he promises to slather on my big, pregant belly. Does it really work?