Friday, December 14, 2007

December 14 of 31

My sister did some compairing of Sean and I when I was a little wee one. The files are not that big, but you can still see how much he looks like me!
Today Sean & I did not leave the house all afternoon, and he took a really long nap, so I managed to clear out my hotmail inbox. I still have like 17 emails in there, but that's good compared to the 176 I had when I started. And I answered every single one of those 159 emails. Phew! Some of them were a tad on the old side, and I felt bad, and wanted them to get returned!

Sean can now walk about 5-6 steps on his own. I think he'll be running by his 1st birthday in 2 weeks! (Two weeks today!)

This evening Jamie, Sean & I went out for Chinese Food for dinner, I was really craving it. It really hit the spot, I love Chinese Food! We did some errands on the way home and then came in and watched some TV while Sean played for a little bit before bed.

Tomorrow we're going to attempt to go to the mall to pick up a few things, but since it's a week before Xmas, it'll probably be a zoo like no other! Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

you both look cute!

Andrea said...

You guys have the same cheeks.

O. said...

He does look like you! :-) Golden hair and the big smile :-)

Amelah said...

I was quite proud of the job i did.. i duno the picture i took of Sean in the green shirt reminded me of you so i went hunting and i see the huge resemblance! Sean has your nose and cheek structure with Jamie's hair!!! too cute!!!

Robin said...

You do look a lot alike!!

Tara said...

Actually, I think he looks a lot like Jamie!