Thursday, December 06, 2007

49 Weeks

My little monster is now 49 weeks old. I can't believe his birthday is in a close 3 weeks away! (22 days away!) Gosh, that came fast...!

I saw these in my new issue of Canadian Family Magazine. Knitted apple cozies for your child's lunch to school. 12$ each, by jacquelineknits. Hmm. Very interesting. I survived lunches to school when I was a child without these. You actually think your child will come home with them at the end of the day?? I googled this, couldn't find her online.

Sean has been escaping the barrier we temporarily put up so that he can't excape the den so we put up this rail that my parents gave us. It's perfect for him (at this age) and he has not yet tried to climb over it yet. The den is right next to two sets of stairs, to the basement and upstairs, so we have to keep him in here when he plays with all his toys. This was our only solution for the den.

For dinner tonight I made veal parmasean (Mmmm!) and potato latkes for Chanukah. They were absolutely delicious. It was my first time making latkes, and it was a lot of work (and used a lot of oil) but they were sooo good! There was even leftovers for tomorrow! It was a lot of grating (onion and potato) and a few other ingrediants, and it was just too much fun to make them, and cook in my new kitchen.

I got some knitting done tonight on my nephew's Drive Thru sweater for Xmas. I will post progress pictures as soon as there is some! Right now it just looks like a blue tube! Nothing too exciting!

Sean took two steps on his own tonight! Jamie and I were watching the hockey game, and Sean let go of the foot stool and took two steps towards something else and didn't fall over. He made it to the thing he wanted which he then grabbed on to it! His first steps! I am sooo proud of my little man! I hope this means he'll be walking soon!

I booked my 19 week ("standard") Ultrasound, it's going to be on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008. We are hoping to find out the sex of the baby that day - providing that the little one cooperates. Of course we're hoping it's a girl - I want one of each sex, and since we already have our little boy, a girl is wanted. However, should it be another boy, we'll still be very happy, as long as it's a healthy little one! Any healthy baby is good, either sex!


Bertha said...

Yay for Sean's first steps! June took hers this week too! She normally pulls up on the ottoman, then grabs the couch and walks the length of it while holding on to the edge, a couple days ago she pulled up and took 2 steps without holding on to anything before she fell! Then she did it again last night, she took 3 steps from the ottoman to her little fence/gate thing! I am so excited for both of them to start walking, they will probably be doing it before Christmas!

Bea said...

Yeah for first steps! Thats such a big huge thing!!!

I've seen a pattern for those fruit covers. If you look on ravelry you'll find an apple protector and an apple cozy and probably a couple of others. Free. Seems crazy that people will probably actually buy that sort of thing.

K. said...

Yaay for sean! Yaaaay for latkes! Droooooool!

Barb said...

YAY Sean, first steps!!! can't wait too see the Drive Thru progress, Sean's looked so cute, is it an easy pattern?? i've never knit with more than 1 color at a time LOL

craft-chick said...

Susan B. Anderson just posted a pattern for an apple cozy in the last 2 weeks. I can't wait to see your second Drive Thru sweater, the first one you made for Sean inspired me to make one for my little guy (once my Christmas knitting is done of course).

hungryforlatkes said...

can you please post the recipe for those delicious looking latkes?

Jennifer said...

I have to copy Kadi...Yay for Sean's first steps! And Yay for latkes!

I've been very good this Hankuah and only ate 2 little ones at my mom's tonight. I've so far managed to resist making my own too, but I remember from when I used to make them: if you want a nice variation, make some with sweet potatoes. YUM!

Tara said...

OK, this may moot at this point, but : latkes = drooooool! :)