Friday, December 21, 2007

December 21 of 31

I've been looking into double strollers. I've come across this one, the Emerson - DuoGlider Stroller. Has anyone used it? Own it? Any opinions? The thing I like about it, is that it's Graco - and I already own a baby carrier by Graco, which would click into this stroller. I don't want to have to buy another (new) carrier when I have a good one that Sean used. But getting a Duo Stroller is very important - Sean will be walking fully by then, but I am sure we'll be places where he'll not want to walk - or get tired of walking, etc. I think with 2 children under 2 - a double stroller is a must. I'd be crazy not to get one.

Every year around Christmas time as a child, I recall sitting in my parents kitchen eating a late night snack, watching the movie Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris. The movie was released in 1992, which I believe was the year I was in the 5th grade. The movie starred Angela Lansbury. It was a "delightful tale of a housemaid who spends her days cleaning the homes of the well-to-do. Mrs. Harris or 'arris as pronounced in her native cockney (Angela Lansbury) epitomises her generation of honest, working-class Brits. She knows her place, though that never stops her from speaking her mind or dreaming of luxuries. Admiring a beautiful Dior gown in her employer's closet, Mrs. 'arris is determined to buy one of her own. Working day and night, she finally saves enough to go to Paris and visit the House of Dior, but learns that buying an original couture creation is harder than simply having the cash. After hesitation, Dior's head saleswoman Madame Colbert (Dame Diana Rigg) escorts her in and seats her next to the Marquis de Chassagne (Omar Sharif), a count who is quite taken by this friendly English woman. When her dream passes before her eyes on the beautiful store model Natasha, Mrs. 'arris orders the same gown for herself, but there is talk that the Dior name will be tarnished if Mrs. 'arris wears the exclusive design. However the sweet Mrs. 'arris has made many friends in Paris and all are intent on making sure her dream comes true."

Anyhow, I'd been looking for this movie for a while now. I couldn't find in anywhere. Tonight, I managed to think about it again (maybe being a few days before Christmas brought back memories of watching the movie) and found a copy on DVD on ebay. I cannot wait to get my copy in the mail! I'm so excited to watch it.

I've been working on Jamie's Cabled Socks. I got the urge to knit them. (I should be working on my mother-in-law's scarf - her birthday is Sunday, and I want to give it to her either on the 24th or 25th at her daughter's house, where we're going for Xmas both days. (To my step-sister-in-law's house). I will post a progress picture of the socks tomorrow.

Today I got a manicure and pedicure. I had gotten a gift certificate from my siblings for Chanukah, so I used it today. I got my nails (toes & nails) painted in a color called Quintessential Crimson. I love the color. I love red nail polish on me. I don't ever apply it, because I suck at applying nail polish to myself. Anyhow, I enjoyed going, but this is something I do like once a year. I'm not really into the nail polish thing. The last time I had a manicure was pretty much exactly a year ago today. I went for a manicure & pedicure a few days before Sean was born. I recall it being the Friday before I went into labor, and I went into labor on boxing day, which was a Tuesday last year. (It's this Wednesday upcoming). So it was today a year ago. Also red nails.

Sean is walking a storm today. I can't wait for him to stop plopping himself down on the ground after a few steps, but at my parents house today, my mom and I counted about 15 steps before he plopped himself down at one point. I took a video today of him walking - I'll upload it tomorrow. It's totally cute.

Tonight I sat on the couch (knit on Jamie's Cabled Socks) and watched epsiode after episode of Law & Order SVU from this season. Once I'm done with those I have Season 7 & 8 to watch. I love kniting & watching TV.... so relaxing. I plan on chilling out all weekend (besides a few errands & family dinner Sunday night to celebrate a few birthdays), and knitting. Jamie may have to go into work this weekend, as it may be a bit busier than normal due to being a few days before Xmas. So we're just basically hanging out. Which I don't mind. ANd now that I've finally finished all the yummy cookies Angela baked for me, (which were delicious by the way), I plan on making some more!


Jenn said...

That is the same stroller I have. I LOVE it. I bought it in 2003 after my second was born. My kids are all less than 2 years apart.

It does work nice with the carrier, and after years of wear and tear, it still works and looks good.

It is a little heavy when the kids are loaded into it, but I think of it as a good arm workout ;-)

Melzy Knits said...

My sister had twins and she used this stroller. She loved it and used it until my neices got to be too old now she uses a side by side umbrella stroller.

The stroller is a bit heavy. I was going to be helpful once and get it out of the back of her van and I couldn't even lift it. My sister is stronger then I am so she was looking at me like I was an uber whimp. lol But if you are strong then it should be no prob.

AliP said...

I thought you had red nails this fall for some doo you guys went to. I must be getting mixed up. My nail colour is Sally hansen Diamond hard in "Always".

Jenny said...

Oh I feel so old were in 5th grade in 1992? That is when I graduated high school... ;-)

Tara said...

I know just how Jenny feels. I too graduated High School in 1982. Nice nails, btw! Très glamorous.

g-girl said...

I've never seen that movie before! I might have to check it out. the stroller looks cool.